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Spongia Tosta - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Roasted Sponge, Spongia, Spong.

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HPUS indication of Spongia Tosta: Wheezing
Common symptoms: Wheezing, Cough, Hoarseness.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Spongia Tosta in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sleepiness with yawning, without inactivity, in the afternoon (after eight, and thirty-three hours),


Sleepless till midnight,

Frequent waking, as from fright, at night,

He could not sleep; as soon as he fell asleep he was full of reveries and fancies, his forehead seemed thick and sore to touch, a pressive pain over the eye, aggravated by stooping, as if everything would press out at the forehead; he seemed chilly and cold in the back; this lasted, with chilliness, for twenty-four hours,

Towards morning, starting out of sleep from a shock experienced in the direction from the trachea upwards, as if she would be suffocated, passing off on sitting up in bed (first night),

Attacks; starting out of sleep from a sudden lacing together in the larynx, as if she would be smothered, so that she must sit up quickly and hawk strongly and hastily, after which the attack goes off, at 10.30 P.M. (second night),

A little after 5 A.M., starting out of sleep from sudden burning, compressing drawing towards the throat, accompanied with anxiety, disappearing on sitting up in bed (fourth morning),

Several times she spoke aloud during sleep, though not anxious,


Sleep interrupted by dreams,

Vexatious and lachrymose anxious dreams,

Fatiguing dreams,

Sad dreams,


He lay in perspiration all over, in the morning on waking (after twenty-five hours),

Cold perspiration on the face, and at the same time increased sensation of warmth through the whole body, in the evening while sitting,


After some exertion she suddenly became weak; the chest was especially affected, she could scarcely talk; became hot in the face and nauseated; after a few hours heaviness of the head,

After every even slight motion of the body she became weak, with orgasm of blood in the chest, the face became hot, the body began to glow, the vessels were hard and distended, and her breath left her; only after resting a long time could she again recover herself,

Great weariness and inclination to sleep (after one hour),

Weariness of the whole body, especially of the arms,

Extreme exhaustion of body and mind; she prefers to be perfectly indolent, and to rest,

So great heaviness of the body, that while walking in the open air, he was obliged to sit down upon the ground, without sleepiness (after nine hours),

He awoke, with bruised pain over the whole body,

Bruised feeling in the upper part of the body (after twenty-four hours),

Feeling of numbness of the lower half of the body,

Painful stitches in various parts of the body, provoking scratching (after forty-nine hours),

She feels best when resting in a horizontal position,

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