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Stellaria Media - General symptoms - Clarke

Chickweed, Stellaria Stel.

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HPUS indication of Stellaria Media: Sluggish in morning
Stellaria Media

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stellaria Media in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Stellaria media. Chickweed. N. O. Caryophyllaceae. Tincture of whole fresh plant in bloom.

The first mention of Stel. appeared in H. W., xxviii. 284 (June, 1893). F. H. Brett gave an experience with the tincture applied externally, in the case of his wife to enlarged, inflamed gouty fingers-joints, and in his own case to painful, aching great toes. In each case a few applications removed the trouble. Brett was led to this use by having heard a rumour that "chickweed poultices" were good for gouty joints. In the same volume, p. 560, F. Kopp published a proving of the tincture on himself. The symptoms of the proving make up my Schema. Kopp took frequently repeated doses of the tincture, and also chewed some of the weed. The pains induced were of a rheumatic character, and were so severe that they had to be antidoted with Nux Vomica Nux and Bryonia Bry. Kopp confirms Brett's observations in the value of external applications of Stet. Internally he gave the 2x. The most prominent symptom, apart from the rheumatic effects, was the pain, swelling, and soreness of the liver. The pains were amel. by motion, and were accompanied by soreness. Bellairs (H. W., xxi. 24), published this case "E. B., 18, had had rheumatic fever which had left him in a hopeless state of chronic "shifting" rheumatism pains now in ankle, now in knee, now in arm, wrist or fingers. Stel. 2x, taken three times a day, completely cured in a month. Bellairs suggests that "shifting-pains" may be a keynote.

and Kopp confirms this. Brett (H. W., xxxiv. 93) cured himself with Stel. 1 of a violent attack of sickness, with sharp pains in stomach, increasing in violence and culminating in an explosive vomit. The liver was much enlarged, hard to the touch. The pain began in the region of the gall bladder. Vomiting ceased after the first dose, and the liver enlargement quickly subsided. Cooper gave much relief with a single dose of Ø in the case of a woman, 55, who had psoriasis, dating from twenty-one years back, with irritation in the spots, chiefly on flexures of joints, with much irritation of scalp and soreness of eyeballs. SYMPTOMS.


Gout. Liver, inflammation of. Rheumatism. Psoriasis.