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Staphysagria - Modalities Etc

Stavesacre, Staphis, Staphisag, Staphisagria, Staph.

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HPUS indication of Staphysagria: Anger

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Staphysagria in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), 9 to 12, cough and expectoration.

(Afternoon), Sleepiness; 3 P.M., internal shivering.

(Evening), In bed, vertigo; pressure in brain; dryness of eyes; on falling asleep, sticking in throat; in bed, cutting in umbilical region; stitch on side of neck; drawing in joints of extremities; tearing and jerking about ulcers; cod feet.

(Night), Towards morning, toothache in anterior teeth; pain in four lower front teeth; emission; 4 A.M., pressure in small of back; itching of tetter; sweat.

(Open air), Pressure above right orbit; itching in canthus; pain in hollow tooth; tearing in roots of hollow teeth.

(Bending forward), Pain in neck.

(Chewing), Toothache.

(Closing eyes), Pressure in upper lid.

(Coughing), Pain behind sternum.

(Eating), Tearing in gum and lower back teeth.

(After eating), Eructations of tasteless liquid; hiccough; cough and accumulation of water in mouth.

(After eating and drinking), Cutting in intestines.

(Expiration), Stitch in region of navel stitch in left side of chest.

(In the house), Vertigo.

(Leaning backward), Pain in costal cartilages.

(Lying down), Pain across thigh; drawings in hollows of knees.

(After micturition), Cutting pain.

(Motion in open air), Toothache.

(Motion sideways), Pain in small of back.

(Moving head), Headache in fore head; drawing in occiput.

(Music), Palpitation.

(Pressure), Stitch in region of navel; stitch in left groin.

(During rest), Stitches in small of back.

(Rubbing), Biting on scalp.

(Sitting), Vertigo; pain in rectum; stitches in sacrum; stitches in side of chest; pressing downward in shoulder; pain in left upper arm; pain about hip-joint; tension in muscles of thighs.

(Smoking), Heartburn.

(Standing), Headache in forehead; dulness of head.

(Stepping), Pain in knee.

(Stooping), Vertigo; pain in head; sticking in head; sticking in forehead; stitch in right abdominal ring; pain in loins; oppression of chest; pain in cartilages of chest; pain in small of back.

(Stretching out body), Pain in sternum.

(Stretching out finger), Pain about right wrist.

(Touch), Stitches in temples; drawing in head; drawing from hyoid bone into neck; drawing in upper limbs; pain in shoulder; pressure in upper and forearm; pressure on metatarsal bone of left index finger; pressure on muscles of right calf.

(Walking), Tingling and sticking in head; palpitation; pressure on shoulder; pain about hip-joint; pain in thigh; weakness of thighs; pain in right knee; drawing in knee-joint; weakness of body; general bruised sensation.

(Walking in open air), Pressing asunder pain in occiput; stitchlike pain in abdomen.


Early, on awaking, motion, stooping.

Becoming warm in bed, warm wraps, touch, motion, evening, at night, after rising, sometimes after the siesta.

Worse, anger, indignation, grief, mortification, loss of fluids, onanism, sexual excesses, tobacco; least touch on affected parts.

Emotions Chagrin Vexation Indignation Quarrels

Sexual excesses



Cold drinks


Stretching parts

Merc Viv Mercury



(Eating), Sticking in margin of tongue.

(Inspiration and expiration), Stitch in left groin.

(Lying bent up), Desire for stool.

(Motion), Pain in left upper arm.

(Rest), Ringing in ear.

(Resting head on hand), Heaviness of head.

(Walking), Vertigo; headache in forehead; oppression in chest.


Reclining head, rest, warmth, after much yawning, after breakfast.

After breakfast, reclining it upon something, after lying down

BETTER, after breakfast, warmth, rest at night.



Break-fast Nervous tembling Squeezing or stinging smarting, as if cut

Pains that move into teeth

Morbidly sensitive; easily offended

Always angry Gloomy and petulant; throws things

Poor memory


Sexually minded; unsatisfied urge; widows

Sheepish; sensitive mentally and physically

Imagines insults

Irritable, nervous, excitable and violent

Brain feels torn

Compressive, stupefying headache

As of a heavy load in forehead

Moist, foul, eroding milk-crust; worse occiput

Dryness in eyes

Nodes in lids



Sickly, peaked and hollow-eyed Neuralgia, from caries; pains go to eyes

Coryza, now thick, now thin; ulcerating

Swelled sub-mental gland; abscess

Pale, bleeding gums

Loose, aching, black, crumbling teeth; worse eating and during menses; better hard pressure and heat


Musty taste

Hungry; craves milk

Colic; flatulent; ovarian; worse coition


Irritable bladder

Urinates a slender stream

Trickling or burning along posterior urethra; worse after walking or riding, better urinating



Dysuria; of brides; in pregnancy (Populus Tremuloides Pop-t)

Itching or sensitive vulva

Pains from ovaries into thighs


Crural neuralgia

Tight chest, at close of coition

Cough, worse cleaning teeth or alternating with sciatica

Violent yawning; brings tears; after headache

Pains that precede shingles

Backache; in bed in AM

Fine tearing in or numb fingertips

Nodes on finger joints Skin symptoms, alternate with joints pains

Weak knees

Biting itching; as of vermin; changing place on scratching

LACERATED WOUNDS; worse sphincters; perineum, etc

; stitch pains

Amorous dreams, with pollutions

Sweat and flatus smell like bad eggs

Desires and aversions

Extreme hunger, even when stomach is full of food.

Appetite for bread or milk.

Longing only for thin, fluid food (soup).

Great desire for wine, brandy or tobacco.

Want of thirst.

Position etc

Motion 3, 4, 23, 29, 33, 44. Exertion 5, 40. Walking 22. Stepping 33. Stretching 37. Rising from a seat 31. Rest 3, 23, 31. Sitting 23, 33. Lying on affected part 4. Leaning against something 3.

Morning 3, 31. 3 P.M. 4, 40.Evening 40. Night 5, 27, 31, 36, 37, 40, 46. After midnight 40. Toward morning 40. Day 27, 37.