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Sepia - Modalities Etc

Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish, Sepia Succus, Sepia Officinalis, Sep.

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Noon), Frontal headache.

(Afternoon), Obscuration and inability to think; 3 to 5 o'clock, vertigo; 4 to 6 o'clock, vertigo; 5 to 6 o'clock, headache; stitches in left side of head; at every fourth inspiration, tearing and jerks in head; toward evening, symptoms; 4 to 6 P.M., symptoms; 12 to 1 P.M., symptoms.

(Night), When rising up in bed, vertigo; drawing and boring in head; throbbing headache; pain in occiput; pressure in stomach; during motion; pain in abdominal muscles; pain across lower part of bowels; cough; asthmatic attack; cramp in calves; stitches in heels; complaints; chilliness; sweat.

(Open air), Lachrymation.

(Bending head downward), Headache.

(On blowing nose), Dizziness.

(Deep breathing), Pressure in chest.

(Cold), Stitches in right mammary gland.

(Coughing), Pain in region of navel; stitch in right side of chest; stitch in left side of chest; sweat.

(Drinking beer), Burning pain in sternum.

(While eating), Anguish and heat.

(After eating), Pressure in abdomen.

(On entering room after walking in cold air), Beating in roots of teeth.

(Violent exercise), The symptoms.

(Gaslight), Burning feeling in eyes.

(Hawking), Roughness and burning in fauces.

(On inspiration), Stitches in right side of chest.

(Lifting), Shoot like a stitch into small of back.

(Lying), Fulness of the head; tearing around knees and malleoli; pressure and drawing in legs; the symptoms.

(Lying on ear), Roaring in it.

(Lying on right side), Pain in right hip-joint.

(During and after a meal), The pains.

(During menses), Black before the eyes; toothache and throbbing in the gums.

(Mental labor), Headache.

(Motion), Headache; beating in top of head; pain across loins; pain in upper arm.

(When moving the arms), Vertigo.

(Nux Vomica Nux vom), The symptoms.

(During rest), Drawing in limbs.

(Rising from sitting), Pain and weakness in hip-joint.

(Rising from stooping), Giddiness.

(Rubbing), Pressure in right eye; itching in left groin.

(Sitting), Impatience; burning in abdomen; backache; sticking in scapulae; pain in femora; pain in posterior muscles of thigh; tearing around knees and malleoli; swelling of legs; pressure and drawing in legs.

(Sitting bent over), Pain in back.

(After sleeping), head symptoms.

(Smoking), Contracts fauces.

(Standing), Swelling of legs; crawling in feet.

(Stooping), Vertigo; jerks in molar teeth; pain in hypochondria; pain in region of navel; pressure in chest; pain in back; pain in upper arm.

(When urinating), Smarting in urethra.

(Walking fast), Stitches in forehead; stitching in scapulae; stitches under patella.

(Walking in open air), Sad and gloomy mood; vertigo; dulness in head; headache and weakness; stitches in right side of chest; pain in long bones; tension in knee.

(Walking in wind), Earache.

(Cold water), Drawing in hollow tooth.

(Sultry weather), Oppression.


forenoon, towards night, slightest moving or shaking of, turning eyes, striking foot against anything, stooping, lying on back, sitting,

touch early in morning and toward evening, at rest, rising from bed, cold north wind, on side on which he is not lying.

WORSE, forenoons and evenings; washing, laundry-work, dampness, left side, after sweat; cold air, before thunder-storm.

COLD AIR; North wind


Sexual excesses

Before menses



Morning and evening

After first sleep


(Open air), Headache; twitching of palpebrarum; the symptoms.

(Pressure with hand), Pain in occiput.

(Rhus Tox Rhus), The symptoms.

(Sitting), Stitching pain in transverse colon; the symptoms.

(Supper), The symptoms.

(Tickling with tips of fingers), Itching in left groin.

(Walking), Stiffness in back.

(Walking in open air), Headache in forehead; pains from scapula through chest.

(Cold water), Headache.

(Local application of warmth), Pains.


Rest, external pressure, closing eyes, after sleep, warmth, continued vigorous motion, open air, in darkness raising up, lying on painful side.

Lying upon part.

Better, by exercise, pressure, warmth of bed, hot applications, drawing limbs up, cold bathing, after sleep.



Cold drinks

Desires and aversions

Canine hunger; or, no appetite, nothing tastes good.

Aversion to food, particularly meat.

Desire for vinegar; also for wine.

Thirstlessness; or, much thirst in the morning.


Great hunger, in the evening,

Ravenous hunger, and if it is not appeased, water accumulates in the mouth,

He wants to eat continually, and if he only thinks of eating the water collects in his mouth,

Awoke feeling very hungry; could not go to sleep again because of the gnawing hunger (twelfth day),

Very hungry at noon (twenty-first day),

Sensation of hunger, with the sensation as if the brain moved in waves (twenty-second day),

Hunger constant, mostly for sweet things and meat (sixth day); continued, especially for sweets (for ten weeks),

About 4.30 P.M., felt very hungry, and after eating a little felt satisfied, and the stomach felt full (second day),

Moderate appetite, yet by no means for meat, towards which he has had an aversion for many days,

Desire for vinegar,

Diminished appetite, everything tastes too salt,

Little appetite, but much thirst,

Little appetite, yet he relishes what he eats,

No appetite, nothing tastes good to her,

No appetite, but thirst,

No appetite, all things seemed tasteless to her,

No appetite,

No appetite; loathing of meat,

Have always had a strong appetite, but while taking the medicine, had but little inclination to eat,

Disgust for tobacco after smoking,

Seems to be averse to smoking tobacco (secondary effect?),


Sudden and uncontrollable thirst, at 9 P.M., but water tastes insipid, unless very cold (fourth day); a very unusual thirst appeared, at 9 P.M.; I must have water (sixth day); a peculiar thirst, which lasted all the evening; water tastes natural if cold (ninth day); marked thirst, at 9 P.M. (tenth and following days),

Great thirst, in the morning, after awaking,

Great desire for wine, which he previously did not drink at all,

Very thirsty for cold water, drinking much and often, especially in evening, for five days (third day after last dose),

A great desire for water, drinking a glassful at a time, a very unusual thing for me (fifth and sixth days),

Much thirst (after thirteen days),

Much thirst, in the evening,

Thirst all day, with sickness and fever,

Complete thirstlessness, lasting eleven days,

Thirstlessness (after nine days),


Continued and violent eructations, in the evening, preceded by great distension of the abdomen,

Painful eructations, with rising of blood into the mouth (after rapid riding), (after four hours),

Very frequent eructations (after twenty-four hours),

Frequent eructations,

Eructation and hiccough, alternating,

Frequent gurgling empty eructations,

During eructations (in a very warm room), blood rises into the mouth, which he spits out,

Eructation of wind alone after supper,

Frequent eructation after eating and drinking,

Eructation after eating but little,

Bitter eructation after breakfast,

Troubled with eructations of offensive sour-smelling gases, for five days (after three days),

Eructations, tasting like rotten eggs,

Sour eructations (ninth day),

Sour eructations after supper,


Hiccough after supper,


Heartburn forenoon and afternoon, for several hours, extending from the pit of the stomach to the throat, in which he has a sourish taste and a scraping sensation,

Sick and feverish all day, with thirst,

At 9 A.M., felt suddenly sick, with distress in the pelvis, which increased during the forenoon (second day),

Much thirst (aft. 13 d.).

Adipsia (aft. 9 d.).

Much thirst in the evening.

No appetite, but thirst.

As if over-sated, with sensation of loathing and languor.

Loathing of all food, especially of meat; he could only eat bread and butter and soup.

Even the thought of eating caused him nausea, with normal taste in the mouth.

No appetite, nothing had any taste to her.

No appetite, she did not relish anything.

The food will not go down.

Fullness of the stomach at noon.

Diminished appetite, everything tastes too salty.

Little appetite, but much thirst.

Little appetite, but he relishes the food when he eats.

It seems to make smoking distasteful (in its after-effects).

Desire for vinegar.

Passable appetite, but none at all for meat, which he utterly loathes for several days.

Intense desire for wine, which he did not usually drink.

Ravenous hunger, and when it is not satisfied, the water gathers in the mouth.

When he sees food, water gathers in the mouth, and he feels appetite.

Immoderate appetite, she did not get satisfied; after eating, lassitude, eructation of food, even into the mouth, like regurgitation.

Intense hunger, in the evening.

He continually desires to eat, and when he thinks of eating, water gathers in his mouth.

Position etc

Morning 4, 5, 7, 13, 14, 16, 21, 27. Forenoon till evening 3. Morning and evening 5. Evening 4, 5, 19, 26, 27, 33, 38, 40. Evening till midnight 27. Night 21, 27, 33, 36. 3 A.M. 37. Day 27, 32, 34, 37, 40.