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Stramonium - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Thorn-apple, Stramonium. Datura Stramonium, Stamonium, Stram.

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HPUS indication of Stramonium: Restlessness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stramonium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Pain in the hepatic region, lasting half a year after the poisoning, in one man,

Abdomen tense, neither touch nor pressure painful,

Abdomen soft, not distended,

Abdomen hard, but not much swollen (after six hours),

Abdomen tense and hard,

Bellies tumid but not hard,

Bloated abdomen, especially in the region of the pit of the stomach,

Much bloated abdomen; not painful when touched,

In the evening the abdomen is bloated, with heat of the body and anxiety in pit of the stomach,

With children, abdomen becomes highly bloated, with anxiety in pit of stomach; cold sweat, chilliness of the limbs, confusion of mind, stupefied half slumber, and anxious evacuations, upward and downward,

Distension of the abdomen, , etc.

Abdomen distended, painless,

A distension of the abdomen, not hard,

Upper abdomen tense and painful,

Abdomen tympanitic,

A tympanitic state of the bowels, belly extremely tense,

Abdomen retracted and tense,

Abdomen spasmodically retracted,

Increased sensitiveness of the abdomen,

Rumbling in the abdomen,

Rumbling in the abdomen, with obscuration of vision,

Rumbling and growling in the abdomen,

Rumbling in the abdomen, with colic,

Rumbling in the abdomen, with diarrhoea,

During micturition rolling in abdomen; rigors,

He complains of rumbling in the abdomen, as if living animals were screaming and moving in all the intestines,

Violent fermenting in the abdomen, for seven days,


Colic, followed by diarrhoea,

Colic, rumbling, and diarrhoea,

Colic, as if the abdomen were puffed up; abdomen painful, even when touching the side,

Colic and diarrhoea,

Colicky pains,

Colicky pain and rumbling in the bowels,

Violent colic, coming suddenly in the evening, with sensation of fainting and cold shivers,

Pain in the abdomen, with the vertigo, followed by looseness,

Sensitiveness of abdomen very great,

Pain in abdomen,

Cramping pain in abdomen, making her bend double when walking, with constipation and ineffectual desire for stool (second to fifth day),

Pressing pain in abdomen,

Dull pain in lower colon (ninth day),

Tearing pain in the abdomen as if the navel would be torn out; the pain goes then into the chest,

Sensation as if the abdomen were expanded to the extremest degree,

A writhing pain in the bowels previous to every evacuation; a blackish diarrhoea every hour (after thirty-six hours),

Shooting and griping pains in bowels, with looseness,

Burning in the abdomen that was distended,

Several times a day, dull griping pain in pubic region, also during stool (seventh day),

Severe griping pains of short duration, in centre of hypogastrium (fourth day),


In lower abdomen, shooting from before backwards for half and hour, twenty minutes after dinner (second day),

A kind of hunger was associated with the tearing in the abdomen, but still the patient was unable to take any food (after third dose,)

Felt hungry too soon after a meal (second and third days); in the morning (fourth days),


A great many emissions of flatus,

The greatest development of wind in the abdomen, sometimes after each dose of the tincture; after some rumbling in the abdomen the flatus passed of downward,

Abdomen bloated, but not hard. Rumbling in the abdomen. Feeling in the abdomen, as if living animals were moving in it. Emission of large quantities of flatus,


Colic, watery vomiting, and diarrhoea,

Before stool, twisting in the bowels; during stool, colic, distension of abdomen, rolling in abdomen, vomiting, paleness,

Undiminished appetite, with colic, diarrhoea, and vomiting,


Appetite and Thirst.

Increased appetite,

Poor appetite, at breakfast (fifth day),

In large doses it diminishes the appetite,

Diminished appetite for breakfast (second day),

Loss of appetite (after 120 drops),

Loss of appetite, with oppression at pit of stomach,


Thirst with the headache,

Thirst, with great dryness of the throat,

Thirst, drinking much at a time (first day),

With the headache, considerable thirst; drank much more water than usual (second day); drank a great deal (third day),

Thirst and drunkenness, with headache,

Long-continuing thirst,

Violent thirst, with copious secretion of burning urine,

In spells of restlessness he would drink when water was offered him, but did not ask for it,

Extremely troublesome thirst, with drooling,

Great thirst, attended with considerable constriction of the muscles of the throat in attempts at swallowing,

Thirst intense and unallayed by water,

Violent thirst, , etc.

Thirst for acids (after 120 drops),

Excessive thirst, with desire for sour drinks,

Great desire for acids,

Eructations and Hiccough.

Eructations in the evening (first day),

In evening, frequent offensive bilious eructations (seventh day),

Odorless eructations (after 120 drops),

Sour eructations,


Violent hiccough,

An incessant hiccough,

The epigastrium is tense, hard, and painful,

Epigastric tenderness, in all cases,

Attacked at 7 P.M. with great distress, apparently in his stomach,

Gastric irritation continued nearly a month,

Pain in the epigastrium,

Severe pain at pit of stomach (after twenty minutes),

Great pain of her stomach and left arm,

Great pain in the region of the stomach and bowels,

Slight stationary pain in stomach-pit (tenth day),

Pressure in the stomach (after 120 drops),

Stomach sensitive to pressure,

Pressure in the stomach and diminished appetite (after 100 drops),

(Pressive pain in the left side of the stomach towards the heart, aggravated by external pressure), (fourth day),

Pressing pain in stomach,

Anxiety in pit of stomach,

Anxiety in the pit of the stomach and difficult breathing,

Great anxiety in the pit of the stomach,

Great anxiety about the pit of the stomach, before noon,

Great anxiety about the pit of the stomach, with dry heat of the body,

Indescribable anxiety at stomach,

Corroding pains in stomach,

Shooting inwards, very acute, of short duration, in stomach-pit (second day),

Shooting inwards in stomach-pit and right side of abdomen (seventh day),

Shooting inwards in stomach, first on left side, then right (second day),

A kind of burning pain in the stomach comes and goes, lasts for half an hour, then intermits for an hour or more (third day),

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea (after twenty minutes),

Nausea, disgust,

Nausea, but no vomiting (immediately),

Nausea, with inability to bring up anything,

Feeling of nausea with the uncomfortable sensation in middle line of chest (? in oesophagus),

Nausea, with flow of an extremely salt saliva,

5.30 P.M., nausea and retching; at last, vomiting of a whitish fluid; the attempts to vomit cause pain in the stomach (second day),

Inclination to vomit with profuse salivation, in the evening,

Ineffectual efforts to vomit,

Nausea and retching (after one hour),

Frequent ineffectual retchings to vomit,

Nausea and straining to vomit (after three hours),

Began to feel ill (after half an hour),

Nausea and vomiting (after two hours),

Nausea, followed by vomiting,

Sick and giddy,

Sickness and vomiting (after a quarter of an hour),

Was sick, while sitting on a sofa; at the same time fancied she was falling off, kept holding on to everything, about 2 P.M.,


Vomiting, at night,

Vomited several times,

Vomiting of a sour-smelling mucus,

Vomiting of mucus, in the evening,

Vomiting of a green mucus, with thirst,

In the evening, he vomits up bile with mucus,

Vomiting of green bile, in the evening,

Vomits bile after the least motion, even on sitting up in bed,

Vomited several times, a dark greenish-looking substance mixed with his food,

Even after sunset, soon after food, vomited food mixed with nearly black clotted thick blood; the vomiting was difficult, and caused shooting pain at stomach-pit, and was preceded and followed by retching; he never vomited blood before (fourteenth day),

The vomiting, which was induced by Zincum Sulphuricum sulphate of zinc, caused the most violent suffocative spasms of the glottis, so that for ten minutes artificial respiration was required,

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