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Spigelia Anthelmia - Chest symptoms - Clarke

Pink Root, Spigelia, Spigel, Spig.

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HPUS indication of Spigelia Anthelmia: Headache

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Spigelia Anthelmia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Aching at the chest, with painful oppression.

Stitches in diaphragm with dyspnoea.

Noise in the chest like that made by a spinning-wheel, esp. in region of heart.

Pressure, burning or incisive sensation, pain, as from ulceration and tearing in chest, esp. on lifting arms.

Sensation of trembling in thorax, agg. by moving arms.

Spasmodic sensation in chest, proceeding from pit of stomach and causing choking.


Violent palpitation of heart, perceptible to sight and hearing, often with anxious oppression of chest, agg. by curving chest forwards and by sitting down.

Noise in chest, like that made by a spinning-wheel, esp. in region of heart.

Sudden attack of suffocation, with palpitation of heart and anguish.

Heavy aching in region of apex, with feeling as if a dull-pointed knife were slowly driven through it.

(Organic diseases of the heart; rubbing, bellows sounds.).

Sensation in heart as if squeezed with hand; as if crushed.

Lancinations in region of heart.

Stitches in heart, sometimes synchronous with the pulse.

Sensation of trembling in heart.

Pulse weak, irregular, trembling.

Undulating movement of the heart.

In affections of the heart, particularly if the whole l. side is sore from the affection, and possibly the eyes also from sympathy; purring of heart as of a cat; palpitation of the heart with anguish; trembling pulsation of the heart; sympathy of the chest with heart troubles.

(Visible pulsation of heart.)

Violent, oppressive action of heart extending to top of head.

Tumultuous action of heart in acute rheumatism and other acute disorders.

R. T. C.)


The beatings of the heart do not correspond with those of the pulse.

Pulse irregular, generally strong, but slow.

Trembling pulse.


Contraction of chest, with anguish and obstructed respiration.

Cutting tearing beneath l. nipple, extending to region of scapulae and upper arm, agg. during inspiration and deep breathing.

Tensive lancinations in chest, esp. when drawing breath.

Catarrh, with hoarseness, continual discharge of mucus from nose, dry heat without thirst, prominent eyes, distressing headache, and disposition to weep.

Nocturnal catarrh, with cough.

Cough in open air, with pain in chest as from excoriation.

Dry cough, violent and hollow, caused by irritation low down in trachea, with respiration obstructed, even to suffocation.

Short, dry cough causing soreness of chest.

Shortness of breath, esp. when talking, with anxiety and redness of cheeks and lips.

Dyspnoea when moving in bed; can only lie on r. side; or with the head very high.

Danger of suffocation on least movement, and esp. on raising arms.

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