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Silicea - Throat symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Silicea: Formation of pus

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Silicea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Throat swollen and painful,

Swelling of the thyroid cartilage; the spot itches, with sticking, when touched,

Hawking of salt mucus,

Frequent hawking of thick mucus (first day),

Hawking up of yellow, very offensive balls of mucus,

Much mucus in the throat, which she was constantly obliged to hawk up (after twenty-four hours),

Rising of mucus in the throat, without cough (twenty-third day),

Dryness of the throat,

Dryness of the throat, as from a cold,

Throat very dry, with hoarseness, and itching in the meatus auditorius,

Rawness in the throat during cough (twenty-third day),

Rawness in the throat provokes cough after dinner (first day),

Throat very raw,

Sore throat, with very much mucus in it (after forty-eight hours),

Sore throat, as from a lump in the left side, on swallowing (after four days),

Soreness of the throat, as if he swallowed over a sore spot, with at times stitches in it,

Pressive soreness on the left side of the throat when swallowing,

Swelling and tensive pain in the left side of the throat; fauces red and irritated (seventh day),

Scraping sore throat in the morning; sticking in it in the evening,

Roughness and scraping in the throat at night while lying on the right side in bed, on account of which she coughed for half an hour, with expectoration of mucus, several nights,

Scratching in the throat, that provokes hacking cough, with a sensation of rawness in the bronchi, most distressing in the morning, on waking, and in the evening after lying down, for four days,

Scraping sensation low down in the throat, in the evening (seventh day),

Sticking sore throat only on swallowing, with pain in the throat, even to touch,

Sticking in the throat when coughing,

Feeling as of a lump in the left side of the throat; she could only swallow with great difficulty,

Pricking in the throat, as from a pin or needle, causing her to cough,

Burning in the throat and chest (after six days),

Burning and stinging in the throat, especially when yawning and swallowing,

Burning in the throat,

Violent ticking in the throat provokes cough,

Tickling itching in the region of the pit of the throat, that threatens suffocation until a deep shattering cough breaks out, which continues uninterruptedly for several hours, and causes pain in the lower abdomen and throat,

Bitter taste in the throat, as if coming from the stomach,

Nauseous sensation in the throat, in the afternoon,

On swallowing, food gets into the choanae,

Sensation as if pieces of food were in the choanae,

Sensation of great dryness in the choanae,


Elongation of the uvula, with dryness of the throat,

Uvula swollen,


Soreness in the pharynx from singing,

Swallowing difficult; food descends only slowly; at first a gurgling in the pharynx, that gradually descends to the stomach, three seconds after which the food descends,

External Throat.

Hard swelling of both parotid glands, with tensive pain on moving the head and on touch,

Swelling of a parotid gland, with sticking pain,

Swelling of the submaxillary glands, painful when touched, with drawing pain in them, and with sore throat on swallowing, as from an internal swelling (after twenty-four hours),

(There recommenced a discharge from an old abscess in the submaxillary gland that had discharged years before, but was now covered with a scab), (third day),

Swelling of the cervical glands (after five, and twenty-five days),

Swelling of the glands of the neck and nape of the neck (after nine days),

Swollen cervical glands,

The cervical muscles of the right side are swollen,

The submaxillary glands are painful to touch but not swollen,

Stitches in the swollen submaxillary glands (after three days),

Violent contractive pain in the submaxillary glands (forty-first day),

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