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Staphysagria - General symptoms

Stavesacre, Staphis, Staphisag, Staphisagria, Staph.

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HPUS indication of Staphysagria: Anger

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Staphysagria in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), Peevish.

confusion of head. on waking, headache.

dryness of eyes. canthi agglutinated.

nausea. in bed, tension through upper abdomen.

mucus in chest. in bed, pain in pectoral muscles.

pain in nape of neck. pain in small of back.

stiffness of joints. weakness of knee-joints.

on waking, weariness. tearing and jerking about ulcers.


(Motion), Headache.

pressure in forehead. cutting in abdomen.

palpitation. tearing in head of left scapula.

pain in bones of arms.

drawing in shoulder-joints.

pain in right shoulder.

pressure in upper and forearm.

pressure across wrist.

pain through back of hand.

pain in fingers. pressure on metacarpal bone of left index finger.

stitch in knee-joint. pressure across ankle..

Tearing toothache, immediately after eating and chewing, as also after drinking anything cold, which disappears within half an hour, but immediately returns on chewing.

drink that is not cool or liquid food do not cause pain.

the pain is not caused by motion, but if it exists it is aggravated thereby, especially by motion in the open air,.

Tearing, first in the roots of a hollow tooth, then extending forward into the crown, only immediately after eating and chewing, greatly aggravated in the open air.

together with a pressure in the upper part of the crown of the painful teeth, extending towards their roots.

when touched with the finger the other teeth also begin to pain (after nine days),.

Cutting and digging in the upper and lower abdomen, with desire for stool, followed by a thin stool, though little was passed.

after the evacuation, renewed desire and increased colic, though without evacuation in spite of every effort, a kind of tenesmus, which, together with the colic, was only relieved after he had risen from stool,.

She could not fall asleep, in bed in the evening, on account of pain in the calves.

she did not know where she should put her limbs, she was constantly obliged to move them from place to place in order to have some relief.

the same sensation in the calves even when she rose in the night, and again on lying down in bed (after thirty-seven hours),.

Nervous affections with marked irritability, diseases of the genito-urinary tract and skin, most frequently give symptoms calling for Staphysagria. Acts on teeth and alveolar periosteum. Ill effects of anger and insults. Sexual sins and excesses. very sensitive. Lacerated tissues. Pain and nervousness after extraction of teeth. Sphincters lacerated or stretched.

Delphinium staphisagria. Stavesacre. N. O. Ranunculaceae. Tincture of the seeds.

Adenoids. Anger, fits of. Anus, itching of. Backache. Bashfulness. Blepharitis. Bones, diseases of. Cauliflower excrescences. Chalazion. Condylomata. Cough. Cysts. Dentition. Dysentery. Dysparunia.

in newly married women. Eczema. Eyes, tumours on. Fistula dentalis. Gastralgia. Glands, affections of. Hip-joint disease. Hypochondriasis. Impotency. Iritis.

syphilitic. Jaw-joint, easy dislocation of. Lumbar abscess. Mania. Masturbation, effects of. Neuralgia. Night-sweats. Nymphomania. Ovaries, affections of. Pediculosis. Perspiration, offensive. Pregnancy, nausea of. Prostate, affections of. Psoas abscess. Ranula. Rheumatism. Sciatica. Scurvy. Sea-sickness. Seborrhoea. Self-abuse. Spermatic cords, affections of. Spermatorrhoea. Steatoma. Stiff-neck. Styes. Swallowing, constant while talking. Teeth, caries of. Testicles, affections of. Tibiae, pains in. Tabacum Tobacco, effect of. Toenail, ingrowing. Tonsillitis. Toothache. Tumours.

tarsal. Voice, nasal. hoarse. Warts.

The seed of Stavesacre was known to Dioscorides as an agent for producing vomiting and salivation, and for the cure of toothache.

"the origin of which application," says Hahnemann (M. M. P.), "was evidently domestic practice. J. H. Schultze, when suffering from toothache, took some of the seed in his mouth, but it gave him such a violent exacerbation that he thought he should go mad. As an, exterminator of vermin this seed was called by the Greeks Øθειρσκσκκον, and as such it still enters into the composition of an officinal ointment (unguentum pediculosum)." This last is the only use of Staph. now known to orthodox medicine (Brunton). Teste (who groups Staph. with Causticum Caust.) remarks that Staph., which shares this property with Cocculus Indicus Coccul., is, like Cocculus Indicus Coccul., used in some countries for the purpose of stupefying fish. Again, Teste found Staph. (he gave it in 6th dil.), like Cocculus Indicus Coccul., a remedy for seasickness. To be successful, Staph. had to be taken at the moment when dizziness and nausea commenced, before vomiting set in.

and it always helped "nervous persons, not over fat, and disposed to sadness." Staph. produced in Teste himself these symptoms "Long-lasting vertigo, accompanied by continued nausea as in sea-sickness," and this "Vertigo, which ceases on rapidly turning round on one's heel." This corresponds with one of Hahnemann's symptoms "Wheeling vertigo, especially while sitting, amel. by walking about (in a circle)." It is noteworthy that Staph. and Cocculus Indicus Coccul. are both head-remedies and both effective against head lice. Both also affect the genitals, Staph. more especially, and both are remedies for crab lice. An application of a dilution of the tincture of the strength of one part to four of water will destroy the parasites, though the state which favours their presence needs internal treatment (probably with a dilution of the same remedy) at the same time. In Teste's experience, Staph. was no less effective in the nausea of pregnancy than in the nausea of sea-sickness. Tabacum Tabac. is another remedy for sickness, and Teste cured with Staph. effects of tobacco smoking (excoriated tongue; gastralgia).

and he also cured with it the habit of "swallowing the tobacco smoke." The use of Staph. in the sickness of pregnancy arises out of its power over the genital functions. It produces both physical and moral sexual disturbances, provokes excesses and irregular sexual appetites, a tendency to masturbation, and a physical state corresponding to the effects of that habit. It is one, of Gallavardin's chief remedies (Passion GĂ©nitale) for removing the habit of masturbation in children, and for removing improper appetites in adults. Staph. is one of the remedies which has "agg. from coition" (in men), dyspnoea occurring during or after the act.

dyspnoea and prostration also follow an emission. In women coition is painful because the external parts are excessively sensitive. This property (which is also allied to the vulnerary power of Staph.) makes Staph. a remedy of extreme value to women in the early days of married life. Some women suffer very acutely (in mind as well as body) during and for some time after the first coitus. I have seen Staph. 30 give unspeakable relief in such cases. "Constant urging to urinate in young married women" is the characteristic.

are the chief notes of Staph, in affections of the genital organs of both sexes.

It has cured prostatitis in the man, with pain running from anus along urethra; inflamed testicles with shooting and drawing in the cords; stitching towards groin and testicles.

In one female prover Staph. brought on the menses a year after they had ceased, at the new moon.

The symptom did not recur the following month, which led Hahnemann to conclude that this "was only the primary action of the drug." Staph. is not only a remedy for ovarian and other affections, it also meets the conditions following operations on ovaries.

Effects of "wounds made by clean-cutting instruments" is the keynote.

P. C. Majumdar (Indium Metallicum Ind. H. Rev., v. 134) gives two cases in which loss of memory following masturbation and seminal emissions was cured with Staph. 30 ($51$) A student, naturally robust and intelligent, lost his memory when he contracted the habit of masturbation.

His symptoms were Vacant countenance; no aptitude or inclination for mental work; despair of the future; great languor and weakness; occasional nocturnal emission; constipation.

When he read anything he forgot it the next moment.

Heaviness, headache, and vertigo after the least mental exertion.

Staph. 30 was given morning and evening.

Improvement began at once and the cure was complete in a month. (2) Another student had constant involuntary emissions, weak memory, languor; headache every morning on rising; no appetite; constipation.

Staph. 30, once a day, cured. "Hypochondriasis, apathy; weak memory; caused by sexual excesses or constantly dwelling on sexual subjects," is how the symptom is given.

But the mental state of Staph. need not necessarily have a sexual origin.

Staph. is a remedy for anger and for the effects of anger, especially if the indignation cannot have its natural expression. "Was insulted.

being too dignified to fight, swallowed his wrath, and went home sick, trembling and exhausted." The mental state of Staph., like its physical, shows great sensitiveness to the least impression, "the least word that seems wrong, hurts her very much." The touchiness may take the form of sudden, violent outbreaks provoked by mere trivial causes.

I have known Staph, 30 remedy this state when the impulse to throw things at persons who had caused a trifling or imaginary irritation, had almost passed into a mania.

Staphysagria irritability may be manifested in sensitiveness to criticism.

Irritated by trifles. Want of self-control.

Fear afraid of his shadow.

Among the consequences of anger which are met by Staph. is colic "Colic of screaming, ugly, pot-bellied children, especially if they suffer much from their teeth, which turn black, with tender, spongy gums, sensitive and painful." The irritability of Staph. is shown in the intestinal tract in "agg. from least food or drink." This applies to vomiting, colic, or dysentery.

When colic follows operations on the ovaries or intestines, Staph. is as useful as in colic from anger.

The action of Staph. on the teeth is only one of many points in which it touches Merc Viv Merc., and which makes it one of the best antidotes to Merc Viv Merc.

The characteristic of Staph. is "Teeth turn black, and have dark streaks through them.

cannot be kept clean. crumble.

decay on edges. scorbutic cachexia." The toothache of Staph. occurs during the menses.

affects sound as well as decayed teeth.

agg. from touch of food or drink.

but not from biting or chewing.

is agg. drawing cold air into mouth.

agg. from cold drinks and after eating.

Staph. has the "sinking" sensation to an extreme degree.

The stomach and abdomen feel as if hanging down relaxed.

There is extreme hunger even when the stomach is full.

There is ravenous hunger for days before an attack of fever; craving for tobacco; and a cough excited by tobacco smoke is an indication for it. "Inability to perspire" is one of the notes of Staph.; as also is sweat smelling of rotten eggs.

Bibby (quoted A. H., xxiii. 405) has used with much success Staph. Ø (three drops in two ounces of water; a teaspoonful every two hours) in cases of night-sweat "in patients bordering on consumption." Eruptions, like the sweat, when moist are foul-smelling.

There are dry, scaly eruptions over the ends of bones.

Pressing, stinging, tearing pains in periosteum.

Exostoses and gouty nodes on fingers and toes.

Sycotic and syphilitic condylomata.

Seed warts. The ulcers of Staph. are generally very painful and sensitive.

Peculiar Sensations are As if legs would go under him.

As if stupefied. As of a round ball in forehead.

As if head would burst.

As if brain were compressed.

As if bones would be pressed out.

Brain, as if torn to pieces.

As if occiput hollow. As if back of brain were made of wood and couldn't think.

As if occiput compressed externally and internally.

As if hard substance were pressing on skull.

As if eyes were very dry.

As if a hard substance were lying beneath left upper lid.

As if wind blew into ears.

As if cheek swollen. As if glands beneath chin were swollen.

As if teeth were hollow.

As if stomach were hanging down.

As of a heavy weight lying on stomach.

As if abdomen would drop.

As if bladder were not yet empty.

Testicle feels as if compressed.

As if something were loose in pit of stomach.

As if chest were bruised.

As if small of back were broken to pieces.

As if a hard skin were drawn over tips of fingers of left hand.

As if toes would be drawn down.

Whole body as if bruised.

As if done up after much hard work.

Compressive pains are marked with Staph.

Sensation of squeezing between stones or in a vice, in intestines, testes, head.

The symptoms are agg. By touch. agg.

By pressure (as of hat).

But pressure amel. toothache.

Motion agg. Rest amel.; (but agg. pain in back).

Sitting agg. Swallowing agg. pressure in throat-pit.

Eating and drinking agg. agg.

From drinking cold water. agg.

Anger; emotions; excitement.

Heat; cold; washing; open air; change of air; winter agg. (but warmth amel. pain in kidney and neuralgia of scalp; and cold water amel. pain in stye). agg.

Evening to morning; night; early morning.

Periodicity is marked.

Croupy cough alternates with sciatica.

Nightly twitching. agg.

New moon; every month before full moon.

More symptoms appear on left side than on right. agg.

By coitus. agg. After urinating; when not urinating.

Colic from mental causes, Chamomilla Cham. (hot face, red cheeks, hot sweat), Colocynthis Coloc. (bends double).

Teeth, Kreosotum Kre. (premature decay of milk teeth; first become yellow, then dark, then decay; Stp., turn black and decay), Antimonium Crudum Ant. c., Chamomilla Cham., Coffea Cruda Coff.

Styes and tarsal tumours, Graphites Graph. (cystic tumours midway between inner and outer surface), Calc Carb Calc.

Figwarts and condylomata, Thuja Thu. (Thuja Thu. sessile; Stp., on pedicles).

Bone affections, Stillin., Merc Viv Merc., Ka. Iodium iod., Stront., Aurum Muriaticum Aur. mur., Plat. mur., Gettys.

Arthritic ophthalmias, Colocynthis Coloc. (gout of eyes).

Stomach hanging down, Ipecacuanha Ipec., Tab.

Diarrhoea, with flatus smelling like rotten eggs, Chamomilla Cham. (Stp. is agg. on any attempt to take food or drink).

Clean-cut wounds and operations, Arnica Arn.

Crusta lactea, Vinca Minor Vinc. m. Lumbar pains compel early rising, Rheum Rhe. Paralysis with tingling in affected parts, Aconite Aco. Paralysed by emotions, Stan., Nat Mur Nat. m.

Throwing things from him, Kreosotum Kre.

Irritated by trifles, Sulphur Sul., Ig.

Cauliflower excrescences, Phosphorus Pho., Thuja Thu.

Stitches from throat into left car on swallowing, Lachesis Lach.

Perspiration impossible, Lachesis Lach.

Diarrhoea immediately after eating, Aloe Socotrina Alo., Arsenicum Album Ars., Chininum Sulphuricum Chi., Lycopodium Lyc., Podophyllum Peltatum Pod., Tbd. (Fer., while eating).

Ravenous hunger, Arsenicum Album Ars., Calc Carb Calc., Cin., Iodium Iod., Silicea Sil.

Sinking immediately after meals, Arsenicum Album Ars., Cin., Lycopodium Lyc., Silicea Sil., Ur. n. Dyspnoea towards end of coitus, Kali Bich K. bi.. agg.

After coitus, Kali Carb K. ca. Relaxed Stomach, insufficient gastric juice, Selenium Selen.

Cross, puny, sickly children, Syphilinum (Luesinum) Syph.

Nodosities on eyelids after styes, Conium Mac Con., Calc Carb Calc., Mag.

Teeth decay on edges (Mezereum Mez., Thuja Thu, at roots).

Urging to urinate after difficult labour, Op.

Painful sensitiveness of sexual organs, can hardly wear a napkin, Platinum Metallicum Plat.

Cough excited by tobacco smoke, Spongia Tosta Spo. Nodosities on fingers, Caulophyllum Thalictroides Caul., Colchicum Autumnale Colch., Lycopodium Lyc.

Pain in small spot, Kali Bich K. bi..

Wind blowing into ears; eruptions; Merc Viv Mercury antidote, Mezereum Mez.

Urinating with cough, Causticum Caust. agg.

After stool, Nitric Acid Nit. ac.

Involuntary stool when passing flatus, Aloe Socotrina Alo.

Black marks on teeth, Scill.


Stavisacre. Hahnemann. Ranunculaceae.

* * * *

Excitable, easily aroused to anger, but seldom irascible, that is, easily disturbed and excited, but seldom manifests it.

Suitable in cases where complaints come from pent up wrath, suppressed anger, suppressed feelings. The person becomes speechless from suppressed indignation, anger with indignation. Complaints brought on by these causes; irritable bladder with frequent urging to urinate, lasting many days after suppressed wrath, after insults.

"Great indignation about things done by others or by himself; grieves about consequences."

A gentleman comes in contact with one beneath his station and an altercation takes place, an argument which ends in insult, and the gentleman turns his back on the other. He goes home and suffers; he does not speak it out, but controls it and then suffers from it.

He has sleepless nights and many days of fatigue, brain-fag; for days and weeks he cannot add nor subtract, makes mistakes in writing and speaking, has irritability of the bladder, colic, etc.

Loss of memory with a sense of weight between the eyes; it is difficult to say whether this is a feeling in the head or an effort to describe a dullness of mind. Feels as if a ball of wood were in the forehead, or as if the whole cerebrum were made of wood; it feels numb.

It is difficult to state whether it is a condition of the mind or head. Accompanying this sensation of a lump in the forehead is a feeling as if the whole back of the head were hollow; the patient may describe it as a feeling of numbness or a lack of sensation.

"Indifferent, low-spirited, dullness of mind after onanism."

Staph cures these conditions when they are the result of sexual excitement, masturbation, excesses in venery, allowing the mind to dwell too much on venereal subjects. Thinking on sexual relations. These patients are irritable, easily fatigued, most excitable, and when they have to control their emotions they suffer intensely.

One who is in health can easily put aside a controversy, knowing that he has done what is right, but a Staph patient when he has to control himself goes all to pieces trembles from head to foot, loses his voice, his ability to work, cannot sleep and a headache follows.

Many a time a man has come into my office with blue lips, trembling hands, pains about the heart and all over, and he thinks he is going to die. He tells a story of an altercation and pent up wrath, and Staph stops his trembling and quiets him. Without it he would have sleepless nights, brain-fag, prostration and headache. This state belongs especially to those who have indulged in sexual excesses.

Now, the next step. The senses are in this same irritable state, so that the tips of the fingers are sensitive, the ears are sensitive to noise, the tongue is sensitive to tastes and the nun to odors; so sensitive that everything is painfully sensated.

Every little inflamed spot will have in its center sensitive points, little nerve spots; ulcers when touched cause the patient to go all to pieces and a convulsion threatens.

Hoemorrhoidal tumors are so sensitive that they cannot be touched. Little nerve tumors form in the skin, little polypoid growths the size of a wheat grain and denuded of epithelium, covered with moisture, red, inflamed, blue, and a mere touch will throw the patient into convulsions and suffering for days and nights. A hypersensitive nerve growth will come out on the hand or on the back. Sometimes it turns back.

Women Again, a little wart will come out, especially about the genitals and anus, little caruncular growths about the urethra and vagina, so sensitive that if nipped between the fingers the patient will go into spasms, especially if a woman.

Staph suits all three of the miasms.

These nervous states run all through the complaints. Look for a case of Staph where the whole mind and nervous system are in a fret.

The Staph headache is a numb, dull pain in the occiput and forehead, especially in these nervous constitutions.

"Sensation as of a round ball in the forehead, sitting firmly there even when shaking the, head."

Crusty, squamous eruptions on the scalp.

"Painful sensitiveness of the scalp, skin peels off, with itching and smarting, worse in the evening and from getting warm."

The scales are lifted up by a watery exudate and the denuded surface is extremely sensitive to touch.

New growths about the lids and balls of the eyes, extremely painful to the touch. Meibomian tumors (Conium Mac Con., Thuja Thuja), in irritable children (Kreosotum Kreos).

Another feature in Staph, is its action on the glands; scrofulous glands; glands of the neck enlarge; enlarged and indurated ovaries and testes; stitching, tearing pains in the glands everywhere. Hardness and chronic induration.

Stitching, tearing pains along the course of the nerves; in the heart, and as in such a nervous patient the mind is likely to be on the heart, the stitching pains in the intercostals are supposed to be in the heart. Stitching pains directly through the chest to the back.

Swelling of the tonsils after the abuse of Merc Viv Mercury Chronic tonsilitis, tonsils are not large but hard from previous attacks of acute tonsilitis; strumous diathesis; cross and irritable.

"Pains come on after eating."

The Staph patient has much difficulty in the bowels. Subject to chronic diarrhoea and to constipation. Colic, twitching, tearing pains in the abdomen. Diarrhoea from cold water, from eating, from indignation, anger, with flatulence of a terribly offensive odor like spoiled eggs.

"Chronic diarrhoea or dysentery of weakly, sickly children after anger; after being punished, after emotions." (Colocynthis Coloc. and Chamomilla Cham.)

Staph and Colocynthis Coloc resemble each other. In both, eating and drinking cause griping and stool, both have colic as if stones were squeezing.

Staph in the intestines, head and testes.

Colocynthis Coloc in the intestines and ovaries.

both are worse from anger. Causticum Caust, CoIoc. and Staph follow each other like Sulphur Sulph., Calc Carb Calc. and Lycopodium Lyc.

It often happens that nervous women soon after marriage are attacked with frequent and painful urging to urinate which becomes extremely troublesome and may last many days. Staph, is very comforting to the young wife.

Urinary and Genitals Great teasing and tearing all night long bloody urine; involuntary discharge of urine, acrid and corroding, with burning, worse from motion.

Profuse discharge of pale urine with burning and urging. Burning during and after urination.

Staph has cured enlarged prostate with frequent urging to urinate, especially in old men; continued teasing with dribbling.

'Frequent urging to urinate, with a scanty discharge in thin stream or discharge of urine in drops; may be followed by a sensation as if the bladder were not fully emptied."

The most distressing symptom of the male genitals is excitability, but there is also impotence, great weakness of the sexual organs; the sexual desire is greatly increased but there is impotence.

Useful in the results of secret vice, long practiced.

"Seminal emissions followed by great chagrin and mortification, prostration, dyspnoea.

Effects of onanism or sexual excesses.

loss of memory, hypochondriasis, taciturnity, face sunken, abashed look, nocturnal emissions, backache, weak legs, relaxed organs, deficiency of vital heat and tendency to take cold, deep sunken, red, and lusterless eyes, hair falls out.

loss of prostatic fluid and impairment of sexual desire.

dull and contusive pains in the testicles, voluptuous itching of the scrotum, atrophy of the testicles.".

Think of the extremely nervous patient.

Dry, sensitive warts about the genitals, from sycosis or from the abuse of Merc Viv Mercury, which cause a tendency to warty growths. Moist red, offensive warts belong to Thuja Thuja

The testes dwindle as well as become inflamed and swollen; genitals waste away.

Sensation as if there were worms crawling over him. Crawling, etc., in the female external genitals, Coffea Cruda Coff., Platinum Metallicum Plat., Petroleum Petrol., Apis Mel Apis, Tarentula Hispanica Tarent. hisp, the latter has. While outer parts feel as if insects were biting. and crawling, better from heat or cold.

In the female there is violent sexual excitement, nymphomania with extreme mental and physical impressions; mind has been dwelling too much on sexual subjects.

"Very sharp, shooting pains in the ovary, which is exquisitely sore to touch; pains extend along crural regions and thighs.

Menses irregular, late and profuse, sometimes wanting; first of pale blood, then dark and clotted.

Scorbutic diathesis, vegetations of the vagina; stinging, itching of the vulva."

Miscellaneous Stitching in the region of the heart; trembling of the body with nervous excitement is an excellent indication for Staph

Effects from loss of blood, shock, from surgical operations, injuries from sharp instruments, incised wounds. Stinging, etc., in surgical wounds, cuts; colic after lithotomy, urging to stool, qualmishness, worse from drinking.

Tetter on the hands, itches and burns in the evening after scratching; numbness in the tips of the fingers; arthritic nodosities on the fingers.

I remember a patient suffering from gouty nodosities; he had lived a life of peculiar continence, dwelling on his vices, broken down in body. Staph brought out an eruption on his legs as high up as the knees that looked like a pair of trousers.

One continuous coat of crusts which lasted a year before it dwindled, but he was greatly improved in his body and his enlarged joints gradually improved. The eruption was yellow, crusty, tough, leathery, and, when lifted up by the moisture beneath, it had to be cut off like a bandage.

he was practically crippled.

new crops came out on the parts clipped off. It was with difficulty that be walked, for the crusts cut him.

Bone troubles, exostoses, inflammation of the periosteum.

Acute articular rheumatism of fast or debilitated men, with shifting pains. Mercurial bone diseases. ulcers, caries, injuries caused by sharp, cutting instruments. Nightly bone pains. (Asa f., Merc Viv Merc., Silicea Sil.)

Cross, ugly, scrawny, pot-bellied children; subject to colic; worse after food or drink. Extreme hunger even when stomach is full of food.

Styes, nodosities, chalazae, on eyelids, one after another, sometimes ulcerating.

Burning in the urethra when not urinating; very sensitive to slightest mental impressions; least action or harmless word offends.

Bad effects from sexual abuse; mind dwelling continually on sexual subjects.

Teeth decay early in children; cannot be kept clean.

Sensation as if stomach and abdomen were hanging down, relaxed; craving for tobacco.

"Great indignation about things done by others or himself, grieving about the consequences, continual concern about the future."

"Throws things away indignantly, or pushes them away on the table."

"Children are ill humored and cry for things which after getting they petulantly throw away; worse in the morning."

"Very sensitive to the least impression, the least word that seems wrong hurts her very much."

"Hypochondriasis, apathy; weak memory; caused by unmerited insults, sexual excess, or by persistently dwelling on sexual subjects."

"Ailments from indignation and vexation or reserved displeasure; sleeplessness."

I quote all these symptoms in order to impress the reader with the value of Staphisagria as a mind remedy. Chamomilla Chamomilla is often used when Staphisagria would be better, especially for children, and Nux Vomica Nux vomica is sometimes used for adults the same way.

Acid Phos Phosphoric acid is sometimes used for the results of onanism when Staphisagria would do better. You will also notice that Staphysagria may be indicated for the effects of anger instead of Chamomilla Chamomilla or Colocynthis Colocynth. Here are Chamomilla Chamomilla, Nux Vomica Nux vomica Cina Cina, Colocynthis Colocynth and Staphisagria standing very close to each other for cross, ugly, irritable subjects, and there are few cases that one or the other will not fit. Then we have Acid Phos Phosphoric acid, Natrum muriaticum, Anacardium Occidentale Anacardium, Aurum and Staphisagria for the apathetic or hypochondriacal.

Staphisagria has a sensation as if the stomach were hanging down relaxed. Ipecacuanha Ipecac and Tabacum Tabacum, have the same sensation.

Sometimes it is described as a sinking sensation. It also has the same sensation in the abdomen; feels as though it would drop, wants to support it with the hands. Colic, which might be styled "habitual colic," in scrawny, ugly, pot-bellied children, and especially if they suffer much with their teeth, which turn black, with tender, spongy gums, which are sensitive and painful.

Now when we add dysentery to the foregoing, we see that Staphisagria acts along the whole intestinal tract. Staphisagria is one of the remedies which has a marked characteristic aggravation after the least food or drink. Staphysagria has a very peculiar symptom, which appeared in the provings, and which I have verified, viz., "burning in the urethra when not urinating." While urinating the burning ceased. We have plenty of remedies for burning before, during and after urination, but Staphisagria is the only one having this burning all the time between the acts of urinating. In addition to being one of the best remedies for onanism, it is one of the best for affections of the prostrate gland in old men, with frequent urination and dribbling of urine afterwards. A very common and troublesome symptom found in connection with troubles of the genital organs, both male and female, is backache, which is very peculiar, in that it is always worse at night in bed and in the morning before rising. It is a very efficacious remedy here. Staphisagria is a good skin remedy. It cures both dry and moist eruptions. The eczema of Staphisagria oozes an acrid moisture from under the scabs, and new vesicles form from the contact of the exudation. They generally itch very severely, and one peculiarity is, that when the itching is relieved by scratching in one place it immediately appears in another. The eczema is often on the head, on the sides around the ears, but the most marked action is in the eyelids. Herring's card expresses it thus "Styes, nodosities, chalazae on eyelids, one after another, sometimes ulcerating." There is only one remedy that can compare with this one in chronic blepharitis, and that is Graphites Graphites (see also Borax Borax). It has some remarkable cures of cross, puny, sickly children, having the teeth and eyelid symptoms. Not only were the local troubles remedied, but the patient was cured every way.

I think of but two other uses of Staphisagria, which I wish to mention. First, its use in the cure of condylomata, figwarts, or cauliflower-like excrescences. In one case, with the 200th of Staphysagria, I removed an excrescence on the perinaeum of a lady in which the growth was an inch long and the appearance was exactly in appearance like cauliflower. It rapidly disappeared under the action of Staphysagria and never returned. Second, its use for Incised wounds. It is the best remedy here, where there is a clean cut as after surgical operations. It is to such wounds what Calendula Officinalis Calendula is to lacerations, Arnica Arnica, Hamamelis Virginica Hamamelis, Ledum Palustre Ledum and Sulphuricum Acidum Sulph. ac;id for bruises, Rhus Tox Rhus tox., Calc Carb Calcarea ostrearum and Nux Vomica Nux vomica for strains.

Calc phos Calcarea phosphorica and Symphytum for fractures.


Third to thirtieth potency.




Genito-urinary organs

Fibrous tissues Eyelids Tarsi Skin


Right deltoid


Another urinary peculiarity is burning in the urethra when not urinating. Urinary difficulties after severe labours. Prolapse of bladder. I have seen cystocele relieved by Staph. Sensitiveness; stinging, stitching, shooting pains agg. by touch; itching