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Sepia - Nose symptoms - Hahnemann

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



In the root of the nose, pressive pain.

Shooting pain in the tip of the nose on touching it, as if a pointed hair was sticking itself in there.

Itching of the tip of the nose.

Sore feeling in the nose, at every inhalation of air, very painful.

Swollen, inflamed nose; the nostrils are sore and ulcerated.

Very painful, inflamed swelling of the nose.

Scurfy nostril.

A little boil in a nostril, of long duration.

A nodule on the root of the nose, painless.

Eruptive pimple beside the nose, like a blood-blister.

Small pimple beside the right nostril, forming a large scurf.

Painful eruption on the tip of the nose.

In the morning, he blows from his nose a little coagulated blood.

Blowing of blood from the nose and epistaxis (aft. 6, 7, 9 days).

Bleeding of the nose on blowing it, in the evening.

Violent epistaxis (aft. 12 d.).

Bleeding from the nose for seven hours, but only a few drops from time to time.

Very viscid mucus from the nose (aft. 24 h.).

He blows out from his nose a piece of yellowish green skin, with blood on its border (aft. 4 d.).

Sensation of dryness in the nose and fauces.

Dryness in the posterior nares, and yet much mucus in the mouth, with involuntary urging to swallow.

Dryness in the nose.

Stopping of the nose, indurated mucus is discharged.

Stopped nose, for seven days (aft. 8 d.).

Stopping of the nose, and difficult breathing (aft. 11 d.).

The nostrils are suddenly stuffed, in the morning.

Sensation as of catarrhal fever, with lassitude in the legs and drawing in the arms.

After blowing his nose, yellow water comes from the nose, with cutting headache in the forehead.


The left nostril is frequently too dry, as if swollen, yet with out coryza.

Stuffed coryza, only in the left half of the nose.

Stuffed coryza (the first days).

Severe stuffed coryza (aft. 4 and aft. 6 d.).

Severe stuffed coryza, with roaring in the head and in the ears (aft. 24 h.).

Stuffed coryza, with pricking headache in the forehead and in the eyes, constant inclination to cough, and much dry cough during sleep, without waking up.

Coryza, for three days in succession.

Coryza for several weeks (aft 7 d.).

Coryza which he had not at other times; he keeps snuffing up.

Coryza with diarrhoeic stool.

Fluent coryza (at once).

Frequent sneezing, almost without coryza, for several days.

Sneezing, every morning at six o'clock in bed.

Fluent coryza, with sneezing, preceded by tingling in the nose.

Fluent coryza, with sneezing, she had not had any for two years.

Profuse fluent coryza, mucus constantly drops from the nose.

Severe fluent coryza, with great pain in the occiput, and painful drawing in the hips and thighs, for several weeks.

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