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Sepia - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Puffiness beneath the eyes (twentieth and twenty-third days),

Dark rings around the eyes (twelfth day),

Swelling of the eye, with headache on the same side,

A swelling in the eyes, burning, and a flow of tears, which affords relief (second day),

Glassy appearance of the eyes,

Inflammation of the eyes, with redness of the whites; stitching and pressure therein,

Inflammation of the eyes, which cannot endure cold water,

Inflammation of the eyelids, with a stye thereon,

Redness of the white of the eyes (after seventeen days),

Congestion of blood to the eyes,

Suffused look of the eyes, in the morning when awaking, with smarting in the canthi,

Redness of the white of the eye, in the morning on awaking, with burning, smarting, and pressure,

Right eye much inflamed; great burning and lachrymation of the eyes,

Eyes congested and dry (thirteenth day),

Right eye looks red and feels sore, left eye normal (third day),

The eyes feel tired and look injected (after five hours, second day); tired and reddened (fourth and fifth days),


Both eyes feel heavy, with tendency to keep them closed (third day),

The eyes feel heavy and the lids are inclined to close,

Left eye ached very badly this afternoon; pain ceased in the evening, then came a feeling as if the head was stuffed (third day),

Aching at back of right eye for half an hour (after some days),

Pain in the eyes several times, with headache and heat in the eyes,

Woke at 7 A.M. with darting-pressing pain in the right eye, lasting about fifteen minutes, when it ceased in the right eye and appeared in the left eye (second day),

In the evening, after walking in the cold wind, I had a sore, rough, burning feeling in my eyes, aggravated by gaslight and on attempting to read (second day),

Eyes feel very sore, as if bruised (fourth day),

Daily jerking under the eyes,

Dragging feeling in the eyes (fifteenth day),

Eyes feel pulled downward (nineteenth day),

Pressing pain on turning the eyes to the right,

Pressure in the right eye, as from a grain of sand, aggravated by rubbing; felt most sensitively when pressing the eyelids together,

Pressure, heat, and glittering in the eyes as of a thousand suns,

Pressure in the eyes at night (after two days),

Great burning and lachrymation of the eyes,

Burning of the eyes, in the morning, with weakness of the eyes,

Eyes hot and dry (fourth and twelfth days),

Eyes feel like balls of fire, especially the left, which is much injected (fifty-seventh day),

A slight burning feeling in the eyes, and a desire to close them; they feel sore to the touch (nineteenth day),

Heat in the left eye, in the morning, with swelling of the inner canthus,

Smarting pain in both eyes,

Smarting in the right eye, in the evening, with inclination of the lids to close against one's wish,

Stitches in the left eye,

The eyes become fatigued from reading and writing, and pain in the internal canthus as if sore,

The candlelight fatigues the eyes when reading or writing, by causing a contractive sensation,

Cannot bear reflected light from bright objects (twenty-third day); annoyed by reflections from bright objects (twenty-sixth day),

Daylight dazzles the eyes and causes headache,

Itching on the eyes,

Brow and Orbits.

Scurf in the eyebrows, lasting eight weeks,

Tearing pressure in the orbits of the eyes, particularly of the left eye,

Tearing over the eyes,

At 9.30 P.M., dull pain over both eyes; it seemed to be in the bone (ninth day),

Pressure over the eyes if he goes into bright daylight (after eleven days),

Stitch, as if in the bone, extending from under the right eyelid down to the upper canine tooth,

Creeping sensation on the inner margin of the left orbit,


Ulceration, with agglutination of the eyes, in the morning,

Agglutination of the eyelids, only in the evening,

Two mornings in succession, on awaking, the eyelids were tightly drawn together as if pressed on by lead, without agglutination,

Swelling and some redness of the right upper eyelid, in the morning,

Swelling under the eyes, in the morning after awaking,

Severe red swelling of the lower eyelid, pressing and burning pain,

A red herpetic spot on the upper eyelid, scaly and peeling off,

Jerking of the eyelids,

Twitching in the eyelids,

Twitching of both orbiculares palpebrarum, which was relieved by going into the open air (thirsty-sixth day); less severe (thirty-seventh day),

Frequent jerking of the left lower eyelid, with sensation as if the tears would flow, which necessitates frequent wiping,

With the dull headache drooping of the eyelids; I feel as though I had not sense enough left to lift them (third day),

Eyelids heavy, with much frontal pain,

Heat and dryness of the margins of the lids (twentieth day),

The eyelids pain on awaking as if too heavy, and as if he could not hold them open,

Burning in the outer canthus frequently during the day for one hour,

Burning sensation in the margin of the left lower eyelid, towards the outer canthus,

Violent itching in the outer canthus of the left eye, with sore pain after rubbing it,

Itching on the eyelids,

Severe itching smarting at the inner canthi of the left eye, with lachrymation and somewhat reddened conjunctiva,

Itching of the inner canthi, in the morning after awaking; after rubbing, there set in smarting and much lachrymation, and then sore feeling in the outer canthi, which were also somewhat agglutinated,

Great itching of the margins of the eyelids,

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Lachrymation, morning and evening (after twelve days),

Lachrymation, in the open air,

Going out in the morning into the open cold air produced great discharge of tears from the right eye, painless; seated for awhile in a warm room this ceased (second day),



Sensation as if weights were attached to the posterior parts of the eyeballs (twenty-third day),

Painful pressure on the upper part of both eyeballs, more frequent in the right,

Pressure on the lower part of the right eyeball,

Digging pain in the eyeball (twenty-sixth day),

Transient aching in left eyeball (fifth day),

Occasional sharp shooting pains in the eyeballs, during the day (eighteenth day),

Itching on the eyeballs,


Dimness of the vision when writing, so that he could scarcely distinguish anything clearly,

Some dimness of sight (after some days),

Sight dim, and an appearance as of a mist before the eye (third day),

He sees only one-half of an object clearly, the other half is obscured,

Vanishing of sight,

When the heat comes on, a thick fog seems to pervade the (gas-lighted) room, so that she feels half blind; it lasts till bedtime; not noticed in the morning,

White flickering before the eyes,

Green halo around the candlelight,

Vision is impeded by fiery zigzags before the eyes,

Fiery sparks before the eyes, with great weakness,

Flickering before the eyes when looking into light; he sees a zigzag circle of colors,

Many black spots before the eyes,

During the menses it grows black before the eyes, with weakness; she must lie down, which relieves her,

During the menses everything gets black and clouded before the eyes, in the evening, accompanied by great weakness, which passes off when lying,

Black spots before my eyes all day, passing in all directions (third day),

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