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Staphysagria - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Stavesacre, Staphis, Staphisag, Staphisagria, Staph.

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HPUS indication of Staphysagria: Anger

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Staphysagria in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Confusion of the head, as in coryza,

The head is very confused, in the morning, with constrictive pressure in the vertex (after four days),

Whirling in the forehead and dulness in the head (after five hours),

General Head.

When bending the head forward, it falls forward almost involuntarily, while sitting (after ten hours),

Dulness and heaviness of the head (after half an hour),

The head is constantly dull and the spirits depressed,

Dulness of the head only at intervals; at times the head was quite free and clear,

Heaviness in the head (after seventy-two hours),

Heaviness of the head and weakness of the cervical muscles; he is obliged to lean the head backward, or to one or the other side (after twelve hours),

Heaviness lying upon the ethmoid bone in the head, above the root of the nose, like a compression on both sides,

Heaviness of the head, relieved by resting it upon the hand (after one hour),

Pressure in the brain, especially in the occiput, towards the bones of the skull, and a pressure as from too great accumulation of blood, in the evening, before going to bed, continuing after lying down (after thirty-nine hours),

Aching, like a tingling, in the whole of the head (after five hours),

Tearing and pulling from the head down through the cheeks into the teeth (after thirty-six hours),

Tingling and sticking in the whole of the head, worse on stooping and when walking, in the evening, for several hours (after thirty-six hours),


On motion, headache, as if the whole brain would fall out; even during rest, sensation as if the brain were pressed together, separated from the skull and lying loose therein,

Headache alternately stupefying and boring,

Violent headache, as if the brain were torn to pieces, in the morning, immediately after washing, but it afterwards disappeared, with violent spasmodic yawning,

Headache, as if the brain were compressed (mostly in the forehead), with paroxysms of roaring in the ears, which ceases much sooner than the headache,

Sticking headache all day (after seventeen days),

Pain in the head, as if everything would come out at the forehead, on stooping (after five hours),

Painful drawing in several places in the head externally, aggravated by touch,

Biting itching on the upper part of the occiput, with sore pain, recurring in the same place about the same time, in the evening,

Headache pressing outward and pressing asunder in the left half of the forehead (after half an hour),

Dull pinching headache in the forehead, with stitches in the temples, relieved by walking about, but returning on sitting and standing (after four hours),

Pressive stupefying headache, especially in the forehead, worse on moving the head and on standing up,

Dull, painful, at times sticking, pressure from within outward, at first in the whole of the forehead, afterwards only in the left frontal eminence, which disappears during rest, but returns more violent on motion (after four hours),

Pressive sticking and drawing pain in the left side of the forehead (after two hours),

Pressive pain in the left temple internally and externally, as from pressing hard with the finger (after one hour and a half),

Headache in the vertex like a constriction from all sides and pressure,

Sensation of soreness in the right parietal bone only when touched; he is unable to lie on the right side in the night on account of the pain (after eighty hours),

Burning-pressive pain in the left parietal bone, just above the ear, extending inward (after two hours and a half),

Burning-sticking pain in the left parietal bone,

A heavy pressing-asunder pain in the occiput while walking in the open air (after half an hour),

Painful drawing on and beneath the occiput, persistent on every motion of the head (after ten minutes),


The hair of the head falls out profusely,

The hair can be pulled from the head with little effort, without pain (after four hours),

An itching scurfy eruption on the scalp and also above and behind the ear,

Itching on the scalp,

Great itching on the scalp, which was scurfy and moist,

Itching, like needle stitches, on the scalp, and fine papular eruption anteriorly towards the forehead,

Itching biting on the scalp, which was aggravated by rubbing, lasting several days,

Outer head

Tearing in the head externally and in the teeth,

Fine burning needle stitches externally on the vertex,

Biting itching over the whole occiput, which obliges scratching, but is rather aggravated than relieved thereby (after fourteen hours),


Dulness of the head, anteriorly in the middle of the forehead, in a small spot as large as the tip of the finger, like a stupefaction; on the street he does not know whether he is going to the right or left; he is obliged to be very careful,

On shaking the head, there is a sensation in a small spot in the middle of the forehead as if there were something heavy like a ball of lead in the brain which would not loosen,

Drawing pressure in the forehead from time to time,

Pressure above the right eye, behind the brow, as from something hard,

Violent tearing pressure through the left half of the brain, especially violent in the forehead, gradually increasing and gradually diminishing (after fifty-four hours),

Hard pressure in the right side of the forehead,

Drawing, cutting tearing in the side of the forehead,

Tearing in the forehead, in the evening, while sitting; on stooping, a sticking in it, relieved by walking,

A pressing-boring stitch, lasting for a minute, in the morning, from within outward, in the left half of the forehead, so violent that it awoke him twice (after twenty-two hours and a half),

Burning stitches on the frontal bone externally,

Sudden stitches in the upper part of the forehead, so that he started up,


Hard pressure in the head, in the region of the right temporal bone and on the vertex,

Burning-pressive tearing in the right temple, close to the eye (after seven hours),

Drawing-tearing sticking in the left temple, as if in the bone, pulsative and persistent (after forty hours); on the next day it returned at the same time, now in the left, now in the right temple, then in the left frontal eminence, less violent, continuing for several days,

Stitches in the left temple,

Sharp, burning, needlelike stitches in the left temple,

Dull stitches in the right temple, internally and externally, as if the bones would be pressed out, aggravated by touch,

Vertex and Parietals.

Sharp pressure on the vertex at times,

A boring stitch from within outward in the vertex (after fifty-six hours),

Some large dull stitches extending from the skull into the brain in the vicinity of the crown, together with external soreness in the spot, especially when touched,


Feeling as if the occiput were compressed internally and externally,

Rheumatic pressive drawing in the occiput, commencing at the articulation, on bending the head forward,

Transient burning stitches in the occiput, on the first day extending from the right to the left side, on the following days from below upward,

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