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Stannum Iodatum - Cough symptoms

Stann. Iod, Stannum, Stann-i.

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HPUS indication of Stannum Iodatum: cough
Common symptom: Cough..

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stannum Iodatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Incitation to cough in the windpipe, while breathing, as from mucus, while the cough is neither mucous nor dry; more noticeable when stooping forward in sitting, than when walking.

Short cough from time to time, as if from a weakness of the chest, with a hoarse, weak sound.

Tussiculation, with a triple impulse.

Constant incitation to tussiculation, as if caused by much mucus on the chest, with an internal sensation of panting and rattling.

Constant incitation to cough, from a continuous constriction of the windpipe.

Tickling-cough, as from soreness deep within the windpipe; it scratched upward into the throat.

Much incitation to cough, before midnight, with slight expectoration, for several nights.

Violent, concussive, deep cough.

Fatiguing impulses of cough, causing the scrobiculus cordis to be painful as if bruised.

During coughing, he always feels much oppressed.

Scrapy cough, with greenish expectoration of a repulsively sweetish taste, worse in the evening before lying down; with hoarse speech; after every impulse of coughing (the incitation to which comes from the lower part of the windpipe), there is sensation of soreness in the chest and windpipe.

Fearful cough, with expectoration and spitting of blood.

Dry, evening in bed; concussive, in paroxysms of three coughs; caused by mucus in chest, and by stitches and dryness in trachea; sputa like the white of an egg or yellow-green pus, sweetish, putrid, sour or saltish; during the day, with copious, green, salty sputa; most profuse in morning.

Accumulation of much mucus in trachea, easily thrown off by coughing; afterward soreness or stitches in chest.

Cough caused by talking, singing, laughing, lying on (right) side and from drinking anything warm.

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