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Staphysagria - Genitals Etc symptoms - Clarke

Stavesacre, Staphis, Staphisag, Staphisagria, Staph.

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HPUS indication of Staphysagria: Anger

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Staphysagria in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Itching, needle-like stitches in region of kidneys.

Pressure on bladder on waking from sleep.

Very frequent want to urinate, with emission drop by drop, or else of a slender stream of deep-coloured urine.

Excessively painful emission of urine.

Frequent (profuse) emission of clear watery urine (with much urging).

Frequent emission of red urine.

Constant micturition at night (produced.)

R. T. C).

Bloody urine (produced.)

R. T. C.).

Involuntary emission of urine when coughing.

After having urinated, a fresh want is felt, as if bladder were again full.

Burning sensation in urethra, esp. (after and) when urinating (with urging, as if the bladder were not emptied).

Constant urging in young married women.


Chronic prostatitis in old men; pain extending from anus along urethra.


Soft, moist excrescences, upon and behind the glans (sycosis).

Inflammation of testes, with burning shootings, or pressive drawing and tearings.

Pressing pain in l. testicle when walking; and after rubbing; agg. from touch.

Drawing, tearing, in r. testicle, as if compressed.

Drawing, burning, extending from r. inguinal ring, as if in spermatic cord, into r. testicle.

Sensation of worms crawling in back of scrotum.

Voluptuous itching in the scrotum, which provokes emission.

Frequent pollutions, even during a siesta.


Smarting and lancinating itching in vulva.

Spasmodic pains in vulva and vagina.

Granular vegetations of vagina.


A very marked increase of sexual desire, with frequent erections, esp. at night.

Effects of onanism; face sunken, abashed look; melancholy; nocturnal emissions; backache, legs weak; organs relaxed.

Seminal emissions followed by great chagrin and mortification; great prostration; dyspnoea.

Dyspnoea (towards the end of, and) after coition.

Discharge of prostatic fluid, during a hard evacuation.

Nymphomania, with extreme sensitiveness to mental and physical impressions; mind dwells too much on sexual subjects.

Painful sensitiveness of genital organs (esp. when sitting).

Prurigo senilis; or from pediculi.

Sufferings after coitus in newly married women.

Inflammation of the ovaries with burning, stinging, and pressing-drawing.

Very sharp shooting pains in ovary, which is exceedingly sensitive to pressure; pains extending into crural region and thighs.

Flow of blood from genitals a long time after critical age.

Amenorrhoea from chagrin with indignation.


Menses which had ceased for a year, reappeared with cutting colic and violent rumbling, at the new moon.

Menses irregular, late, and profuse; sometimes wanting; first of pale blood, then dark and clotted; occasionally spasmodic uterine contractions.

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