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Solaninum, Sol.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sol in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


All the sensitives are very sensitive to the immediate action of sunshine on the vertex (R).

Most violent stitches in brain (R).

Intense entire cephalalgia.

(Sensation of undulating or floating in head after mental excitement, such as attending to business or writing a letter.).

Instantaneous shock to brain, followed by prostration, and a scalding sensation on top of head (remedied by orange-coloured cloth in stove-pipe hat) (H).

Excessive perspiration of head and neck.


Violent headache from vertex down to forehead, pressing, with sensation of heat in face; this headache was repeated the second day three times; it seems to be in connection with the excitement and anxiousness at stomach-pit (first night).

Extreme painfulness if the sunshine strike the bare-head (R).

Disagreeable feelings, such as from retrograde passes, go into brain, cause stitches and headache, and if she does not gain the shade, stomach-ache and nausea follow (R).

Violent headache (R).

sided headache (R).

Headache from sunshine on bare head, amel. by laying a glass of water on stomach-pit (R).

In morning, severe pain in crown, and then in neck, passing off after breakfast (L and R).

(Heavy pressive pain in vertex.).

Pain in forehead; it seems as if forehead would crush itself down upon the eyes.

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