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Staphysagria - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Stavesacre, Staphis, Staphisag, Staphisagria, Staph.

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HPUS indication of Staphysagria: Anger

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Staphysagria in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Papular eruption on the face, forehead, cheeks, and about the mouth and wrist, which caused a drawing itching, ceasing only for a short time on scratching and then returning as a sticking,

Fine papular eruption on the face, forehead, cheeks, and near the corners of the mouth, which caused a sticking itching, and when touched a pain as if suppurating (after nine hours),

Eruption of small (itching?) isolated pimples on the face,

Pimples about the inflamed eye,

A large but painless pimple surrounded by a white tip in the fossa behind the lobule of the ear,

Itching pimples on the nape of the neck,

Some pimples on the neck,

Rash on the chest; on becoming warm it was red and itching,

A tetterlike eruption on the lower ribs consisting of small, thick, red pimples, with burning-itching fine sticking, as from nettles; after rubbing the spot was painful; together with creeping chill over the part and over the upper abdomen,

Eruption of pimples as large as peas over the whole abdomen and thighs, which itch, and when scratched off are moist, but then have a burning pain,

Papular eruption on the elbow and towards the hand,

On the forearm a red elevation, in the middle of which is a pustule, with burning pain during rest, still more painful, like a boil, when touched,

On the hands a tetter, which itches, in the evening, and burns after scratching,

Tetter on the thighs and legs,

A kind of gooseflesh, without chilliness, in both thighs and legs, especially numerous red and white pimples on them, with whitish pus at the tips, without the slightest sensation (after ten days),

Pimples with burning-itching pain on the leg,

The skin of an ulcerated leg becomes covered with a thin crust, from which yellow water exudes, with jerking and pricking pains,

Itching on the leg, in the evening in bed; after rubbing flat ulcers appear with violent pain,


Tearing jerking in an ulcer,

Tearing and jerking about the ulcers during rest, in the morning and evening, which cease when walking,

The papular eruption on the face sometimes causes a tensive sore pain; when touched it is as painful as if suppurating,

Burning sensation, here and there, though always only in the limbs, never in other parts of the body,

Violent burning pain in the ulcers, in the evening for an hour after lying down, so that he could not fall asleep,

Burning-itching biting on the nates, as if rough woollen were drawn over the skin, in the evening in bed; disappearing on scratching and returning in another place,

Crawling on the inner surfaces of the toes, which does not provoke scratching, it seems as if they had been asleep,

Crawling on the thighs and legs (that had been swollen, hard, elastic, for many years), with a sensation as if the parts were internally hot, would burst, and were very heavy,

Biting as from salt in an ulcer,

Sticking burning here and there, in the skin,

Stitches like fleabites on the hands, nape of the neck, head, lower limbs, etc. (after one hour and a half),

Burning itching in the little toes, as if they had been frozen, in the evening; they are painful on touch, and the painful spots are red, for four days (after twelve hours),

The tetter itches only at night,

Itching over the head and whole body, especially in the morning; a creeping itching and crawling as from the creeping of an insect, which goes from place to place,

Salty biting itching in an ulcer,

Itching on the cheeks,

Voluptuous itching about the scrotum, that constantly increases on rubbing until it becomes a superficial sore pain, while this disappears the itching still continues, and at last causes an emission (after five, six, and eight days),

Itching on the right tibia above the outer malleolus, which does not disappear on rubbing (after two hours and a half),

Itching on the tendo Achillis above the heel,

A painful burning itching on the inner side of the two toes, just as if they had been frozen (after four hours),

Itching burning in the right little toe, as if it had been frozen, in the evening; it is painful even on slight pressure,

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