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Stramonium - Chest symptoms - Clarke

Thorn-apple, Stramonium. Datura Stramonium, Stamonium, Stram.

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HPUS indication of Stramonium: Restlessness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stramonium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Constrictive oppression on chest (with dyspnoea).

Pressure on chest, agg. by speaking.

Sensation, as if something were turning over in chest.

Spasm in pectoral muscles.

Red rash on chest.


For a week after single dose of Ø felt as if heart beat insufficiently, and had a suffocating feeling in throat (R. T. C.).

Pulse very irregular generally full, hard, and quick, or small and rapid, at times slow and scarcely perceptible, occasionally intermitting and trembling.


Voice hoarse and croaking; high, fine, squeaking; indistinct.

(Sudden aphonia in hysterical girl just recovering from chorea.)

R. T. C.).

Twitching of pomum Adami.

Constrictions of larynx.

Periodically returning attacks of painless, barking, spasmodic cough, in fine, shrieking tone, from constriction of larynx and chest, without expectoration.

Voice loud and bawling.

Want of breath.

Difficult (hurried or) sighing respiration.

Suffocating obstruction of respiration.

Oppression with desire for open air.

(Asthma continually recurring, with some gouty tendency attacks agg. at night.)

R. T. C.).

Dyspnoea on waking up every morning, cold winds catch her breath, "can cough at any time" (much relief.)

R. T. C.)

Heart and pulse

Pressure about heart.

Angina pectoris.


Pulse rapid, full, strong; irregular, hard, slow, small, frequent.

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