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Silicea - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Silicea: Formation of pus
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Silicea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), Weeping.

forgetful and dizzy. on rising, vertigo.

dizziness and whirling.

on rising from bed, reeling.

pressive headache. after rising, headache in forehead.

sticking and throbbing in forehead.

pressure in occiput and nape of neck.

eyes painful. agglutination of the eyes.

biting in the canthi. on waking, dry catarrh.

toothache. bad odor from the mouth.

bitter taste. taste of blood, bad taste.

ravenous hunger. sour, bitter eructations.

nausea and qualmishness.

twisting, etc. in pit of stomach.

pressure in abdomen. hoarseness.

after washing, cough. cough.

dyspnoea. pressure in abdomen.

hoarseness. pressure upon scapula.

swelling of the feet. on rising, pains in the bones..

(After the erysipelatous swelling of the feet had disappeared, there set in an eye trouble, consisting of swelling of the upper and lower lid, especially violent in the morning, with burning and stinging pain, especially in the morning and evening, with redness of the lids, better in the middle of the day; in the evening great photophobia, so that the candlelight could not be endured; reading by the light was very difficult, as though there were a mist about the light and a red and green halo; thick, slimy discharge, with agglutination of the lids),.

Cough very violent, with lachrymation (twelfth and thirteenth days).

the cough continued during the succeeding days, after two days it was very violent, especially after laughter, with sticking pain below the angle of the scapula and in the middle of the sternum on coughing.

the cough was worse in the morning, with stitches in the chest, more in the middle of the sternum than at the sides, with stitches in the middle of the sternum on inspiration.

*with the morning cough there was a thick yellow expectoration.

during the day the expectoration was insignificant.

the morning cough occurred on rising from bed.

in the evening it occurred at 9 P.M., on going to bed, lasting from one-half to three-quarters of an hour, without expectoration and without pain.

nose very much stopped.

could not breathe through the nose.

this Influenzinum influenza continued several days, and after two days was associated *with difficulty of hearing, at times with ringing in the ears, with profuse white slimy discharge from the nose, cough diminished, thick yellow expectoration, cough and expectoration worse after rising, seldom in the evening and through the day (on account of this attack the proving was suspended),.

Painful drawing in the lower portion of the left ulna, frequently repeated during the forenoon.

afterwards a drawing pain in the upper part of the left ulna near the elbow, and also sudden stitches in the radius near the elbow.

also frequent sticking and tearing in the upper part of the forearm, at times the pain as a drawing tearing, frequently returning during the forenoon (thirty-second day),.

Tearing pain in the hips, extending along the outer side of the right leg to the knee, where there was a stitch, relieved while sitting, returning on moving about.

inability to walk on account of painful stiffness of the knee.

after half an hour the sticking and tension occurred in the second phalanges of the fingers of the left hand (seventh day),.

Loss of appetite. pale, suffering expression.

every morning perspiration, which sometimes was very profuse.

heaviness and weariness of the lower extremities, that frequently obliged her to lie down.

nausea. chilliness every evening before going to sleep.

sticking pains here and there, in the sides of the chest, in the abdomen, limbs, at times so violent that she started up in fright.

pain beneath the sternum on inspiration.

itching on the arms and lower extremities, with small pimples,.

In the evening, after lying down (and slumbering), he began unconsciously to thrash about with the hands and feet and to jerk, with closed eyes and loud snoring (without screaming).

froth oozed from the mouth, after which he lay motionless, as if dead, and when one attempted to rouse him, he was quite stiff, then opened his eyes, that were fixed, and began to mumble (an epileptic attack?), (after sixteen days),.

Great coldness of the whole left side of the body, followed by frequent slumbering and starting up, as if she would go away without knowing whither, then she begins to lose consciousness, speaks unintelligibly, recognizes no one, and becomes so weak that she cannot turn over alone.

after this violent convulsions, with staring look, distortion of the eyes, twitching of the lips, lolling of the tongue, stretching and distortion of the head and limbs, lasting a quarter of an hour, followed by frightful roaring, dropping of tears from the eyes, frothing at the mouth.

after this warm perspiration over the whole body, free respiration, slumber, and after several hours gradual return of consciousness and speech (after forty-six hours),.