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Stannum Iodatum - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Stann. Iod, Stannum, Stann-i.

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HPUS indication of Stannum Iodatum: cough
Common symptom: Cough..

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stannum Iodatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Frequent persistent desire as for diarrhoea, in the evening, with griping and painful movements in the abdomen, as from taking cold, and with thrusts in the left side, as from a child in the uterus, with distension of the abdomen, soon followed by a thin stool, succeeded by urging, and persistent colic, lasting till she went to bed,


Loss of appetite, with a natural taste of food,

Acid risings five hours after the evening meal; uneasiness in the epigastric region, as from slow digestion, although he had eaten less than usual (twenty-fourth day),

Vomiting of undigested food, preceded by violent retching (after two hours),

Digestion is accomplished slowly; acid water comes up even to the throat a long time after dinner (thirty-third day),

Loud rumbling in the abdomen after every meal, only while lying down,

Sensation of great emptiness in the abdomen (though without hunger), as if everything were crushed; food relished; he eats much and feels better afterwards, together with loss of strength in the body,


Spasmodic pain above and below the navel, soon relieved by lying over a table, without emission of flatus,

Frequent accumulation of flatus in the abdomen,

Incarcerated flatus,

Colic; fetid flatulence (fortieth day),

Griping movements in the abdomen, as from incarcerated flatus,


Nausea after eating,

Nausea and qualmishness in the pharynx,

Shuddering nausea several times, with nauseating fulness in the pit of the stomach,

Nausea and bitterness in the mouth,

Retching, with great nausea, and sensation of bitterness and disorder of the stomach (second and third days),

Spasmodic griping in the stomach and about the navel, with constant nausea and with anxious uprisings to the pit of the stomach,


Nausea and Vomiting.

Nausea in the fauces and pharynx, as if he would vomit,

Nausea, with bitter bilious vomiting, after eating some soup,

Constant efforts to vomit and vomiting of mucus,

Vomiting a quantity of thick slimy mucus of a dark-green appearance, soon,

Vomited a quantity of thick slimy mucus of a dark-green appearance,

Sour vomiting,

Vomiting of blood,

(The vomiting of blood is stopped by Stannum as by a charm),


At first a simple pain in both hypochondria, afterwards dull thrusts from the left to the right side, seemingly aggravated by pressing upon the right side,

Pressure in the hepatic region,

Pressure in the upper part of the liver,

Burning pain in the hepatic region, then dull pain in the rectum, with the stool,

Cutting in the right hypochondrium, aggravated by sitting bent over,

Pressive cramplike pain in the left hypochondrium, now better, now worse,

Umbilicus and Sides.

Griping cutting in the umbilical region nearly the whole day,

Griping in the umbilical region, as from taking cold,

Painful digging in the abdomen, above the umbilical region; on pressing upon it, pain, as if upon a sore spot,

Sudden painful compression in both sides beneath the true ribs,

A dull slow pressure near the right side of the navel,

Burning pressure in the right side of the abdomen,

Sensation as if stretched in the right abdominal muscles, above the anterior spine of the ilium,

Stitches in the right side of the abdomen, followed by drawing in the right shoulder; she was obliged to lie down, with perspiration on the face and arms, followed by creeping chilliness,

Several violent stitches in succession, in the right side of the abdomen, especially on coughing and breathing,

Boring stitch in the left upper abdomen while walking,

Crawling movements in the right side of the abdomen, as from a purge,

A bruised pain in the left side, below the ribs,

General Abdomen.

Distension of the abdomen,

Painful distension of the abdomen, with painful sensitiveness to external touch,

Fulness in the abdomen after eating,

Great rumbling in the abdomen,

Rumbling, as from emptiness, in the abdomen on stretching the body,

Bubbling in the abdomen,

When a morsel is not far from the orifice of the stomach, there is a dull rumbling in the abdomen,

Sensation of emptiness in the abdomen after eating,

The abdomen is painful to touch, as if suppurating, with shortness of breath,

Sensation of soreness in the whole abdomen, aggravated by touch,

Wind-colic in the morning (thirty-seventh day),

Wind-colic during the day (fortieth day),

Griping in the abdomen at times, with rumbling, as if diarrhoea would occur,

Griping and pressure in the abdomen, especially in the umbilical region, with urging to stool,

Frequent paroxysms of pain in the abdomen,

Digging in the abdomen before every stool,

Drawing pressure here and there in the abdomen,

Tensive pain in the abdomen, more towards the small of the back, most violent on stooping,

Pain in the abdomen, extending to the stomach and to both sides beneath the ribs, on pressing the hand upon the umbilical region,

Smarting pain in the abdomen,

Burning pain in the abdomen,

A stitch, as from a knife, on breathing, suddenly shoots through the abdomen from the left to the right side, so that she starts up in affright,

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Rumbling in the lower abdomen,

Pressure in the lower abdomen, as before the menses, aggravated by pressure,

Pressure here and there in the lower abdomen, with urging to stool,

Fine sticking pain in the lower abdomen,

Drawing cutting in the lower abdomen, close to the right ilium,

Cutting, as with knives, transversely across the lower abdomen,

Burning in the lower abdomen,

Oft-repeated, strong, and jerking pulsations in the inmost part of the right inguinal canal, upon the track of the cord (twenty-seventh day),

Pinching pain just above the left ilium, as if the intestines were overstretched, on stooping,

Fine stitches in the symphysis pubis, to the left,

Sensation as if a hernia would protrude in the left groin,

Pressure in the inguinal glands, with some swelling,

Fine griping in the left groin,

Stitches in the right groin on stooping, as if he had sprained himself, disappearing on rising up,


Appetite and Thirst.

Increased hunger and appetite,

Great appetite and hunger; he cannot satisfy himself,

Loss of appetite,

The child leaves the breast of the mother who has taken Stannum Metallicum Tin, and will not drink anything more,

Loss of appetite, with emptiness in the stomach, only one noon,

Increased thirst,


Eructations immediately, in the morning, at first like bad eggs, afterwards only of gas,

Eructations of a flat taste, with much saliva in the mouth,

Acid eructations, succeeded by rawness in the pharynx, while walking in the open air,

Bitter eructations frequently after eating,

Frequent empty eructations,

Sweet uprisings into the throat,


Frequent hiccough,

Hiccough from time to time,

Hiccough soon after eating, while smoking as usual,

Retching, in the evening, followed at first by sour, then bitter, taste in the mouth (first day),

Fulness and distension of the stomach, yet with hunger,

A swelling up under the skin in the epigastric region, with griping in the abdomen, when walking,

It causes troubles in the stomach and intestines,

Sensation in the pit of the stomach as if disordered,

(Hysterical and hypochondriac cramps in the region of the diaphragm and abdomen),

Griping between the pit of the stomach and umbilicus, as if some one were pinching up the muscles,

Great pain at stomach,

Violent pain in the epigastric region,

Intolerable pressure in the stomach,

Pressure in the stomach, in the forenoon,

Pressure in the stomach and discomfort after taking some soup,

Pressure and obstruction in the pit of the stomach, which, when, touched, pains as if suppurating,

Anxious pressure in the pit of the stomach, only when lying down, as if a gush of blood would occur, for several hours, relieved by pressure,

Tensive pressure in the pit of the stomach,

Violent pressure in the stomach,

Dull hard pressure near the left side of the pit of the stomach, just beneath the cartilages of the lowest ribs, somewhat relieved by pressure,

Cutting about the stomach,

Very transient burning beneath the diaphragm,

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