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Staphysagria - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Stavesacre, Staphis, Staphisag, Staphisagria, Staph.

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HPUS indication of Staphysagria: Anger

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Staphysagria in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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He was joyous, enjoyed society, and was good-humored,

Good-humor; he was joyful and conversational, and was happy in his condition (after thirteen hours),

Earnest mood, quiet, busy with himself, speaks very little,

Very lachrymose,

Sadness, without ability to assign any reason,

Sad; he fears the worst results from slight causes, and cannot quiet himself,

Mind phlegmatic, depressed, sad, apathetic, indifferent to everything, without peevishness or without being weak,

Her mind seemed dead and sad, though not with weeping,

Morose; she frequently cries at nothing,

She was full of grief all day; she grieved over her condition and wept; nothing in the world pleased her (after fifty hours),

She will hear or know nothing from any one; she wraps up her face and weeps aloud without cause,

Anxious and fearful,

Great anxiety; he dreads the future,

Violent internal anxiety, so that he could not remain in any place, but without complaints,

Anxious thoughts and events in the past came to him as if the past were present before him, which caused anxiety and anxious perspiration, then it became black before his eyes; he did not know whether the images were real or illusory, then everything seemed different, and he lost all desire to live,

(When walking rapidly, it seems as though some one were coming behind him, which causes anxiety and fear, and he is constantly obliged to look around),

Very peevish (in the morning); he wishes to throw from him everything which he takes in his hand,

Fretful and sad,

Fretful and peevish all day; does not know himself on account of despondency, and is extremely depressed (after thirty-seven hours),

Fretful and restless all day, found red nowhere,

Quiet fretfulness; he is vexed at everything which even does not concern him,

Fretful and disinclined for mental work (after two hours),

Fretful and lachrymose,

Every word vexes her; she cries even if one only speaks to her,

Quarrelsome mood and yet lively,

(Hypochondriac mood; everything seems indifferent to him; he would rather die),

Alternations of mood, at first joyous, then anxious, at last quiet and contented,


Dulness of mind, that keeps him from every work,

Even attractive things made no impression upon him,

Disinclination for earnest work,

He is mentally exhausted, has no desire to think, is not inclined to thought, and is indifferent to his surroundings,

On attempting to grasp an idea, it vanishes,

He does not know whether the things which are presented to him are from out of his memory, are real, or whether he is only dreaming of them, from 5 to 7 P.M.,

Thoughts disappear whenever he attempts to think or speaks of any subject, and if any one interrupts him or changes to another subject, he, for the moment, forgets, or cannot at all collect his thoughts,

The thoughts disappear (memory disturbed by fantasies); whenever he reflects upon anything numerous and confused subjects crowd upon him, so that he cannot collect his thoughts, and forgets entirely of what he was thinking,

Weakness of memory; a few minutes after reading anything, he can recollect it only dimly, and whenever he thinks of anything, the sense escapes him, and he is scarcely able to recall it after long reflection,

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