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Silicea - Vertigo, Dizziness symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Silicea: Formation of pus

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Silicea in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Confusion and Vertigo.

Vertigo, etc.

Vertigo as from intoxication (eleventh day),

Vertigo on rising, dizzy stupefaction of the head, with nausea, even to vomiting; relieved while riding in the open air, returning on entering the house; the room seemed to whirl around with her, and she staggered to and fro (after thirty-eight days),

Vertigo, while sitting and standing, in the evening,

Vertigo, after the usual smoke and snuff; if he closes the eyes, everything seems to whirl around; it ceases on opening the eyes,

Vertigo, as if he were being raised up,

Vertigo, even on raising the eyes to look upward,

At breakfast, vertigo, as if the head would fall to the left, with heat in the face and sweat on the forehead,

Vertigo, with qualmish nausea; water is regurgitated,

Sensation of vertigo, in the morning while fasting,

Vertigo, while walking forward, it seemed as though he were walking backward,

Stupefying vertigo, in the morning on rising,

Vertigo, on rising up,

Vertigo, only while sitting, not while walking, especially while riding in a carriage when suddenly for a moment he lost consciousness, though without blackness before the eyes,

Attacks of vertigo, towards evening, in the open air; aggravated by the slightest reflection,

Vertigo, with qualmish nausea, on rising up in bed in the morning, so that she was obliged to fall back again,

Attacks of vertigo seem to rise painfully from the back, through the nape of the neck to the head, so that she does not know where she is, and is constantly inclined to fall forward,

Vertigo, even during sleep about midnight, with heat in the head,

Vertigo, with nausea, in the middle of a dream, at night,

Vertigo all day, while stooping at work (first day),

Vertigo, even to falling down, on rising from bed (fourth, fifth and sixth days),

Vertigo, with pains in the sinciput (sixteenth day),

Vertigo and dimness before the eyes, so that he could not see farther than five paces (after half an hour),

Vertigo, followed by heat of the head, and afterwards sweat and weakness (first day),

Reeling vertigo, with dimness of vision (nineteenth day),

Vertigo, so that objects seem turning in a circle (eighth day),

Vertigo, with headache, so that he lay down in bed (first day),

Constant vertigo, as if something were moving to and fro in the head, even while sitting still, less while lying down,

Vertigo woke him at night, worse during rest than on motion, especially severe on rising after stooping, lasting a part of the next day (fifty-seventh day),

Excessive vertigo, while walking it sometimes seemed as though she did not know where she was and that she would fall from side to side,

Violent vertigo, in the morning, so that while walking she was obliged to steady herself, it drew her toward the right side, with nausea; several days in succession, and so violent in the afternoon that she was obliged to lie down (after twelve days),

Severe vertigo, that never left him, with great dulness of the head,

Violent vertigo, without qualmishness, with good appetite, at noon while eating,

Great vertigo, lasting an hour, with dimness of vision (after half an hour, twelfth day),

Violent vertigo after going to bed, only when lying on the left side,

Slight vertigo all day, with some nausea,

Extreme dizziness,

Dizziness as if he were stupid, he could not collect his thoughts so as to express himself properly, and spoke nearly every word incorrectly, immediately,

Dizzy and confused in the head, so that he constantly feared to fall whenever he moved or stooped; he could not walk steadily for several weeks,

Dizziness in the morning on rising (twentieth day),

Dizziness in the head, in the forepart of the night (fifth night),

Dizziness and whirling every morning, for half an hour after rising, while walking and sitting, with headache for an hour or two; on stooping it seemed as though he would fall down,

Dizzy, staggering, unsteady, while walking,

Head dull and dizzy (tenth day),

Violent headache, especially in the middle of the forehead, worse while sitting and walking, associated with vertigo (fourth day),

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