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Silicea - Genitals Etc symptoms - Hering

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HPUS indication of Silicea: Formation of pus

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Silicea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Suppuration of the kidneys; abscesses.

Continuous urging, with scanty discharge; also at night.

Frequent micturition with distress from irritable sphincter.

Weakness in urinary organs; constant desire to urinate.

Profuse urination relieves headache.

Involuntary micturition at night; also in children, with worms and in chorea.

Urine light-colored; suppressed; turbid, sediment of red or yellow sand.


Thick, fetid pus from urethra. θ Gonorrhoea.


Slight swelling of penis and testicles.

Squeezing pain in testicles.

Itching humid spots on genitals, mostly on scrotum; sweat on scrotum.


Pressing-down feeling in vagina; parts tender to touch.

Serous cysts of the vagina.

Itching at the pudendum; of the genitals.


Sexual desire increased or decreased, weak power but increased desire, ejaculation premature.

Painful coition, sensation on right side of head as if paralyzed; soreness of limbs. (But see 1.).

Red spots and itching on corona glandis.

Hydrocele; scrofulous children.

Increased desire, with spinal affection.

Nymphomania, with plethora.

Nausea during an embrace.

Menstrual flow strong-smelling, acrid.

Amenorrhoea, with suppressed foot-sweat; pain in abdomen.

Metrorrhagia, offensive foot-sweat; icy-cold body; painful hemorrhoids.

Leucorrhoea profuse, acrid, corroding; milky, preceded by cutting around the navel.

Prolapsus uteri from myelitis.


Menses too early and scanty; too late and too profuse; irregular, every two or three months.

Bloody discharge between periods.


Threatened abortion; hemorrhage after the abortion.

Promotes expulsion of moles; shooting pains.

While nursing sharp pains in breast or uterus; pain in back, increase of lochia; pure blood flows every time child nurses; complains every time she puts child to breast.

Aversion of child to mother's milk; refuses to nurse, or, if it does nurse, it vomits.

Milk suppressed.

Mammae swollen, dark red, sensitive, burning pains prevent rest at night; also suppuration of mammae.

Induration, burning pains; limbs go to sleep.

Hard lumps in mammae.

Great itching of swollen mammae; scirrhus.

Darting, burning in left nipple.

Nipple is drawn in, like a funnel.

Scirrhus near right nipple, hard as gristle, uneven surface.

Nipple ulcerate; is very tender.

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