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Sepia - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish, Sepia Succus, Sepia Officinalis, Sep.

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HPUS indication of Sepia: Indifference

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sepia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Great protrusion of haemorrhoids, when walking,

Bleeding of the haemorrhoids, when walking,

Protrusion and itching of haemorrhoids,

Protrusion of the rectum (after several hours),

The haemorrhoids seem indurated,

Haemorrhoids without constipation,

Protrusion of a humid painless haemorrhoid from the anus after a natural stool,

Prolapsus recti (after thirty days), (Rl.).

Great protrusion of haemorrhoids during stool,

Congestion to the anus soon after dinner (after five and twelve days),

Heat and swelling of the margin of the anus,

Pain in the haemorrhoids after a natural stool (after four days),

Painfulness of the haemorrhoids when walking,

The haemorrhoids become painful (after two hours),

Tenesmus in the rectum, with dull pain in the lumbar region (after fourteen hours, second day),

Weak feeling in the rectum in the evening in bed, causing restlessness, so that he cannot sleep,

Contracting pain in the rectum extending into the vagina (after six days),

Before and during hard stool, excessive contractive pain in rectum (after four days),

Sore pain in the rectum mostly between the stools, and like an outward pressing, even when lying, in attacks at regular intervals, accompanied by haemorrhoids, painful when touched,

Pain in the rectum during stool, and afterwards for a long time while sitting (after seven days),

Cutting in the rectum during stool, with discharge of some blood,

Cutting in the rectum in the afternoon, drawing towards the lower part of abdomen, followed by unsuccessful bearing down and pressing to stool,

Smarting in the rectum after stool,

Violent stitches in the rectum at night,

Burning in the rectum during the latter part of a soft stool (after six days),

Burning in the rectum, daily, with hard stools, intermingled with unsuccessful desire for stool (first days),

Burning in the rectum the entire day,

Itching in the rectum and anus,

Itching and stinging in the rectum,

Severe constriction of sphincter ani (seventh day); so intense as utterly to prevent stool (eighth day),

Constriction of the sphincter ani (fifth day), preventing any movements of the bowels (sixth day),

Tenesmus in the anus, with sensation of soreness, in attacks at intervals,

Having been constipated since the first day, I feel at 9.45 A.M. a sudden violent aching in the anus, relieved by fast walking, and ceasing entirely as soon as the faeces began to pass (never had anything like it before), (third day),

Contractive pain in the anus and then forwards and upwards into the abdomen, during stool,

Contractive feeling in the anus, passing off after fermentation in the bowels,

Frequent painful contractions in the anus,

Tensive pain in the anus (and rectum), (after four days),

Tension at the anus after stool,

Soreness in the anus,

Scraping sensation in the anus during stool,

Excoriated feeling about the anus (fourth day),

While at stool, a painful raw sensation in the anus (sixth day),

Violent cutting in the anus and rectum at night,

Burning in the anus,

Burning in the anus during stool (after twenty-one days),

Severe stitches in the anus, particularly when drawing the anus inwards and from external pressure,

Stitches and burning at the anus,

Stitches and tearing in the anus,

Stitches in the anus after the morning stool, lasting until afternoon (after seven days),

Stitches in the anus (after eight days),

Many dull stitches in the anus in succession,

Stitching in the anus as from a stick,

Severe itching in the anus and creeping in the rectum (first day),

Itching of the anus, even during the day,

Call to stool; I felt as though I had lost all power of expulsion; only small hard lumps passed, which did not give relief, at 5 P.M. (after nine hours, second day),

Urging to stool, but passed very little; am not constipated, but seem to have lost power, at 6 P.M. (tenth day),

Continual inclination to stool, yet passed but little,

Urging to stool in the evening (unusual); stool insufficient and difficult to pass (fourth day); small soft stool in the morning (fifth day); hard difficult stool at night (seventh day),

Desire for but unable to pass a stool; intense constriction of the sphincter ani (after three hours, fourth day),

Unsuccessful urging to stool, with load and pressure in the rectum (twentieth day); great urging to stool at same hour as yesterday (twenty-first day); in evening (twenty-second day),

Unsuccessful desire for stool towards evening, then in the morning, stool often hard and lumpy,

Much straining in passing, even the faeces which are not at all hard,

Unsuccessful desire for stool, passes only wind and mucus, with sensation in rectum as if a plug were in it,

Rectum and anus



Contractive pain in the rectum, and thence into the perinaeum and vagina,

Stitches in the perinaeum, pressing towards the rectum, while sitting in the evening,



Diarrhoea after partaking of boiled milk,

Exhausting diarrhoea, with diarrhoea-like feel in the abdomen,

Slimy diarrhoea, with discharge of round and thread worms,

Slimy diarrhoea, with distended abdomen,

Diarrhoea, the first days,

Diarrhoea after partaking of milk,

Exhausting diarrhoea, the first days,

Very offensive and sour-smelling, soft, pappy stool, evacuated very quickly,

Three thin acrid stools per day, followed by protrusion of the haemorrhoids, from which ooze a moisture, and which when sitting are exceedingly painful (after twelve days),

Free loose discharge from the bowels, after the cutting pain in the hypogastric region; previously the bowels had been regular (fifth day),

Two stools and always with some tenesmus,

Stool of whitish color (third day),

Stool, which has been free and regular, is to-day, large, hard, and difficult (eleventh day); loose, yellow, watery, at 8 A.M., with pain and some flatulence (fifteenth day); sudden urging to stool with pain in the abdomen, at 6 A.M.; stool yellow, thin, and scanty, with much tenesmus (eighteenth day),

Many gelatinous stools, with pains in the abdomen,

Stool consisting of light-colored faeces, thin, looking almost like grits,

Putrid sourish offensive stool,

Expulsion of ascarides,

Discharge of blood with stool, which is not hard,

Discharge of bloody mucus after the stool,

Much blood with stool, preceded by cutting in the rectum,

Discharge of blood with the stool (after eleven and twenty days),

Discharge of blood with every stool for eight days,

Some blood discharged with the stool, daily, for a long time,

Difficult expulsion of soft thin shaped faeces,

During the later days, the stool became hard, knotty, and insufficient,

Hard stool, with cutting in the rectum,

Hard stool, faeces covered with slime, at 6 P.M., followed by slimy, bilious, or catarrhal stool, at 8 P.M., and again at 11 P.M. (second day),

Stool after several days, first hard, then soft,

Hard difficult stool, also mingled with mucus,

The brownish stool, although scanty and not hard, is expelled with much straining,



Inactive bowels (fifth and sixth days),

No stool since taking Sepia (third day); constipated (fourth day); constipation with urging to stool; no stool for three days (sixth day),

Constipated (sixth day), and for ten weeks after first taking Sepia,

Constipation succeeding a relaxed state of the bowels,


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