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Silicea - Fever And Chill symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Silicea: Formation of pus

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Silicea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Violent chill, especially in the shoulders, in the evening,

Very chilly all day,

Very chilly in a hot room, without thirst, all the forenoon (third day),

Chilliness after eating (twenty-fourth day),

Constant chilliness in the evening, even noticed externally,

Constant internal chilliness, with loss of appetite,

Constant chilliness, with occasional slight feverishness,

Constant internal chilliness from taking cold at night, with loss of appetite and sticking-burning headache,

Chilliness on every movement all day; in the morning great weariness, even to falling asleep,

Chilly at night while half awake, without waking,

Febrile chill, lasting till 8.30 P.M. (nineteenth day),

Febrile chill,

General feverish condition; chilliness in the evening (ninth day); during the day (tenth day); in the evening (eleventh day),

Violent incessant internal chilliness for several days,

Chilliness, with sleepiness, after eating (thirteenth day),

Chilliness in the evening (ninth day); all day (tenth day),

General feeling of chilliness,

Chilliness, with sticking pain,

Distressing sensation of chilliness in the afternoon, especially on the arms, in a warm room,

Chilliness, even while walking in a warm room, and in the open air so violent that he trembled (after thirty-two hours),

He feels very chilly, even in a warm room,

Cramplike chill, in the evening in bed, so that he shivered (fourteenth day),

She did not dare to put her hand out of bed on account of consequent chilliness, at night and next day (after three days),

Alternations of chill and heat frequently during the day,

At one time very chilly, again exceedingly hot,

Shaking chill, at 5 P.M., after some bread and beer (seventh day),

Shaking chill; was obliged to lie down and could not get warm for a long time in bed, at 6 P.M. (third day),

Icy-cold shivering frequently creeps over the whole body,

Shivering for half an hour frequently during the day, followed by some heat, mostly in the head and face,

Shivering all over; a cold, starved feel; if he sat ever so near the fire he could not get warm,

Icy-cold feeling of the entire body, as though exposed to a cold climate suddenly,

Coldness, with ravenous hunger, at night (fifteenth day),

Strange coldness, about the breadth of two fingers, across the vertex, in a line with the forepart of both ears,

The nose became as cold as ice,

Chilliness all down the back,

Chilliness in the back,

Chilliness at first going down the back, with icy-cold hands, followed by violent heat, with tension of the abdomen,

Shiverings in one shoulder (thirteenth day),

Coldness of the knees and arms after walking in the open air; the finger-nails become white,

The legs, as far as the knees and the feet, are icy cold in the evening, and he is obliged to lie in bed half an hour before they get warm, many days in succession,

Coldness of the legs, as far as the knees, in a warm room,

Icy-cold feet during the day; but at night in bed burning heat of the feet and hands, with drawing pain in the feet as far as the knees,

Icy-cold feet in the evening, even in bed,

Icy-cold feet during the menses,

Icy-coldness of the feet,

Cold feet all day,

Cold feet in the evening in bed, preventing sleep,

Cold feet, that become warm at night, every day,

The feet are cold when beginning to walk,


Fever, with great chilliness, at 11 A.M. (fifteenth day),

Fever lasting till 7.30 P.M., after which all the limbs seem paralyzed (twentieth day),

Fever, with violent heat in the head, dark redness of the face, and thirst, four days in succession, from noon till evening; headache began half an hour before the heat,

The intermittent fever of Silicea has little sweat, usually occurring from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M., or from midnight to 8 A.M.,

Fever in the evening after lying down, violent chill, so that she could not get warm in bed, and therefrom pain in the stomach (after sixteen hours),

Febrile attack in the evening; heat all over without subsequent perspiration,

Febrile paroxysms in the afternoon, consisting only of heat and frightful thirst, with very short breath,

Febrile heat all night, with violent thirst and catching respiration,

Burning heat in the whole body, in a child, during the fever, with red, puffy face, glands hard, like peas, about the throat and down the shoulders, with distension of the abdomen and constant diarrhoea,

Dry heat and thirst for several evenings, followed by pain in the abdomen and head,

Heat without thirst (twenty-second day),

Frequent transient flushes of heat during the day,

A not unpleasant warmth through the whole body for two days,

Much heat,

Heat in the head, as if flames of fire were coming out of the mouth, in the evening (twenty-sixth day),

Heat of the head, with anxiety,

Heat of the head, ; (fifth and sixth days),

Heat in the face and lobules of the ears many evenings,

Frequent flushes of heat in the face and whole body, followed by perspiration, even during rest; then on the slightest movement she is covered with perspiration,

Great heat and redness of the face, with very cold hands and feet,

Great heat in the face after eating,

Heat and burning in the face after washing with cold water, for two hours,

Heat of the cheeks and palms of the hands, in the morning,

Heat in the lobules of the ears, and on the head (after eight days),

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