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Stannum Iodatum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms

Stann. Iod, Stannum, Stann-i.

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HPUS indication of Stannum Iodatum: cough
Common symptom: Cough..

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stannum Iodatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

In the arms and legs, weariness; he has to let his arms sink down.

Great lack of strength in the arms and legs, as if they had no power, and as if the lower limbs were unable to bear up the body.

Acutely painful twitching, now on the arm, then on the hand, then again on a finger, as if he received a heavy blow there.

Sprained pain in the arm joints; she could not bend them without great pain.

Arms and fingers are almost wholly immovable.

Paralytic weariness and pressive heaviness of the arms, especially of the right arm, and particularly in the upper arms and the joints, aggravated by every motion, and at times with lack of breath.

Paralytic weakness in the arms, if he holds up a small weight even for a short time.

The arms readily grow wearied from even a moderate exertion, so that he lets sink down whatever he may be holding.

Paralytic tearing in the left arm, especially in the wrist, more violent on moving it.

Tearing in the left arm, especially in the upper arm, deep within.

Drawing in the left deltoid muscles, seemingly from lack of strength.

Transient drawing from the elbow up toward the upper arm.

Tearing, anteriorly on the upper part of the right upper arm.

Pressive tearing in the middle of the right upper arm, quickly rising and disappearing.

Tearing pressure in the middle of the left upper arm, extending backward and inward.

Pressive tearing in both upper arms, in paroxysms.

Muscular twitches on the inner side of the left upper arm, on resting the arm on something; it disappears on changing the position, but returns on resuming the former position.

Quivering in the muscles of the upper arm, above the elbow-joint, while at rest (aft. 5 and 26 h.).

Burrowing stitch in the right deltoid muscle.

Bruised pain on the lower part of the upper arm.

Piercing pain, in the left humerus, as if it was being compressed and crushed, in paroxysms, both while at rest and in motion.

On the tip of the elbow, tension and feeling of soreness, especially on bending the arm.

In the right forearm, cramp-like stiffness.

Paralytic tearing on the right forearm.

Pressure on the right forearm, forward and outward.

Sprained pain above the left wrist, on the styloid process of the radius.

Sprained pain in the left wrist-joint.

Pressive tearing in the right wrist-joint, more violent on moving it.

Transient twitching on the left hand, above the wrist.

Pinching close above the wrist-joint on the side of the radius.

Quick drawing, in short paroxysms, from the radial side of the wrist toward the hand.

Cramp-like pain on the dorsum of the left hand, between the index and the middle finger.

Cramp-like contraction of the left palm.

Jerking tearing in the hand, from the fingers upward.

Intermittent pressive tearing in the bones of the hand and the wrist, as well as in the posterior finger joints.

Pressive shooting burning in the outer margin of the metacarpal bone of the left little finger.

Fine, dull, acutely painful shocks on the metacarpal bone of the left index, and on other parts of the hands, as if a tense nerve were touched with a little hammer.

Weakness of the hands and trembling of the same, most when resting the hands (on the table), and on writing, which is thereby rendered difficult.

Quivering and sensation of heat in the left hand.

Swelling of the hands in the evening.

Burning itching on the dorsum of the hand as from the sting of a fly; it cannot be removed by rubbing; for eight hours.

Small, red, painless spots on the dorsa of both the hands.

Small blotches below the wrist, itching by day; rubbing aggravated the itching.

Chilblains on the hands, during mild weather.

Pressive tearing on the posterior phalanges of the fingers of the right hand, more violent when moving.

Drawing shooting in the posterior joint of the left index, extending toward the tip of the finger.

Cramp in the fingers, which remain contracted for a long time.

Cutting in the ball of the left little finger, more violent on bending it.

Shooting in all the finger tips.

Fine needle pricks in the tip of the left middle finger.

Drawing, in the posterior phalanx of the left thumb, and below the wrist.

Cramp-like drawing pain in the left middle finger, with jerks, so that the finger trembles.

Acute, twitching pain between the thumb and the index, while holding the pen; when he lets the pen go, or ceases writing, he feels nothing; but the twitching soon returns and continues for a long time.

Tearing on the posterior joint of the index; it gradually goes off on moving the hand.

Sprained pain on the whole of the left index, often recurring, for five days, while bending or stretching it, and during rest.

Very painful agnails on the fingers.

On the left natis, near the anus, a continuous itching stitch.

Muscular twitching on the left natis.

Severe pain in the muscles about the hip joint, on raising the thigh.

Transient dull pressure in the ischium, while sitting.

Sprained pain on the right hip, while walking, so that he was almost compelled to limp, for several hours.

Drawing in the left hip.

Paralytic pain in the hip-joint, while walking.

Sprained pain, close below the hip-joint, on the thigh, only while walking.

Restlessness in the lower limbs, he had to change their position, first in one way and then in another, in the evening.

Paralytic heaviness and weariness in the lower limbs, especially in the thighs and the knee joints; he can hardly walk, but has to sit and lie down.

Sensation of weakness in the lower limbs, as from weariness due to over-exertion.

Great weariness and heaviness of the lower limbs, after walking for two hours.

Great heaviness of the lower limbs, she can hardly go up stairs, and has then to sit down immediately.

Painful weariness of the lower limbs, while standing, with lack of firmness and with tottering; the limbs cannot sustain the body.

Bruised pain of the lower limbs in going up stairs; in coming down they are so unsteady and weak, that he is in danger of falling.

Weakness of the right lower limb, especially of the thigh, seemingly in the bone, so that the thigh pains while standing, he had to rest himself on the left limb.

Lack of strength in the thighs.

Itching stitch at the very top and on the inner side of the thigh.

Stitch-like pain in the muscles of the right thigh, only while standing.

Pricking, as from a needle, on the inner side of the left thigh.

Pressive drawing on the inner side of the left thigh, in the groin, extending from the ascending ramus of the ischium to the posterior part of the thigh, then from the hip across the sacrum toward the right side; at time grumbling in the os ischii.

Cutting in the interior of the left thigh.

Pulsating, dull pressure on the inner side in the middle of the thigh.

Sprained pain in the thigh, below the hip-joint, in walking.

Drawing tearing in the left thigh, both while at rest and in motion.

Pressive drawing on the outer side of the right thigh, which in sitting he had crossed over the left thigh.

Shooting itching on the outer side of the thigh, going off only transiently through rubbing (aft. ½ h.).

Small itching pimple on the left thigh.

Pressure in the right knee-joint.

Tensive pain in the left hough.

Stiffness in the right hough.

Sudden stiffness of the knee, so that she can only bend it with great pain.

Drawing tearing in the bone from the knee to the middle of the thigh, while sitting.

Tearing pressure in the articulation of the right knee, in front, from without inward and below the patella.

Tearing in the ligaments on the inner side of the left knee.

Burning scratching on the outer side of the left knee.

Dull shooting in the outer side of the right knee, only while standing; on moving the limb and sitting down, it goes off.

Fine painful stitches on the right knee and the hough, while sitting.

Weariness in the knee-joint, so that he can hardly walk, with inclination to slumber.

Itching quivering below the patella.

Bruised pain in the houghs and calves, as after a long foot-tour, in the evening, both while at rest and in motion.

Very cold knees and feet.

In the leg, drawing tearing, while sitting.

Cramp-like tearing in the right leg, while walking.

Painful drawing on the calf on the outer side of the leg, both while resting and in moving.

Tension in the left leg.

Drawing from the right hough to the calf.

Great weariness in the legs, especially in the left leg, drawing in jerks upward from the feet and in the knees, especially while standing, with sore pain in the soles of the feet.

While walking, especially in the sun, her knees threaten to give way, with weariness of the whole body and a weary perspiration in the face.

Painful straining on the inner side of the left calf, while standing.

Severe cramp in the calf, almost all night.

Pressure in the whole of the right calf.

Pressure below the left calf, both while at rest and in motion.

Pinching on the upper part of the inner muscles of the calf.

Pain from heaviness, frequently, in the outer muscles of the left calf, while walking.

Sensation on the leg, as if it was firmly bandaged.

Painful sensation in the left leg, which in sitting hung down, having been crossed over the other, as if a heavy weight hung upon it.

Pulsating pressure on the right tibia.

Little yellow, round spots on the left leg, for 2 days.

Slight swelling on the tibia, with a red point upon it, which is painful when touched, as if the flesh was detached from the bones.

The feet are painful, from a point above the ankles even to the soles, while sitting, less while standing and walking.

Disagreeable heat in the feet, but little noticeable externally.

Violent burning in the feet and hands.

Transient heat in the feet.

Reddish swelling of the feet, especially about the ankles, with a sensation as if the feet were bandaged too tightly.

Sudden swelling about the ankles, in the evening.

Pain below the two ankles, as if the heels were being torn off, in the evening while lying in bed.

Tearing with jerks in the outer and inner ankles of the right foot, and extending thence into the toes, while sitting; it seems milder while standing, but then it tears upward from the toes.

Formication in the feet, as after a severe foot-tour, or as if they would go to sleep; it gradually rises into the legs.

Itching stitch below the inner left ankle, and on the external ankle.

Itching on the dorsum of the left foot.

Tearing pressure in the right heel.

Drawing tearing between the metatarsal bones of the last two toes.

On treading on the outer side of the right heel, it presses, obtusely, shooting up into the calf, only while walking; it disappears on raising up the foot.

Cramp-pain on the sole of the right foot, while sitting.

Sharp pressure across the sole of the right foot, while sitting.

Paralytic heaviness of limbs; worse using the arm or walking, particularly descending.

Insupportable restlessness of all the limbs.

Upper extremities

Paralytic pain in the shoulder-joint.

Paralytic heaviness in the arms; if he holds a light weight even a short time.

Pressive tearings in muscles of joints of the arms, hands, and fingers.

Weakness and trembling of hands.

Swelling of hands, esp. in evening.

Jerking of hands.

Violent burning sensation in hands.

Small red spots on backs of hands.

Chilblains on hands.

Contraction of fingers.

Retraction of thumbs.

Shootings in joints of fingers.

Stitches in finger-tips.

Painful flaws in nails.

Jerking in muscles of arm when resting it; fingers jerk when holding the pen.

Weakness and heaviness of arms, especially the right; worse from motion.

Swelling of the hands, evening.

Painful hang-nails.

Lower extremities

Drawing and pressive tearings in hips, extending to sacrum, and also to legs and knees.

Paralytic lassitude and heaviness of legs.

Bending of knees when walking.

Stiffness and tension in ham.

Sensation of heat, and burning sensation in feet.

Swelling of ankles in evening.

Swollen ankles in delicate girls (R. T. C.).

Tearing shocks in ankles, extending as far as toes.

Swelling of feet, esp. in evening.

Red swelling of feet.

Weakness and heaviness, especially of thigh and knee-joint, must sit down.

Swelling of ankles, evenings.

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