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Sepia - Back And Neck symptoms - Clarke

Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish, Sepia Succus, Sepia Officinalis, Sep.

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Back and neck

Tetters on nape, and behind ears.

Perspiration on back, and under axillae.

Swelling and suppuration of axillary glands.

Humid tetters under axillae.

Pressure and stitches in r. shoulder-blade.

Pains in loins and back, with burning tearing.

Throbbing in loins.

Weakness in loins when walking.

Incisive pains, pressure, digging and spasmodic tearings in back.

Rigidity of back and nape.

Pain in the back, and small of back particularly with stiffness; amel. by walking.

Tearing in back during menses, with chills, heat, thirst and contraction of chest.

Aching and dull pain in lumbar and sacral regions, extending to thighs and legs.

Sprained pain over hips, in evening in bed, and in afternoon.

Shivering in back.

Brownish spots on back.

Stitches posteriorly above r. hip; she could not lie on r. side, and when touched it felt sore.

Stitches in back when coughing.

Itching eruption on back. 21. Limbs.

Drawing in all the limbs.

Drawing and tearing (paralytic pains) in, limbs and joints (with weakness).

Heaviness of the limbs.

Arthritic pains in joints.

Tension in limbs as if they were too short.

Easy going to sleep of limbs, esp. after manual labour.

Stiffness and want of flexibility in joints.

Easy dislocation and spraining of limbs.

Commotions and jerks in limbs night and day.

Restlessness and throbbing in all the limbs, which admits of no rest in any place.

Frequent stretchings.

Want of stability in limbs.

Coldness of hands and feet; but moist.


Claret-coloured spots on neck, and under chin.

Furunculus on neck.

Stiffness in small of back and neck.

Reddish herpetic spots above hip, and both sides of neck.

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