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Silicea - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Silicea: Formation of pus

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Silicea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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General Mouth.

Painful ulcer in the corner of the mouth (after thirty-seven days),

Corner of the mouth ulcerated with an itching sensation, with scabs for many days (after twenty-four hours),

The left sublingual gland was painful on deep pressure (third day),

Great heat comes from the mouth,

Slimy mouth with qualmishness in the morning after waking (seventh day),

Acidity in the mouth always after eating (after three and ten days),

Mouth very dry,

Bitterness in the mouth as if the stomach were foul,

Bitter mouth, ; (sixteenth and twentieth day),


Sore, painful blisters on the gum and inside the lips,

A fungoid ulcer on the inner surface of the lower lip,

Mouth and lips seem dry,

Gums and teeth

Teeth loose and sensitive when chewing,

The teeth become loose and the gum painful to the slightest pressure (sixteenth day),

Inflammation of a molar with swelling and soreness of the gum,

All her teeth feel loose and elongated,

Her teeth feel too large and long for her mouth,

Teeth on edge for four weeks,

Upper teeth on edge as from acids,

Aching pain in all the teeth,

Constant aching in all the teeth,

A back tooth when biting pains as if ulcerating,

Toothache in the morning on waking, lasting till shortly after rising,

Dull pain, especially in the molars, after dinner and from drinking,

Constant simple toothache; disappearing while eating; most violent at night, preventing sleep,

Toothache after eating,

Tensive toothache,

Toothache mostly when eating warm food and on taking cold air into the mouth,

The boy was attacked with a kind of teething fever; although he had all of his teeth he drooled, bored his hands into the mouth, and had heat in the head in the evening,

A lower molar is painful, as if too long,

Two painful jerkings in the right upper back teeth (first day),

Violent toothache and pain in the whole lower jaw, pressure and jerking, so that he could not sleep the whole night,

Violent pressure in a hollow tooth,

Drawing pain in a hollow tooth,

Drawing in a hollow tooth in paroxysms,

Drawing in the lower incisors,

Drawing-tearing toothache with soreness of the gums,

Tearing toothache when eating, lasting a quarter of an hour afterwards,

Sticking toothache, on account of which he could take nothing warm nor cold into the mouth,

Sticking toothache, that did not permit him to sleep at night, with heat on the cheek; he could take nothing warm into the mouth,

Shooting into one incisor while eating (after nineteen days),

Stitches from a strong wind in a sound tooth, which was painful as from an ulcer, followed by swelling of the lower jaw (after eighteen days),

Burning stitches in several teeth, which began to be painful after eating; the pain worse at night, aggravated by inhaling cold air, with heat of the head and burning in the cheeks,


Painful inflamed swelling of the gum (after six days),

Swelling of the gum; warm drinks cause burning, and when chewing the gum is painful as if sore,

The gums are quite inflamed,

Several gum-boils,

Small gum-boil on the swollen gum,

Sore gum,

The gums are very sore,

The gum is painfully sensitive on taking cold water into the mouth,

Cool feel in upper gums,

Sensation of constriction in the gum immediately,


Bad odor from the mouth in the morning, almost like the salivation of Merc Viv mercury,

Great dryness and some bitterness of the mouth with thirst (sixteenth day),

Dryness of the mouth while walking in the open air,

Constant dryness of the mouth (after thirty hours),

Constant dryness of the mouth,

Dryness of the mouth without thirst,


Water constantly collects in the mouth, is obliged to spit it out,

Much saliva in the mouth (after eight days),


Swelling of the right half of the tongue without pain (after five days),


Tongue coated,

White-coated tongue in the morning (tenth day),

Tongue very dry, with sensation as from pungent spices (eighteenth day),

Tongue feels sore (sixth day),

Tongue sore with painful spots on the tip,

Two or three times she had to wipe her tongue, fancying there was a hair on it, lying length ways, and coming up as it were from the windpipe,

Sensation as if a hair were lying on the forepart of the tongue,

Sensation as if a hair were on the tip of the tongue and extended into the trachea, where it caused a crawling, so that he was frequently obliged to cough and hack (after ten days),

Numbness of the tongue,



Sense of taste and appetite become defective,

Loss of taste and appetite,

Bitter taste in the morning,

Everything, even water, tastes bitter for several days (after three days),

Bitter taste in the morning after rising (third day),

Taste of blood in the mouth in the morning,

Sour taste in the mouth with some bitterness,

Metallic taste in the throat while sneezing (fifty-sixth day),

Bad taste in the morning on waking,

Filthy taste in the morning as of rotten eggs,

Foul, clammy, and putrid taste,

Taste as of soapsuds,

Offensive, slimy taste in the mouth,

Oily taste in the mouth (after a few hours),

Taste of food in the mouth for a long time after eating,


An ulcer on the palate reaching to the gum,

Soreness of the palate, which assumed a pale-yellow color,

Soreness of the palate; lips feel much parched,

Some stitches in the curtain of the palate,

Itching on the hard and soft palate,

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