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Sepia - Appendix symptoms - T.F. Allen

Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish, Sepia Succus, Sepia Officinalis, Sep.

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sepia officinalis, L.

Animal Kingdom Sub-kingdom, Mollusca; Class, Cephalopoda; Order, Dibranchiata; Family, Sepiidae.

Common name, Cuttlefish.

Preparation, Triturations of the dried black liquid contained in the "ink bag" of the mollusk.

(Nos. 1 to 6, from Hahnemann.) 1, Hahnemann; 2, v. Gersdoff; 3, Goullon; 4, Gross; 5, Hartlaub; 6, Wahle; 7, Gross, Archiv f. Hom., 19, 3, 187; 7a, same, a proving with a few doses of the 8th dil. (8 to 14, from Robinson's provings, Br. J. of Hom., 25, 331); 8, 30th dil., every third morning, in a young woman; 9, 30th dil. every morning, in a young woman; 10, 1000th dil., night and morning, in a young woman; 11, 30th dil., every morning, in a young woman; 12, 30th dil., night and morning, in a young man; 13, 30th dil., night and morning, in a young woman; 14, 12th dil., night and morning, in a young woman; 15, Berridge, N. Am. J. of Hom., 1871, p. 69, took a globule of 200th dil. (Lehrm.); 16, same, a girl "patient" took repeated doses of the 6000th; 17, same, a man "patient" took 6000th (Jen.); 18, same, 1873, p. 193, a man took 200th dil. (Lehrm); 19, same, N. E. Med. Gaz., 1874, p. 402, a man took "C. M." (Fincke), (Nos. 20 to 45, provings of Am. Inst. of Hom., 1875, p. 5); 20, Miss E. F. S., took 200th dil., morning of first and second days, night and morning third day, and at night twenty-first day; 21, Miss K., took (dil. not given) doses morning of first, second, seventh, and twenty-fifth days; 22, Mrs. ---, aged forty-one, in perfect health, took 200th dil. every hour, from 10 to 3, first day, two doses fourth and eighth days, one dose nineteenth, two doses twentieth, one dose twenty-third days; 23, Mrs. A. G. S., aged thirty-two, took 30th dil. first, second and eleventh days; 24, Miss de G., 3d trit. night and morning for a week; 25, Mr. L. A. S., took (dil. not given) every three hours for two days; 26, P. G. S., took 30th trit. every three hours first day, and after five days every half hour for five days; 27, J. W. B., Jr., took 200th, one dose, then 30th, one dose, after six days; 28, J. F. F., 30th trit. every three hours for four days; 28a, same, repeated; 29, C. F. M., proving with 30th trit.; 29a, same, 200th dil.; 30, W. H. T., 200th dil., repeated doses; 31, W. D., 3d trit., repeated doses, for four days; 200th dil., repeated doses, on fifth day; 32, G. H. P., 30th trit., three doses (repeated with same results); 33, A. H. A., 30th trit., morning and afternoon, first day; 34, A.M. I., 30th trit., night and morning for three days, then every night for twelve days; 35, B. A. S., 30th trit. first night and next morning; 36, A. W., took 30th, at intervals of half an hour to three hours, for five days; 37, H. H. T., 30th trit., every half hour, one day; 38, S. P. B., 30th trit. every hour for ten days; 39, A. J. S., 30th trit. every hour for a week; 39a, same, repeated for five days; 40, E. C., took 3d trit. every half hour first day, every hour second day; 40a, same, a week afterward, took 3d trit., repeated four times first day, several times second day; 41, Miss J. H. S., 30th trit. morning and night for four days, then omitted for four days; 42, Mrs. M., took 3d trit. twice first, once second, and twice third days (proving repeated); 43, (Miss C. E. H., took 3d trit. at night for a week); 44, Miss C. A. H., took 3d trit. daily for four days; 44a, same, daily for ten days; 45, W. W. E., 200th dil. every half hour first day, 30th trit. every half hour sixth, seventh, and thirteenth days.

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