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Staphysagria - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Stavesacre, Staphis, Staphisag, Staphisagria, Staph.

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HPUS indication of Staphysagria: Anger

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Staphysagria in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs


All the joints are stiff, in the morning on rising from bed, especially the shoulders, and lumbar and hip joints,

All the limbs are affected and everything is sore, the muscles on touch, the joints on motion, more in the forenoon than in the afternoon,

The limbs, with the shoulder and hip-joints, feel beaten and painful, as after a long walk,

An internal trembling of the limbs if held long in one position, in the morning (after twenty-four hours),

A drawing (?) pain in the joints of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, back, knees, on moving them, less during rest, especially in the evening,

Cramp in the fingers, and in various parts of the limbs,

Sharp, deeply-piercing stitches at long intervals, in various parts of the limbs (after a quarter of an hour),


Upper extremities

Weakness and heaviness in both arms, as if lead were in them, after a nocturnal emission,

Pressive drawing, here and there, in the upper limbs, aggravated by touch (after seven hours),

A pressive drawing in the right arm, in the evening in bed,

Pain in the bones of the arm, neither during rest nor when touched, but only during motion,


Pressive drawing in the shoulder-joints, in the morning in bed, and immediately after rising; worse on motion (after five days),

Paralytic drawing in the shoulder-joint, at times also in the whole arm, when lying under the head in bed (after ninety hours),

Pain as from a sprain, in the right shoulder, only on motion,

Violent pressive pain in the left shoulder-joint, not relieved by any motion (after thirty-six hours),

A pressing downward of the shoulder, as if a weight were lying upon it, while sitting,

A dull pressive pain in the right axilla,

A loose pressure upon the shoulder, which is painful to touch, as though the flesh were loose, while walking,

A drawing sticking in the left shoulder-joint, especially on moving the arm toward the chest,

A pressive stitch, from below upward, in the right shoulder (after four hours and a half),

Dull sticking pains in the shoulder-joint, worse on touch and motion,

Itching stitches in both axillae (after five minutes),

Itching needlelike stitches in the right axilla (after three minutes),

Stitches in the left axilla,


Paralytic pressure in both upper and forearms, aggravated by motion and touch (after five days),

Pressive drawing in the deltoid muscle,

Hard pressure on the right upper arm, extending inward, aggravated by touch (after two hours),

Paralytic pressive pain in the left upper arm, aggravated by touch (after seventy-two hours),

Paralytic pressive pain in the left upper arm, aggravated by touch and motion; the arm is weakened (after thirty-six hours),

Pain in the right humerus, an intolerable pressure in the periosteum, during rest and motion; the place was still more painful when touched (after thirty-six hours),

Tearing pain in the left upper arm, in the deltoid, while sitting, disappearing on motion,

Tearing pain in the muscles of the left upper arm, close to the elbow,

Stitchlike tearing in the muscles of the right upper arm near the elbow,


Paralytic weakness about the elbow (after two hours),

A sensation near the bend in the elbow, more towards the forearm, as from an eruption, or as if it were irritated with a needle; a kind of grinding, somewhat burning; though nothing could be seen yet it was especially painful to touch,


A pressive drawing like a pinching, on the outer side of the radius beneath the left elbow,

Pressive drawing in the muscles of the forearm and on the back of the hand,

Drawing-tearing pain in the forearm, especially on moving the arm and hand,

Sticking tearing in the left forearm (after one hour),

Jerking in the left forearm, during rest (after seventy-five hours),

Slow dull stitches, like pressure, in the middle of the forearm,


A drawing pressure transversely across the wrist, especially on motion,

Cramplike pain about the right wrist, which disappears on stretching out the fingers, but returns on bending them up, and is then associated with a tearing stitch, which extends through the whole arm to the shoulder (after twenty-four hours and a half),

Sticking tearing in the left wrist (after one hour),


Drawing pains through the bones on the back of the hand, especially on motion,

Painful drawing in the phalanges of the right hand (after five hours),

Sharp tingling stitches in the palm of the hand (after one hour),

Tickling itching in the palm of the left hand, provoking scratching,


When the fingers are outstretched free they have a convulsive movement up and down,

Sensation as if a hard skin were drawn over the tips of the fingers of the left hand; there is little feeling in them, and the sensation of touch is suspended,

Paralytic drawing pain in the first joints of the fingers at the union of the metacarpal bones, aggravated by motion,

Painful drawing in the metacarpus of the right index finger,

Hard pressure on the metacarpal bone of the left index finger, aggravated by touch and motion of the fingers (after four minutes),

Intermittent pressive pain in the metacarpal bone of the left thumb, aggravated by touch,

Persistent pressive pain in the metacarpal joint of the right middle finger, extending forward, persistent even during motion (after seventy-seven hours),

Pressive cramplike pain in the ball of the right little finger, on moving the hand,

Fine jerking tearing in the muscles of several fingers, especially in their tips,

Fine jerking tearing in the muscles of the thumb, especially violent at the tip (after forty-five hours),

Tearing pain in the muscles of the ball of the left thumb, which disappears on moving the thumb,

Tensive stitches in the tip of the left thumb (after fifty-two hours),

Pain like needle stitches, in the middle phalanx of the right index finger and in its articulation, persistent during motion (after fifty-four hours),

Crawling in the fingers as if they would go to sleep (after four hours and a half),

Deep burning-itching, sharp, needlelike stitches in the left thumb, which provokes scratching,


Lower extremities


A pressive pain about the hip-joint, while walking and sitting,

After sitting awhile the nates hurt,

Boring pain in the left gluteal muscles, while sitting (after twelve hours),

A numb sensation in the left hip, extending to the abdomen, while standing,

Sticking itching in the gluteal muscles, and in several places of the body,

Weakness of the thighs and legs, for several days, especially in the knee-joints, was obliged to drag his feet; with sticking tearing in the calves and pains in the small of the back (after ten hours),

Aching in the thighs, when walking (worse in the left thigh), which he was almost obliged to drag along (after fifty-one hours),

A weary pain transversely across the thigh, and a feeling as if bruised, while lying; together with a sensation of a great tightness in the joints, with a trembling and uneasiness in them, so that he could not hold them still,

Pain as from a sprain, in the middle of the left thigh, especially when walking (after eight hours),

Tension in the large outer muscles of the thigh, while walking,

Paralytic pain like a drawing, in the middle of the thigh anteriorly, during rest and motion,

Bruised pain in all the muscles of the thigh, for two days, while walking rapidly,

A sore pain on the upper and inner portion of the thigh,

A coarse sticking, almost scraping sensation in the right thigh, internally above the knee-joint (after eight hours),

Fine extremely painful piercing stitches on the inner portion of the left thigh just above the knee (after thirty-eight hours),

Dull deeply-piercing stitches in the middle of the left thigh, towards the outer portion,

Sharp burning sticking in the posterior surface of the left thigh,

Fine itching stitches on the inner side of the thigh, which provoke scratching (after three hours),


Great weakness in the knee-joints, in the morning, immediately after rising, which obliges him to sit down, walking and standing are difficult (after twenty-four hours),

On rising from a seat, a sensation in the hollows of the knees as if the legs would give way; a trembling, very irritable drawing up in the hollows of the knees,

A pain in the right knee, lasting a minute (as from a sprain?), while walking and on moving the feet,

Jerking above the right patella (after nine hours),

A sensation of drawing up in the hollows of the knees comes on as soon as he lies down, a kind of excessively irritable and voluptuous uneasiness in them, so that he cannot remain lying but is obliged to rise,

In the right knee-joint and in the heads of the muscles of the calves, paralytic drawing like a weakness, while walking, which continues after walking and even for a long time while sitting, before it gradually and entirely disappears,

A drawing tearing beneath the left patella, not disappearing on motion (after fifty-four hours),

Drawing stitches in the left knee-joint, while sitting; at times jerking in it,

Drawing stitches in the right knee-joint, aggravated by motion,

Stitchlike pain on the inner margin of the knee,

A pressive sticking pain on the outer side of the knee, while stepping and when touched,

Dull stitches in the knee-joint near the patella; on touch the stitches change to pressive pain,

Dull stitches in the right knee-joint, immediately after rising in the morning, aggravated by motion (after five days),

Burning stitches on the outer side beneath the left knee, at intervals,


Tearing pain in the muscles of one or the other leg, while standing and sitting (after a few minutes),

A pressive drawing on the tibia, while sitting (after six hours),

Boring stitch in the right tibia during rest (after half an hour, and thirty-five hours),

Heaviness and tension in the calves,

Cramp, especially in the upper and lower portions of the calves on waking from sleep, relieved neither by stretching up nor by bending up the leg; after the pain had diminished it was again aggravated, and became very acute on thinking of it (after six hours),

An intolerable cramp in the calf and sole of the foot of the leg upon which he was lying woke him from the afternoon nap (after twenty-four hours),

Paralytic pressure in the muscles of the right calf, towards the outer part, aggravated by touch,

Sticking tearing in and beneath the right calf and above the left heel (after one, and ten hours),

An itching stitch in the right calf, persistent while standing and walking, disappearing on scratching (after seventy-eight hours),


A drawing pressure transversely across the ankle, especially during motion,

Sticking itching just above the right outer malleolus; it provokes scratching, but leaves no special sensation,

Burning itching on the right inner malleolus (after four days),


Painless swelling of the backs of both feet, lasting a long time (after thirteen days),

Pressive tearing in the left metatarsal bones close to the ankle (after five hours and a half),

Constrictive sensation of heaviness in the left metatarsal bones close to the ankle (after three hours and a half),

Pressive pain on the inner side of the sole of the left foot during rest (after twenty-nine hours),

Crawling and prickling in the sole of the foot which rests over the other while sitting, as if asleep (after seventeen hours),


Swelling of the metatarsal bone of the right little toe, which was painful to touch,

Pressive burning in the tip of the right great toe during rest (after four hours and a half),

Sticking itching in the right great toe,


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