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Sepia - Head symptoms - Hering

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Beating in head; in occiput.


Paroxysms of hemicrania, stinging pain from within outward, in one (mostly left) side of head or forehead with nausea, vomiting and contraction of pupils; worse in-doors and when walking fast; better in open air, and when lying on painful side.

Boring headache from within outward, forenoon till evening, feels as if he would die; worse from motion and stooping; relieved by rest, when closing eyes, from external pressure, and sleep and when enough has been had.

Shooting pains in-out, especially over left eye, extorting cries, with vomiturition.

Pressing or bursting headache as if eyes would fall out, or head burst, worse from stooping, motion, coughing or shaking the head; continued hard motion relieves headache.

Pulsating headache in cerebellum, beginning in morning, lasting till noon, or sometimes till evening; aggravated from least motion, when turning eyes, when lying on back; better when lying on side when closing eyes when at rest and in dark room.

Headache, with aversion to all food.


Sensitiveness to roots of hair, worse in evening, to contact, to cold North wind, when lying on painless side, burning after scratching.

Falling off of the hair.

Outer head

Involuntary jerking of head backward and forward, especially forenoons and when sitting.

Fontanelles remain open, with jerking of head pale, bloated face, stomacace, green, diarrhoeic stools.

Sensation of coldness on vertex, worse when moving head and stooping; better when at rest and in open air.

Disposition to take cold from dry cold wind, or getting head wet.

Sweat on head smelling sour, with faintish weakness in evening before sleep or in morning.

Violent itching, like from insects, on occiput or behind cars.

Eruption on vertex and back part of head, dry, offensive stinging, itching and tingling, with cracks; feeling sore when scratching.

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