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Sepia - Nose symptoms - T.F. Allen

Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish, Sepia Succus, Sepia Officinalis, Sep.

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Swollen inflamed nose, nostrils sore and ulcerated,

Very painful inflamed swelling of the nose,

A small ulcer in one nostril, lasting a long time,

Small induration at the root of the nose, without pain,

Scabby nostrils,

Red mark across bridge of nose, as if I had been wearing spectacles (tenth day); less (thirteenth day),

(Ulcerated nostrils, which had troubled me for some weeks, were much relieved), (second day),

Sore on the septum narium,

The left ala nasi is getting quite sore, but no catarrh (twenty-sixth day),

Profuse yellow discharge from the nose (fourth day),

Thick yellow discharge from the nose (seventh day),

After blowing the nose, discharge of yellow water from the nose, with cutting headache in the forehead,

Very viscid nasal mucus (after twenty-four hours),

He blows a piece of yellowish-green skin with blood at the edges from the nose (after four days),

In the evening, watery colorless mucus from the nose,

Profuse nosebleed, several times (after second day),

In the morning, seized with profuse nosebleed; had four attacks during the day, a bright-red flow suddenly appearing, and disappearing as suddenly (third day),

Violent nosebleed (after twelve days),

After rising in the morning, had an attack of nosebleed (fourth day),

On blowing my nose, I notice blood mixed with mucus (eighth day),

Blew a very little blood from left nostril (second day),

During the menses, nosebleed, three successive evenings,

Blowing of blood from the nose, with epistaxis (after sixth, seventh, and ninth days),

He blows strings of blood from the nose,

Bleeding of the nose when blowing it, in the evening,

Nosebleed for seven hours, but only a few drops, from time to time,

Plugs in the nose (twenty-third day),

Nose obstructed at night, especially right nostril (twentieth day),

Obstruction of the nose, indurated mucus comes therefrom,

Obstruction of the nose, for seven days (after eight days),

Obstruction of the nose and difficult breathing (after eleven days),

Sudden obstruction of both nostrils, in the morning,


With the pain in the forehead, dryness and fine stinging in the mucous membrane of the nose, as from a cold in the head (second day),

Nose dry; every symptom of cold in the head (after five hours and a half); stuffed nose (after second dose),

Dry feeling in the nose and fauces,

Dryness in the nose,

A sore bruised feeling in the right side of the median line of the tip of the nose and of the chin (sixth day); the sensation in the nose and chin increased; the spot on the nose was quite red, but no point; later, the nose and chin symptoms have ceased (seventh day),

Feeling as of a painful sore at the tip of the nose; this sore came out afterwards like an eruption, but within two days it quite disappeared,

Sore pain in the nose, very painful during every inspiration,

Nose feels very raw and sore (fourth day),

Pressing pain at the root of the nose,

Stitching pain at the tip of the nose when touching it, as if a pointed hair were pricking it,

Intolerable itching inside of the nose, which is sore on scratching (after two days),

Sense of smell more acute than usual (eighteenth day); increased acuteness (twenty-third day),


Frequent sneezing, almost without coryza, several days,

Constant sneezing, for several days,

Sneezing every morning, at 6 o'clock, in bed,

Violent coryza, with sore throat and rawness in the chest, pain in the head, and toothache, especially after eating,

Profuse fluent coryza, continually dropping from the nose,

Fluent coryza with sneezing, preceded by a crawling in the nose,

Fluent coryza (immediately),

Fluent coryza, with sneezing, which she had not had for two years,

Severe fluent coryza, with great pain in the occiput, and painful drawing in the hips and thighs, for two weeks,

Coryza, with diarrhoeic stool,

Coryza, which he formerly never had; he snuffles continually,

Coryza, for several weeks (after seven days),

Coryza, for three successive days,

Severe dry coryza (after four and six days),

Severe dry coryza, with roaring in the head and ears (after twenty-four hours),

Dry coryza, with prickling headache in the forehead and eyes, constant irritation to cough, and much dry cough during sleep without waking,

Dry coryza (first days),

Dry coryza, only in the left nostril,

The left nostril is frequently too dry, feels swollen, yet without coryza,

Tingling sensation in the left side of the nose; a strong inclination to sneeze, but I can not (fourth day),

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