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Stannum Iodatum - Throat symptoms

Stann. Iod, Stannum, Stann-i.

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HPUS indication of Stannum Iodatum: cough
Common symptom: Cough..

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stannum Iodatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Bad odor from the throat,

Much mucus in the throat,

Some mucus sticks in the throat, and the efforts which are made to raise it excite vomiturition (seventeenth day),

Thick gray-green mucus, mixed with blood, is detached from time to time in the throat by the efforts to expectorate (twentieth day),

Thick, viscid, grayish, blood-streaked mucus adheres to the throat, and is detached with great difficulty (twentieth day),

Thick mucus adheres firmly to the throat, and the efforts to raise it excites an almost resistless inclination to vomit (twenty-second day),

During the rest of the day, continual expulsive efforts to detach a thick, grayish, and bloody mucus from the throat, efforts which constantly produce an inclination to vomit (twenty-third day),

Secretion of a mass of thick, viscid, bloody mucus in the throat efforts to expel which were accompanied by attempts to vomit,

Inclination to hawk up much mucus from the throat, in the evening, followed by a sore pain in the throat,

Rawness in the throat (seventeenth day); in the morning (eighteenth day),

Sensation of rawness and of dryness in the throat, without thirst (eighteenth day),

Rawness and dryness of the throat, without thirst, in the morning (twentieth day),

Sensation of ulceration, of rawness, and of extreme dryness in the right side of the throat, without thirst (twentieth day),

Sensation as if the right side of the throat were ulcerated, with such dryness that it seems as if the part had ceased to be lubricated by mucus (twentieth day),

Permanent rawness and dryness in the throat, and during deglutition a painful feeling of being denuded (twenty-second day),

Extreme rawness and dryness of the throat, without thirst; these sensations are much more painful during deglutition; thick grayish or greenish mucus adheres to the throat; strong efforts are required to raise it, and these excite inclination to vomit (twenty-third day),

Scraping roughness below the pit of the throat internally,

Scraping in the throat, in the evening,

Sensation of dryness and sticking in the throat, in the right tonsil, which provokes cough, and is somewhat relieved by hawking and swallowing,

Dryness of the throat,

Sore throat, like a swelling, with a sensation of dryness and drawing-tensive pain,

Pain in the throat, as if swollen, with sore pain, not affected by swallowing; after hawking of mucus, the voice is much higher than usual,

Tickling crawling in the throat (larynx?), with a sensation of dryness, compelling to cough,

Scraping in the throat, in the morning,

Dull boring stitches extending from the fauces internally to the cervical muscles,

Fauces and Pharynx.

Tabacum Tobacco has a sharp and dry taste in the fauces,

Stitches in the upper part of the fauces, causing dryness, when not swallowing,

Cutting in the pharynx, as with knives, on swallowing,

External Throat.

Painful swelling of the submaxillary glands (after eight hours),

Sore-throat, as from an internal swelling, with drawing and tension.

Sensation in velum pendulum as if a foreign body were there, or some mucus which could neither be hawked up nor swallowed; same sensation in posterior nares.

Sensation of stinging dryness in throat, with lancinations (agg. when swallowing).

Cutting in pharynx and oesophagus on swallowing.

Ulcerated sensation in r.

side of throat.

Roughness and scraping in throat, esp. in evening.

Accumulation of thick, viscid, greyish, bloody mucus in throat and mouth, with necessity to hawk, followed by a sensation of excoriation (efforts to expel it excite vomiting).

After hawking mucus the voice for singing is higher.

Tabacum Tobacco has a sharp, dry taste in the fauces.

Permanent rawness and dryness in throat during swallowing a painful feeling as of being denuded.

Rawness and dryness in throat, without thirst.

Nausea in fauces and pharynx.

Sensation of dryness and shooting in the throat on the right tonsil; it incites to cough, and goes off somewhat by coughing and swallowing.

Scratchy scraping below the pit of the throat, internally.

Scrapy in the throat, in the evening.

Scratchy sensation in the throat, in the morning.

Much mucus in the throat.

In the evening, there is an irritation to hawking up mucus, followed by severe sore pain in the throat.

Roughness of the throat.

Hoarseness, weariness and emptiness of the chest, when beginning to sing, so that she had every now and then to cease and to take a deep breath; some impulses of cough occasionally removed the hoarseness for a few moments.

Mucus in the windpipe, in the forenoon; it is thrown out by light impulses of cough, with great weakness of the chest, as if it was emptied out, and with weariness in the whole body and in all the limbs, in which a faint feeling draws up and down; many mornings in succession.

The chest seems full of mucus, with rattling while breathing, this is sensible within and also audible without.

Tickling crawling in the throat (in the larynx?) with sensation of dryness, forcing to cough.

Cutting in throats as from knives, when swallowing.

Hawks mucus, with soreness in throat; voice then becomes clearer and higher for singing.


Voice deep, hoarse; hollow, higher, after hawking up mucus.

Roughness and hoarseness, the latter momentarily better by coughing.

Laryngeal phthisis, with constant, short, irritating, hacking cough and aphonia; empty feeling in chest.

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