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Silicea - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Silica, Pure Flint, Silica Terra, Silicon Dioxide, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 12 / Twelve, Sil.

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HPUS indication of Silicea: Formation of pus
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Silicea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



He feels a weakness in the urinary organs, constant desire to urinate,

Pressure upon the bladder while urinating, followed by burning,

Constant fine stitches in the forepart of the urethra,

Cutting pain in urinating,

Cutting during micturition (sixteenth day),

Burning in the urethra while urinating,

Burning pain during micturition, for several days (after ten days),

Smarting in the urethra while urinating,

Constant desire to urinate, the urine was passed guttatim, with violent burning pain in the urethra, for three days (after fourteen days),

Desire to urinate, with copious discharge,

Desire to urinate, with scanty discharge,

Urging to urinate, with smarting in the urethra,

Frequent desire to urinate,

Desire to urinate, with erections, at night,

Frequent ineffectual efforts to urinate,

Involuntary micturition while sitting, after urinating,

Awoke at night to urinate (sixth night),

He woke at night in sweat, with desire to urinate,

He was obliged to urinate every quarter of an hour, about 7 A.M., for several days,

Obliged to rise nearly every night to urinate,

Frequent scanty emission of urine without pain (fifth day),

Did not rise to urinate at night as usual (first day),

Urine scanty, with burning during the evacuation, in the afternoon (fifth day),

Urine red (tenth day),

Urine hot, burning, pale yellow,

The urine is very sedimentous,

Urine very turbid,

The urine speedily becomes turbid,

Red sandy sediment in the urine,

Profuse red sandy sediment in the urine (twenty-first day),

The urine deposits a yellow sand,

Yellow gritty sediment in the urine (first days),


Violent erections, with relaxed scrotum (after five days),

Violent erections, with drawing pain in the testicles,

Swelling of the prepuce, with itching moist pimples externally,

Itching and red spots on the glans penis,

Sharp pricking pains in the penis, for ten minutes,

Burning pain in the prepuce after a stool,

Itching beneath the prepuce,

Itching and a moist spot on the scrotum,

Crawling on the scrotum,

The testicles are painful, worse at night, but only when lying down,

Pain in the right testicle as if it were indurated,

Distending or compressing pain in the left testicle, as from great swelling,

Jerking pains in the left testicle,

Pressure in the spermatic cords, with the testicles hanging down relaxed (first days),

Sexual desire greatly excited the first eight days, erections every half hour, day and night, with retracted testicles,


Painful eruption of pimples on the mons veneris,

The child of a pregnant woman moves very much,

Profuse watery leucorrhoea after urinating, preceded by pain in the abdomen (ninth day),

Profuse leucorrhoea,

Profuse leucorrhoeal discharge,

The leucorrhoea causes biting pain, especially after acid food,

Discharge of a quantity of white watery fluid from the vagina, quite unlike ordinary leucorrhoea,

Leucorrhoea, in the evening (sixth day),

Some discharge of blood at the time of the new moon, for several days, eleven days before the right time for the menses,

Discharge of bloody mucus from the vagina, almost immediately after the menses,

Bearing-down pains in the vagina,

Itching of the pudenda,

Violent burning and soreness of the pudenda, with eruption on the inner sides of the thighs, during the menses (after twenty-three days),

Reappearance of the menses, that had been absent for three months,

Menses increased (after thirteenth and twentieth days),

Menses increased, with repeated attacks of icy coldness over the whole body on their appearance,

Menses three days too early (after five days),

Menses two days too early (after seven days),

Menses five days late,

The menses continued only five days, were very scanty and without pain (they usually last ten to fourteen days),

Menses delayed three or four days (after eighteen days),

Menses delayed five days, without other symptoms,

Very strong odor to the menstrual blood,

Diminished discharge of blood during the menses,

Silicea taken during the menses seems to suppress them for four days, afterwards they flow for four or five days and then remain away for six weeks,

Menses suppressed,


Frequent stitches through the genitals (thirty-third day),

Distressing itching in the genitals while urinating,

Frequent violent erections during the day, without apparent cause (first days),

Violent erections at night, without sexual desire,

Erections follow slowly (after twenty-three days),

No erections, even no trace of them (after several days),

Redness about the corona glandis, as if denuded of skin, with frequent itching,


Dragging from the prostate gland forward,

Sexual desire increased with erections (after twenty-one days),

Lascivious thoughts (first and second days),

Lascivious thoughts, in the morning in bed, with erections (first to fourteenth day),

Sexual desire very weak, almost lost (first five weeks),

Sexual desire very weak (the first three weeks),

Diminished sexual desire and fewer erections,

Emissions first night, and frequently afterwards,

Frequent and profuse emissions,

Emissions with heavy dreams, in a married man (first night),

Several emissions,

Nocturnal emission, with sweat on the back, and waking about 2 A.M.,

Discharge of prostatic fluid with every stool,

Discharge of prostatic fluid while straining at stool,

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