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Sepia - Head symptoms - Clarke

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Confusion of the head, which disables him from performing any mental labour.

Sensation of coldness on vertex; agg. from moving head and stooping, amel. when at rest and in the open air.

Heaviness of head.

Pressive cephalalgia above eyes, in the clear daylight; as if the head should burst and the eyes fall out, with nausea.

Expansive pressure in head, sometimes when stooping, as if it were about to burst.

Contraction in head.

Drawing and tearing in and on head, sometimes semilateral.

Lancinating cephalalgia, often semilateral or frontal.

Involuntary jerking of head backward and forward, esp. in forenoon and when sitting.

Fontanelles remain open, with jerking of the head, pale, bloated face; stomacace, green diarrhoeic stools.

Perspiration on the head, smelling sour, with faintish weakness; agg. in evening before going to sleep.

Rush of blood to the head.

Throbbing cephalalgia, esp. in occiput (beginning in the morning, agg. in evening, from least motion, when turning eyes, when lying on back, amel. when closing eyes and when at rest).

Violent congestion of blood in head, with heat, esp. when stooping.

Coldness of exterior of head.

Disposition to take cold on head from dry, cold wind, and if head gets wet.

Involuntary trembling, and shocks in head.

Itching on head (nose and eyes).

Eruptions on vertex and back part of head, dry, offensive, stinging, itching and tingling, with cracks, extending behind ears, feeling sore when scratching them.

Swelling on one side of head above the temple, with itching; sensation of coldness and tearing in it; agg. when touching it; amel. when lying on it, or after rising from bed.

Humid scabs on the head.

R. T. C.).

Small red pimples on forehead; rough forehead.

Swelling of head, esp. forehead.


Fits of headache, with nausea, vomiting, and shooting or boring pains, which extort cries.

Headache every morning.

Headache, which does not permit the eyes to be opened.

Headache, with excessive desire for coition.

Headache, on shaking or moving head, and also at every step, as if brain were shaken about.

Semilateral headache, sometimes in the evening, after lying down, preceded by heaviness of head.

Paroxysms of hemicrania, stinging pain as from within to without, in one side of head (mostly l.) with nausea (and vomiting) and contraction of eye; agg. in room and when walking fast, amel. in open air and when lying on painful side.

Boring headache from within to without, from forenoon till evening, agg. from motion and stooping, amel. by rest, when closing the eyes, from external pressure, and sleep.

Shooting pains, esp. over l. eye, extorting cries.

Headache at menstrual nisus; with scanty flow.

Headache in terrific shocks.


Mobility of scalp.

Scalp and roots of hair very sensitive to touch.

(Bald spots on scalp, porrigo decalvans.)

Falling off of the hair.

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