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Staphysagria - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Stavesacre, Staphis, Staphisag, Staphisagria, Staph.

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HPUS indication of Staphysagria: Anger

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Staphysagria in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Tightly adherent mucus lies in the chest for the first six or eight hours and several mornings; afterwards, and during the day, easy expectoration of mucus from the chest,

The chest feels weak; something lies firmly adherent in the trachea, that compels hawking,

Oppression, like a constriction, in the chest, causing slow and very difficult inspiration; expiration relieves, together with anxiety and uneasiness, worse while sitting, better while walking, lasting five hours (after six hours),

An oppression upon the chest, an uneasy sensation in the afternoon that drives him from place to place, and does not permit him to remain in any place,

Uneasiness in the chest,

A pressure in the chest, and a heaviness in it, while sitting, relieved while walking,

Attempts to eructate cause a pressure and sticking, extending into the chest,

The chest was painful externally, on touch,

A dull sticking-pressive pain in the cartilages of the last ribs on stooping, they are also painfully sore on touch,

Painful stitches in the chest, making expiration difficult,

Sticking cutting in the costal cartilages of the left side; it seems as though one had been cut, associated with stitches,

Dull stitches in both sides of the costal muscles, while sitting, worse on leaning backward, and persistent during inspiration and expiration (after half an hour),

Sticking itching between the costal cartilages,

Front and Sides.

Pain behind the sternum, as if suppurating, when coughing,

Pinching pressure below the sternum, just to the left of the ensiform cartilage,

Sensation of soreness behind the sternum,

Fine itching, sharp stitches, which provoke scratching in the upper part of the sternum, just beneath the pit of the throat,

Pinching pressure beneath the right short ribs (after one hour and a quarter),

Sharp stitches, with intermissions for several seconds, and lasting longer than usual, in the region of the fourth costal cartilages of the right and left sides; they slowly penetrate from within outward, without affecting inspiration or expiration (after fourteen hours),

Violent stitch in the right side of the chest while sitting, on bending the upper part of the body obliquely forward and to the right side,

Sharp stitches, which begin in the most posterior portion of the right ribs and extend in a serpentine course to the cartilages,

A dull stitch in the left side of the chest, recurring after a few minutes,

A persistent dull boring stitch in the left side of the chest (after thirty-seven hours),


He woke from the afternoon nap with most violent palpitation,

A beating palpitation on slight motion,

Palpitation while walking, and when listening to music,



Pain in the pectoral muscles, as if beaten, in the morning on moving in bed, and during the day on crossing the arms; she felt nothing on touching the parts, or on breathing,

Constant pain in the middle of the sternum, as from a sore, worse on rising up and stretching out the body; also pain on touch, like a tension and pressure, so that at times it took away the breath,

Pressure in the left side of the chest, not affected by respiration,

Tensive stitches in the left side of the chest, while lying and on moving, worse during expiration than inspiration, most felt on ascending steps, and at last followed by a persistent stitch, which almost takes away the breath (after sixteen hours),

Dyspnoea towards the end of coition,

Sharp irritation to cough, in the larynx, but slight cough, immediately after eating (after four days),

Constant inclination to hack on account of tenacious mucus in the larynx, which he cannot loosen by coughing,


Voice very weak on account of weakness in the vocal organs, though in other respects he is active,

Cough and Expectoration.

Cough and coryza, for several weeks,

Cough, caused by tickling irritation, only during the day,

Violent cough after lying down, in the evening, and at noon, with tenacious expectoration,

Cough, with yellow expectoration like husks, worse in the forenoon from 9 to 12, less early in the morning (after five days),

Cough, with expectoration, always of 5 to 8 drops of blood, and always preceded by a scraping sensation in the chest,

Cough, with expectoration of mucus,

Sharp cough and accumulation of water in the mouth always soon after eating; it seems as though this water would violently force through the pharynx and causes a cutting in it (after twenty-six hours),

Sharp cough, which threatens to tear open the larynx, as if caused by costal constriction of the trachea without special previous irritation (after four hours),

Easy expectoration of much mucus by hacking,


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