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Silicea - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Silica, Pure Flint, Silica Terra, Silicon Dioxide, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 12 / Twelve, Sil.

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HPUS indication of Silicea: Formation of pus
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Silicea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Much yawning,

Inclination to yawn, with violent eructations,

Sleepiness, ; (twenty-first day),

Sleepiness, with frequent yawning (seventh day),

Sleepy and tired in the evening (tenth day); very sleepy in the evening (eleventh day); increased sleepiness (eleventh to thirteenth day),

Very sleepy at 7 P.M.; she was obliged to lie down about 8 and slept very well (first day),

Very sleepy from 2 to 5 P.M. (first day),

Very sleepy from 1 to 9 P.M. (fifth day),

Very sleepy after eating, and weak; is obliged to sleep,

Great sleepiness during the day, he was obliged to sleep even before dinner,

Great sleepiness in the evening (after twenty days),

Great sleepiness very early in the evening,

Great sleepiness, ; (fourteenth day),

Great sleepiness all day,

Overpowering sleepiness in the forenoon (twenty-sixth day),

Deep long sleep in the afternoon, followed by weakness (after five days),

(Sleep better than usual), (first night),

Constant loud laughter in sleep after midnight,

Talking frequently in sleep,

Makes efforts to rise from bed during sleep,

Starting up in the midday sleep (twelfth day),

Jerking upward of the body at night during sleep without dreams, for half an hour (after four days),

She stands up while asleep, climbs over a chair, table, and piano, and then lies down in bed without knowing anything of it,

Jerking and starting in sleep, with frequent rushes of blood to the head,


Restless sleep (fifth and sixteenth days), ; (fifteenth day), ; (forty-seventh day),

Frequently interrupted sleep at night (seventh day),

Extremely restless night on account of cutting pains in the abdomen that intermit for only a short time (after three days),

The boy is restless at night and cries out,

Restless sleep and frequent waking, with chilliness,

Uneasy sleep, with frequent waking, and many dreams crowding one upon another,

Restless sleep without pain,

She slept uneasily, started up, and talked in sleep,

Night restless, with anxious dreams (fourteenth day),

Woke at 2 A.M. and could not fall asleep again on account of rush of thoughts,

He woke very often and started up without dreaming,

Frequent waking, with uneasiness and chilliness, though without dreams,

Frequently woke, and after midnight could sleep no more,

He woke about 11 P.M. after a sleep of an hour and a half, and then fell asleep again for several nights,

He woke often after midnight, and on falling asleep about 2 or 3 o'clock, he fell into a reverie,

Anxious waking, about 3 A.M.,

Frequent waking at night, and scarcely had he fallen asleep again when he dreamed of his business,

She woke at 2 A.M. and could not fall asleep again (after seven days),

Woke earlier than usual in the morning (twenty-ninth day),

The boy wakes at night with violent weeping, cannot collect his senses, cries anxiously, and mumbles,

Frequent starting up at night,

The whole body starts up with fright, and waking in the evening after falling asleep,

Starting from sleep at night, with trembling of the whole body,

Frequent starting up in fright, with sleepiness in the afternoon,

Difficulty of falling asleep (fifteenth day),

Unable to fall asleep before midnight (seventh day),

Unable to fall asleep for an hour and a half on account of rush of ideas, two evenings (after seven days),

Inability to sleep in the afternoon, the nose was so much stopped, could not breathe (twelfth day),

Inability to sleep till towards morning (eighth day),

Extreme sleeplessness,

Complete loss of sleep for eight or ten days, even after she had no more pains (after two days),

She lay wide awake all night; no sleep came to her eyes,

She lay all night without sleep, only absorbed in wonderful fancies and reveries,

Complete loss of sleep for eight to ten days,

Loss of sleep at night,


Much dreaming at night and crying out in sleep,

Restless dreams for several nights, even loud talking in sleep,

She dreams about murders, and horrid things of that sort,

Dreams of earthquakes and frightful storms, of fire, etc. (tenth day),

Dreams of a flood, with great anxiety,

Frightful dreams during the first part of the night,

Frightful dreams (twelfth day),

Dream of a ghost that pursued him, after midnight (after thirteen days),

Dream that he must die,

Nightmare while half awake, with great anxiety, as if a smoky beast of a hundred weight were lying upon him, so that he could not stir nor utter a loud sound,

A kind of somnambulistic dream; he saw very vividly far-distant regions which he had never really seen, and objects which he had desired to have (after eight days),

Confused dreams at night, and frequent uneasy waking,

Confused dreams of everything that had happened, or that he had heard during the day,

Numerous historical and amorous dreams at night,

Dreams of robbers and murderers, during which he woke and said he would catch them,

Disgusting offensive dreams,

Dreams full of quarrels and humiliation (after four days),

Dreams and raves much during the night, stands up and walks about the room without knowing where he is for a long time,

Dreams full of reveries; he gets out of bed like a somnambulist,

Dreams and reveries as soon as she falls asleep,

A half-waking dream, as if numerous ghosts were about him; he woke and could not move a limb, but lay in sweat, with great anxiety and palpitation, followed by great fearfulness (after twelve days),

Dreams of the occurrences of his childhood,

Dreams of his youth, waking him from sleep, and so vivid that on waking he could, with difficulty, free himself from them,

Vivid dreams of past events,

Dreams of the occurrences of the day and of large dogs that followed him,

Many dreams of distant journeys,

In a dream he seems to have an epileptic attack, and his head is drawn to one side (after thirteen days),

Dreams full of cruelty, without anger,

Vexatious dreams,

Frightful fancies immediately after falling asleep; sleep full of fright, and crying aloud,

Bad dreams, with violent weeping,

A dream of being murdered, from which he woke, with great anxiety, as if he would suffocate, without being able to speak (after fifteen days),

Disconnected dreams at night (second night),

Her head seemed excessively large during the nightly fantasies,

Dream of being seized by a finger, so that he woke in fright,

Anxious dream of being pursued,

Anxious dreams of snakes (after five days),

Anxious dream that he had committed a murder and was apprehended,

Anxious dreams of one choking her; she could not cry out, could only kick with the feet,

Anxious dream of drowning,

Anxious dream of robbers, with whom he fought; he woke in heat, anxious oppression, and sweat,

Amorous dreams of marriage,

Lascivious dreams, with great sexual desire (after thirteen days),

Lascivious dreams, with emissions (second night),

Lascivious dreams (fifth night),

Lascivious dreams in the evening and in the morning, in bed, with erections,

Lascivious dreams of being disturbed during coition, waking with erection and sexual fancy (after six hours),

Lascivious dreams, very offensive to her,

He dreams less than usual,


Heavy sweats,

Sweat over the whole body (sixth day),

General sweat at night (sixth night),

Profuse trickling sweat at night, especially on the loins,

Profuse perspiration every night, towards morning,

Profuse general nightsweat,

Profuse perspiration every night, with loss of appetite and prostration, as if he would go into a decline,

General perspiration, at night in bed,

Nightsweat, especially on the trunk,

Perspiration over the whole body, every night in bed (first nights),

Heavy perspirations night and day,

Sweat in the morning,

Perspiration while eating and talking,

Perspiration of a strong odor,

Sweat on the head (seventh day),

Sweat only on the head, running down the face,

Nightly perspiration on the chest,

Sweat first appeared on both sides of the spine, he then became warm over the whole upper part of the body, afterwards sweat broke out on the face, especially on the forehead (seventh day),

Sweat on the scrotum, in the evening,

Sweat on the scrotum; it itches all over,

Profuse sweat on the hands,

Offensive perspiration on the soles and between the toes; they become quite sore while walking,

Offensive perspiration on the feet,


She became extremely emaciated during the five days' illness,

Emaciation of the whole body, with pale, suffering expression,

Great emaciation,

Tremulousness when writing (thirty-third day),

Epileptic attack at night, about the time of the new moon; the body was at first stretched out, then tossed about, without cries and without biting the tongue (after sixteen days),

A paroxysm; she became pale, quiet, and lost her appetite, complained in a weeping manner of very violent sticking in the ear, vomited, and became so weak in the hands that she could not carry a cup to her mouth (after five hours),

Indolence in the afternoon; walking was irksome (fourteenth day),

Sense of great debility; she wants always to be lying down,

Disinclination for physical effort; feels stupid (fourteenth day),

Great weariness (seventh day),

Great weakness (after twenty-eight hours), ; (fourth day),

Obliged to keep the bed for five days on account of great weakness,

Great weakness, even to faintness, at night,

Great weakness, in the morning on rising,

Great weakness, in the morning after waking,

Constant weakness and sleepiness while walking in the open air, so that she was obliged to hurry to reach the house,

Very weak and tremulous after walking, in the evening,

So weak that he could not walk though without pain (fourth day),

So exhausted at noon, before dinner, that he was obliged to lie down,

So great uneasiness in all parts of the body that he cannot sit still nor continue to write,

Uneasiness of the body and headache after sitting a long time,

Internal restlessness and excitement (forty-second day),

He woke after midnight with uneasiness, difficult breathing, and dryness of the skin (after nine days),

Sensitiveness to cold air,

He took cold very easily,

On the approach of and during a storm be violently affected; the powers are exhausted when walking; cannot proceed; is obliged to be led; becomes very weak and sleepy, with heaviness and heat of the body,

Takes cold easily and has a cough (eleventh day),

The whole body was stiff at night, as if asleep, with anxiety, so that she could not fall asleep,

Easy orgasm of blood and constant excitement,

Orgasm of blood at night; throbbing in all the vessels,

Awoke with rapid pulse, palpitation, sensation of heat, eructations, and pressure in the pit of the stomach, followed by vomiting of bitter mucus, with retching,

Disagreeable sensation first in the genitals, afterwards extending over both sides of the trunk, like a cutting, to the shoulders, and thence into the arms, with tension in them; they seemed asleep; this occurred every quarter of an hour while at rest, especially while sitting and standing, not at night (after fourteen days),

Easily strained by lifting, which causes stitches in the pit of the stomach and frequent vomiting at night; often, also, cutting in the lower abdomen, with accumulation of flatus,

Bruised pain over the whole body, as if he had lain in an uncomfortable position, at night,

Bruised feeling over the whole body after coition (after twenty-three days),

All the muscles are painful on motion,

Neck, chest, and head, and indeed all parts of the body, are painful (after twenty-four hours),

Painfulness of the whole body, in the morning; felt even during sleep, and then on waking (especially in the right upper arm and left shoulder); better after rising,

The whole side of the body upon which he is lying is painful, as if ulcerating, with constant chilliness on the slightest uncovering, with intolerable thirst and frequent flushes of heat in the head (after two days),

Acute pain here and there in the bones, especially in the morning on rising, before she begins to move,

Sensation as if the whole body had been broken; she could not keep out of bed on account of weakness, for three days (after three days),

The whole body is painful, as if beaten (after forty-eight hours),

Some painless shocks through the whole body,

She felt at times as if she was divided in half, and that the left side did not belong to her,

Drawing pain in the ears, jaws, hands, and tibiae,

She felt as if knives were running into her,

Sticking pain in various parts of the left side of the body, especially in the chest, aggravated by deep inspiration (third day),

She is unable to lie on the left side, on account of persistent stitches in it, for three days (after three days),

(Was able to sleep on the left side, which formerly he could never do), (fifth day),

Most of the symptoms of Silicea occur at the time of the new moon,

Pain aggravated by motion,

Discharge of much white water from the uterus, with violent itching of the pudenda,

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