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Stramonium - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Thorn-apple, Stramonium. Datura Stramonium, Stamonium, Stram.

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HPUS indication of Stramonium: Restlessness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stramonium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Swelling of the eyes, with much dilated pupils, and contortion of the eyeballs in every direction,

The whites of the eyes and margins of eyelids red; profuse lachrymation,

Eyes injected with blood,

Sclerotic coat of the eyes of a pink color, left eye most discolored, at 9 P.M. (after two hours),

Redness and swelling about right eye,

Eyes inflamed and weep much, particularly the right eye (second day); right eye weeps very much, left eye a little (third day),

Cornea very bright,

Dark color around his eyes (third day),

Blue margin around the eyes (second day),

Eyes close, and it becomes black before them,

Eyes half closed and listless (after fourteen hours),

Eyes closed, with pupils dilated,

Eyes wide open, prominent; pupils exceedingly dilated, insensible, with injected conjunctiva, as if the vessels were filled with dirty liquid,

Eyes open; pupils dilated to the utmost (after one hour),

The eyes were open, but he took no notice of anything or anybody about him, and when objects were held before his eyes, he could not see them,

Eyes open; pupils widely dilated and fixed and insensible to the strongest light, but the patient was unconscious of everything going on around him, vision being quite lost,

Squinting of the eyes,

Eyes protruding; lids half-closed.

Staring eyes, ,

Eyes have a staring look at one time, at another are unsteady, wavering,

Eyes staring stupidly,

Eyes staring, swollen, and sparkling; pupils greatly-dilated and immovable (after six hours),

Eyes staring and brilliant,

Eyes protruded; pupils dilated; eyelids half-closed; power of vision lessened,

Sparkling eyes; he complains of the rays of the sun dazzling him, with loss of appetite,

After dim vision, lippitudo,

Eyes glistening,

Eyes of a peculiar dazzling lustre (after one hour),

Eyes bright; pupils dilated and insensible to light,

Eyes lively; pupils insensible to light,

Eyes sparkling,

Eyes glistening and in constant motion,

Eyes glittered and rolled about (in five minutes),

Eyes glistening, staring, with dilated and insensible pupils,

Eyes glassy bright; pupils dilated,

Seven out of the fifteen children in the institution had brilliancy of the eyes, not very remarkable in some, but in others a rapid dilatation,

Eyes of a glassy brilliancy, with the pupils much dilated,

Rolling of the eyes,

Eyes restless, glistening, wide open, staring, with a peculiar intoxicated look,

Eyes unsteady, with greatly dilated pupils; the conjunctiva injected,

Eyes unsteady,

Eyes dark and dull,

Eyes dull and heavy,

Eyes haggard and sunken,


Eyes almost bursting from their sockets, so widely were they opened; the Irisalmost, if not quite, invisible from the intense dilatation of the pupil,

Sensation of pressure in the left eye,

Pressure and tension in both eyes for six days (after two hours),

The greatest sensitiveness to the daylight; lachrymation (after twenty-four hours),

Feeling in right eye as if water twitched about in it (third day),

Burning of the eyes, with dim vision, and profuse sweat,

Sudden coldness in right eye, for a few minutes, at 11.50 A.M. (sixth day),

Shooting in left eye, from without inwards, and a feeling of a foreign body in it (fourth and fifth days),

Pricking in the eyes (after two hours),

Itching and feeling of sand in right eye, relieved by rubbing (first night),


Eyelids swelled and closed,

Swollen and inflamed eyelids,

Agglutination of the eyelids, at night,

The upper eyelid hangs down, as if caused by a cramp of the orbicularis,

Eyelids slightly drooping,

Midnight, in bed, felt quivering, like live blood, in right upper eyelid (fourth day),

Pressure in the eyelids as if swollen, which is really the case, or as if oppressed with sleep; hence a great disposition to sleep, which he is, however, able to overcome (after three hours and a half),

Feeling of sand in outer segment of right eye, relieved by rubbing, removed by drawing upper lid down over eye, with redness and lachrymation of right, indoors, in the morning, and lasting till A P.M. (seventh day),


Lachrymation of both eyes,

Tears collect in the eye, not running over the lower lid,

Lachrymation of the right eye,

Lachrymation of the left eye,

Tears run against his will,

Tears flow without consciousness,

Tears collect in both eyes, with obscuration of vision,

Running of tears after a restless sleep,

Profuse flow of tears, with severe headache and toothache,

Suffused eyes,


Conjunctiva injected, , etc.

Conjunctiva of both eyes intensely red, as crimson,

Conjunctiva highly injected, with a total insensibility of pupils,

The conjunctiva was injected; the pupils immensely dilated; the whole expression of the eye was brilliant, restless, suspicious, and roving,

Fulness of bloodvessels of conjunctiva and sclerotica; the eyes look red, particularly near the internal canthus (after thirteen hours),


Feeling of enlargement and protrusion of eyeballs (after three hours),

Feeling of soreness in eyeballs on turning them (after thirteen hours),

Throbbing in eyeballs, worse in left one, with lachrymation, at 11 A.M. (second day),


Dilated pupils, , etc.

The child, when better next day, was reminded not to eat such things again, and immediately the pupils widened very much,

Dilated and immovable pupils, , etc.

Pupil nearly fully dilated and utterly insensible to light; a lighted candle could be so held as almost to singe the eyelids, without inducing contraction of the Irisand without attracting the patient's notice,

Pupils so extremely dilated that no Iriscan be seen (after three hours),

Pupil of eye enormously dilated, more so than I have ever seen from the full action of Belladonna Belladonna; perfectly blind, the full flash of gas failing to produce the slightest contraction of the pupil (after two hours and a half),

Pupils insensible to light, and so strongly dilated as to leave visible merely a rim of Iris Versicolor iris,

Pupils immensely dilated, with redness of the eyes (after four hours),

An unusual dilatation of the pupils and a remarkable squinting of the right eye,

Pupils excessively dilated; conjunctivae injected, bluish,

Pupil of right eye dilated to at least three times its natural size, and the left had no preternatural appearance,

Pupil of eye extremely dilated, with apparently total blindness,

Left pupil more dilated than right (thirty-second day),

On separating the eyelids, the pupils of the eye were found to be much dilated; the eyes themselves convulsed,

Extremely dilated pupils, with darkness of sight,

The pupil of my eye was very dilated (even for thirty-six hours after), and I was at one time nearly blind. The next day I could scarcely see, and was quite unable to read a book. For three weeks after, I had a very sensible pulsation over my right eye, and even now I seem to feel the effects of the poison in my eyes, my sight being at times quite dim, although five weeks have elapsed,

Dilated the pupil of one eye and produced temporary paralysis of the lids,

"Contraction of the pupils," ,

After drinking vinegar, the pupils became extremely contracted,

Pupils rather contracted (third day),

Pupils so contracted as scarcely to be discernible, smaller than I have ever seen in a cat's eye (after seven hours),

Much contracted pupils; they do not dilate in the dark; all things appear to him smaller and at a greater distance, like one dazzled by the light (after thirty minutes),


Could see better at beginning of twilight,

Dimness of vision, ,

Dim vision, with thirst and sweat,

Dim vision, with great thirst,

Dimness of sight, as though the atmosphere was foggy (after six hours),

Dim vision almost every morning, as if a gauze were before the eyes,

Dimness of vision, followed by vertigo and headache,

Darkening of sight, with rumbling in the abdomen,

Dulness of vision, like a fog before his eyes, as if he saw things through a glass of turbid water; things seem dissolved and too distant,

Impairment of vision, the pupils being greatly dilated,

Impairment of vision, ,

Vision became weak (after 100 drops),

Partial blindness, with a greatly dilated pupil,

Impossible to thread needle on account of defective vision (in twenty minutes),

Almost complete blindness for six hours; and as the secondary effect, on the days following, a pressure as from the middle of the eyeball at every change of light, either when going into the sun or suddenly into the dark,

The senses of sight and hearing vanish,

After the contents of the stomach had been emptied he gradually rallied, opened his eyes, and stared wildly about him, though evidently unable to see anything, the pupils still intensely contracted, and on waving the hand before them, he never blinked or took the least notice,

Total blindness, lasting two days, from the vapors in preparing the extract,

Complete loss of vision, etc.


Photophobia to gaslight indoors, in the evening after sunset (second day), ; (sixteenth day),

Long-lasting far-sightedness; he was only able to read print at a great distance,

Double sight,

Double sight; things awry; he sees small things at their places, but a little higher or sideways a second image,

Obscuration of vision; double vision remained for a long time after the poisoning,

All objects seem double,

At times only portions of objects can be seen, at other times they seem double (third day),

Double and confused vision (immediately),

Perverted vision (after four hours),

Illusions of vision,

If the hand was held before the eyes, he felt for it at varying distances,

Distant objects are indistinct, after some extract in the left eye; afternoon, distant objects clearer; nearer, indistinct, but looking awhile to the same spot or in the distance, the objects become distinct,

False sight; all things appear oblique,

When going downstairs, he takes two steps for one, and is not aware of it until he falls,

The second day the child complained that it was dark and called for light; the pupils seemed dilated,

Darkening of sight; could not read nor see the thread when spinning,

Obscuration of sight,

Every morning obscuration of vision,

Complained of its being dark, wanted a light (candle), (second day),

Extreme obscuration of vision,

Cloudiness of vision, as though she had a gauze before the eyes,

He sees things as if through coarse linen, only by pieces, and as if cut up; for instance, of a face he saw only the nose, etc., as if the eyes had but a small circle of vision, and he was able to see only a small point at once,

Taking a book to read, he cannot distinguish the letters, not even the lines; it is all dark and flickering, but after awhile everything becomes clearer, and finally he can read,

Afternoon, when reading print, letters seemed indistinct (first day),

When reading, he was unable to distinguish a syllable; the letters seemed to move and become blurred,

During the contraction of the pupils, caused by drinking vinegar, all objects appear to him very small; distant objects he can hardly see, but on looking at the sun, the pupils remain immovable, and all turns black before the eyes,

Things always appeared to him to be in an oblique position,

The black letters seem to him gray, and as if a second one of the same kind and of a light-gray color were placed sideways or above (a kind of diplopia); for example "F, F;" writing an F, to show it, he went with the pencil the second time over the same line, supposing to have drawn a second one,

Black things seem to him gray,

He seems to see a reddish-gray border around white things, for instance, around a piece of paper,

Smoking appearance of the atmosphere,

Hallucinations of vision, with dilated pupils,

After dark, when walking in open air, transient dark-blue spot before the eyes, at 9 P.M. (eighth day); lilac-colored spots before eyes, when looking at the nearly white paper of wall, in the evening (tenth day),

Transient bright-blue spot before left eye by gaslight, when lying, at 8.10 P.M. (first day); at 8.30 A.M. (sixth day); dark-blue spot before eyes in a dark room (eighth day); bright-blue spot (thirteenth and twenty-seventh nights); bright-green tremulous spots before closed eyes low down in field of vision (twenty-seventh night),

Transient blue spot before left eye, while lying in bed on right side in dark room (first, fifth, and seventh nights),

Transient blue spot before eyes twice when in a dark room (first night); bright-blue spot when looking down, at 10.40 P.M. (twentieth day); large blue spots, twice by daylight, in the morning (twenty-fourth day),

Transient bright spot before left eye, while lying in bed in dark (eighteenth, twentieth, twenty-fourth, and twenty-seventh days),

Transient bright spots before eyes in the dark, in the evening after sunset (twentieth and thirty-sixth days); one very large, somewhat to left of line of vision, when turning head to left (lying in bed), (twenty-ninth day); before left eye when turning head to left (thirty-eighth and fortieth days),

When in the dark have several times seen bright flashes suddenly coming and going, like faint and small sheet-lightning (sixth day),

Bright sparks before the eyes,

Bright spot before eyes only when looking at gas-flame (fourth day),

Sparks of fire (after second dose); occasionally entering at a high point and disappearing at a lower point of the field (after third dose),

He saw balls of fire rolling over the counterpane (after four hours),

Luminous vibrations before left eye by daylight, at 8.30 A.M. (second day),

Two vertical contiguous bars standing before eyes and moving with them, the right blue, the left green, while in bed in a dark room (ninth day),

Two vertical contiguous bars, right purple, the left green, standing still before eyes for half a minute, then the green bar disappeared, then the purple, when in bed in a dark room, at 11 P.M. (eleventh day),

On looking up at the cloudy sky, saw in the sky a bright bar directed upwards and to the right (by daylight), (twenty-ninth day),

Black spots before the eyes; hallucinations of sight,

Black spots and fiery sparks before the eyes,

Black spots before eyes, moving with eyes, by daylight only (second day),

Black spots before the eyes, moving with the eyes, in the evening after dark, by gaslight (fourth day),

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