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Spigelia Anthelmia - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Pink Root, Spigelia, Spigel, Spig.

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HPUS indication of Spigelia Anthelmia: Headache

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Spigelia Anthelmia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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General Head.

Dulness of the head,

Dulness of the whole head (after half an hour),

Dulness in the whole head, together with a pressure from within outward, in the forehead (after five days),

Dulness in the whole head, in the evening; he seems quite confused,

Constant dulness in the head, so that every work associated with reflection was difficult,

Dulness of the head, especially of the right side,

The head seems stupefied, as after smoking strong tobacco (after half an hour),

Sensation in the brain, as if the head were tightly bound, lasting a long time (after twenty-eight hours),

When speaking loud, or coughing, the head hurts as if it would press out,

He does not dare to stoop; it then seems as if the brain spread out and would force out in front,

A thrust like violent pressure in the head from without inward toward the middle of the brain, in one point, caused by every step when walking in the open air (after six hours),

Sensation of swashing in the brain when walking,

Swashing in the brain when walking; he feels every step,

Pain in the occiput, as though an artery were beating against an obstacle,


Heaviness and pain in the head on shaking it,

Painful dulness in the head,

Constant pressive headache, worse on stooping (after thirty-five hours),

Headache like confusion,

Headache like a heaviness; on drawing the facial muscles it seems as though the skull would burst upward and asunder,

The headache is worse when lying down, better when walking,

The headache is worse in the open air,

Fine burrowing-tearing pain in the brain, especially violent in the left parietal bone, on motion, on walking, and especially violent on making a false step, towards evening; several evenings in succession (after eleven hours),

Pain in the forehead,

Confused headache in the forehead and temples; at the same time a sensation of compression in both sides forward,

Boring headache in the forehead,

Pain, as if there were a heavy weight beneath the left frontal eminence,

Pressive headache in the whole forehead,

Pressive headache from within outward, in the left side of the forehead (after half an hour),

Tensive-pressive headache from within outward, in the forehead (after thirty-four hours),

Tensive tearing pain in the forehead, especially beneath the left frontal eminence extending towards the orbits (after six hours),

Thrustlike-tearing pain in the forehead, worse in the right frontal eminence, that causes an involuntary fixing of the eyes on the object at which he is looking, while standing and sitting (after twenty-seven hours),

While taking the Spigelia, a shoot of pain through the forehead was felt,

Burning pain in the right side of the forehead, extending to the eye, so that he could not turn it without pain,

Burning pain in the left side of the frontal bone (after thirty-one hours),

A tearing pressure, and as the pain became a little better a dull sensation, as of a swelling in the left zygomatic process,

Burning headache in the left temporal region, and in the forehead,

Violent pressive pain in a small spot in the crown,

Pressing asunder headache in the right side (after eighty-two hours),

Pressive headache in the left half of the brain, immediately,

Intermittent, contractive, tearing-sticking pain in a small spot in the left parietal bone, more posteriorly, seeming to be rather external,

Pain in the occiput, as after a blow,

The occiput is especially painful; cannot lie upon it,

The occiput is painful to touch in the region of the crown, and even when not touched it is painful, as if ulcerating, and from time to time there is a dull sticking jerking, which seems to penetrate deeply into the brain,

Violent pains in the occiput and nape of the neck, about 3 or 4 A.M.; it seemed stiff; in the morning he could not move the head till after he had risen and dressed, when the pains disappeared,

Boring headache in the occiput and vertex, as if it were attempting to draw the head backward,

Burrowing and burrowing-tearing pain in the occiput, in the left side of the vertex and in the forehead, more violent on motion, as also on every loud noise, and when he speaks loudly, or even on opening the mouth slightly, most tolerable while lying (after twelve hours),

Most violent pressure inward in the left side of the occiput, during which he could not stoop without aggravating the pain, unless he pressed the hand hard against the painful spot,

Intolerable bubbling pain in the occiput, violently increased at first on walking, afterwards by the slightest motion; most relieved by leaning backward while sitting; lying horizontally aggravated it,

Biting pain in the skin on the left side of the forehead (after thirty-four hours),


Confusion and emptiness in the head, in the upper part of the forehead; the scalp is very sensitive to touch, and the hair seems to bristle (after three hours),

(The scalp is covered with pimples),

The scalp is sore externally, and the hair is sore to touch,

Sensitiveness of the whole head to touch, especially on moving the scalp,

The scalp seems contracted and tense,


Pressure from without inward in the left frontal eminence, externally and internally in the brain at the same time,

Pressure from within outward, in the right frontal eminence (after an hour and a quarter),

Violent pressure and pressing outward, in the forehead (after two hours),

A pressing outward in the forehead, on stooping (after three-quarters of an hour),

Pressure in the forehead, as if the brain would press out, momentarily relieved by pressure with the hand,

Tearing pressure in the head, from the left frontal eminence to the occiput (after thirty-four hours),

Tearing pressure from within outward, in the frontal bone (after eight days),

Very violent tearing in the forehead, occiput, and temples,

Large pulsating stitches in the forehead from evening till morning, so that he could cry out; together with hammering in the ears,

Sharp sticking just behind and above the right frontal eminence,

A shaking and swashing in the forehead, even on moving the head,


Very violent pressure in the temples (after one hour),

Violent pressure from without inward, in both temples, especially in the right temple (after fifty-six hours),

Violent pressure in the right temple, gradually extending more and more (after two hours and three-quarters),

Drawing pressure in the left temple frequently recurring,

Tearing thrusts in the right temple (after fifty hours),

Jerking tearing in the right zygoma (after thirty hours),

Violent, fine stitches, as from electric sparks, in the left temple,

Burning in the left temple, externally,

Vertex and Parietals.

Pressive drawing in the right side of the vertex and occiput,

Itching crawling in the left side of the vertex (after thirty-two hours),

Jerks and thrusts in the left side of the head (after fifty-four hours),

Slow tearing stitches in the left side of the head,


The occiput is heavy and drags down like a weight,

Drawing dulness in the occiput, in the evening, while walking in the open air (after ten hours),

Violent jerks in the occiput, and then in the temples on every step, while walking in the open air (after twenty-eight hours),

Pressive stitches in a small point in the left side of the occiput (after forty-nine hours),

External Head.

A crawling itching on the forehead that provokes much rubbing,

Burning in the skin of the temple, in front of the right ear (after seventy-five hours),

Burning in the skin of the right temple near the eye,

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