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Stramonium - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Thorn-apple, Stramonium. Datura Stramonium, Stamonium, Stram.

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HPUS indication of Stramonium: Restlessness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stramonium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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During night, tightness of chest, as if I could not get air enough into lungs, obliging me to take frequent deep forcible inspirations; the same whether lying on back or sides, or standing, for several minutes (eighteenth night),

Aching pain in the chest and sternum, excited by talking,

Feeling as if something turned around in the chest, afterwards heat in the face,

An odd sensation of dryness in, and violent girding across the chest,

Uncomfortable sensation in middle line of chest (? in oesophagus, E. W. B.), with a feeling of nausea (ninth day),

Sharp pain in chest about junction of middle and lower third, first on left side, then on right, worse on walking; entirely disappearing when in a warm place (eighth day),

Cutting pain in the sternum, after lying down, in the night, ceases on emission of flatus, but returns,

Rheumatic pain in sides and back,

For an hour she had very fine, but sharp stitches in the vicinity of the fifth and sixth ribs, on a very circumscribed spot of the size of a fourpenny piece (after third dose),

Aching pain in breasts, worse on walking, first in left, then in right (after two days),


Feeling of tightness across chest, with oppressed respiration,

Hard pressure on the cartilages of third and fourth ribs, with difficult breathing; he is unable to inhale breath enough without great anxiety (after half an hour),

A feeling of great faintness, as there were no air, or, as if the air did her no good. Difficult breathing. Sensation as if something were turning about in the chest. She is unable to inspire a sufficient amount of air. Feeling of dryness in the chest. She has paroxysms of fainting; says she wants more air,

Breathing easy, with now and then a deep sigh; twenty-six respirations in a minute,

Respiration rapid,

Respiration somewhat accelerated,

Respiration hurried,

Respiration hurried and difficult,

Respiration greatly hurried, and at times gasping and choking,

Respiration difficult and accelerated,

During the continuance of the coma the respiration was extremely hurried, averaging about 100 per minute; every inspiration, however, completely filled the lungs,

The action of the lungs was enfeebled, not from any impediment, but simply from want of power, the patient only respiring at long intervals (after third dose),

Slow inspirations and very sudden expirations,

Slow respiration (after four hours),

Respiration slow, difficult, and deep,

Respiration slow and irregular,

Respiration slow and labored,

Respiration slow, stertorous, deep,

Stertorous respiration and unconsciousness,

Stertorous breathing,

Breathing heavy and stertorous, blowing at each expiration, but normal as to frequency,

Breathing at times stertorous and labored,

Blowing or hissing expirations, which forced small quantities of a reddish-colored saliva through the closed lips, accompanied the convulsive movements,

Frequent sighs,

Breathing laboriously, with distressing sense of strangulation,

His breathing stops more and more, and he turns blue in the face,

Difficult breathing,

Oppressed breathing,

Oppressed respiration, with desire for the open air,

Respiration and swallowing impeded, and more frequent,

Excessive sense of suffocation (after three hours),

Oppressed respiration, with feeling of tightness across the chest,

Terrible dyspnoea; indeed the function of respiration was rather a succession of deep and gasps and sobs (after seven hours),

Pain in the region of the larynx, after the poisoning,

The local organs were partly paralyzed; the boy often attempted to speak hastily, but could not utter a word, it was only a bellowing or stammering; at times he managed to sing a few notes, or to whistle, or at times to laugh; the voice was hoarse and croaking,


Voice high, squeaking, and out of tone; speech unintelligible,

In his voice the usual modulation is entirely wanting; it is much higher and finer than usual; it is a mere sound, he is unable to utter an intelligible word; he hears and feels it himself, and is anxious about it,

Voice a little hoarse,

Voice hoarse and unintelligible,

Hoarseness of voice, and cough (after some days),

Voice hoarse, with the difficult swallowing,

Voice hoarse, with difficult speech (after 120 drops),

Voice hoarse (after one hour and thirty-five minutes),

When talking, hoarse voice; it almost fails me now and then, causing me to hawk, in order to set it right (second day),

Some hoarseness when talking, in the evening after sunset (fourth day),

Next morning the voice indistinct, hoarse, swallowing very difficult and painful,

Voice weak (after one hour),

Cough and Expectoration.

Cough immediately on drinking cold water (tenth day),

Spasmodic cough, worse in the evening (second day), and again in the morning (third day); dry cough,

Rasping, loud, violent dry cough, caused by the dryness of the throat; nothing seems to effect the cough (seventh day),

Loose rattling cough, with some expectoration, next morning,

Expectorating occasionally a thick mucus, without regard to where it fell,

Expectoration of white, frothy liquid (after 120 drops),

Sitting of blood,


Heart and pulse


Pressure near the heart,

Uneasy feeling in the region of the heart, with a sense of faintness,

During the afternoon, palpitation of the heart on every slight exertion (second day),

Heart's Action.

Palpitation (after 200 drops),

During cough, palpitation, anxiety, constriction of the chest, convulsions,

Heart beating very violently; the boy said anxiously he would have that beating taken away,

Beating of the heart weak,

Pulsation of the heart very slow,

Arteries beating rapidly and hard,

Heart's action excessively feeble and intermitting (after seven hours),

Heart's action feeble, but not increased in frequency (after two hours and a half),

Action of the heart irregular; pulse small, rapid,


Pulse rapid, , etc.

Quick intermitting pulse,

Pulse more rapid than I could count,

Pulse rapid, so as scarcely to be counted, and very feeble,

Pulse very rapid and feeble, numbering at least 150 beats per minute,

Pulse very rapid, small,

Pulse fluttering, and 140,

Pulse 130, compressible and small,

Pulse full, strong, about 120 to the minute (after three hours),

Pulse 120, small and soft,

Pulse, during the attack, rapid, 120, on the third day remarkably slow, 56, associated with prostration,

Pulse 110, strong and full,

Pulse 100, very tense and full,

Pulse usually 72, was, at 9 P.M., 84 (third day),

Pulse moderately rapid and tense,

Pulse quick, hard, and frequent (first evening),

Pulse rapid and contracted (after five hours),

Pulse rapid, hard, and full,

Pulse accelerated, occasionally intermittent,

Pulse rapid, full,

Pulse quick, hard, and frequent (after two hours),

Pulse rapid and feeble,

Pulse fifteen beats to the minute, above the natural standard, and very full and heavy (second day),

Pulse full, very rapid, with throbbing of the carotids,

Pulse soft, feeble, and very frequent,

Pulse quick and intermittent, ranging from 135 to 140 beats per minute,

Pulse frequent and small,

Pulse small, frequent, and soft; on the right wrist pulse could not be felt, nor the beating of the heart,

Small, quick, and at last scarcely perceptible pulse,

Pulse often intermittent,

Pulse small, rapid, and weak,

Strong, full pulse of 80 to 90 beats,

Pulse full and tense,

Pulse beat violently,

Pulse more full than usual, and beats 10 or 12 times more in a minute than common (after nine hours),

Pulse full, but not preternaturally frequent,

Pulse full and irritable,

Strong tumultuous pulse,

Full pulse (after four hours),

Pulse hard and full,

Pulse tense and intermittent,

Pulse hard,

Pulse full and slower than natural (after two hours),

Full and rather slow pulse,

Pulse 88, small,

Pulse 85, very weak (after one hour),

Pulse 65, slow and full (after eleven hours),

Pulse slow and moderately full,

Slow, full, labored pulse,

Pulse very slow,

Small infrequent, feeble, almost indistinct pulse,

Feeble and faltering pulse, irregular, and varying from 120 to 130 (after three hours),

Pulse slow, heavy,

Pulse small and weak,

Pulse weak and so frequent as hardly to be counted,

Pulse weak,

Pulse febrile,

Tremulous, weak, unequal, sometimes intermittent pulse,

Pulse irregular, a few rapid beats following some slow ones,

Unequal, tense pulse (second morning),

Pulse extremely irregular; sometimes it was hurried and fluttering, sometimes it was tense and strong, and frequently its action was not discernible,

Pulse scarcely perceptible, and the carotid arteries had little or no pulsation,

Pulse almost imperceptible from the first; but as far as it could be felt, it was natural in regard to velocity. During the continuance of the coma the pulse returned; it was unaccountably quick, and estimated to exceed 200, small, sharp, and thready,

Pulse little, or none perceptible (after two hours); 160, strong and regular (after fourteen hours); 120, unequal and intermitting (after eighteen hours),

No pulse to be felt at wrist (after seven hours),

Pulse imperceptible,

A sudden sensation of weakness, and violent beating of the heart. She would wake from a deep sleep with violent beating of the heart. Pulse full and strong. Pressure in the region of the heart,

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