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Stramonium - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Thorn-apple, Stramonium. Datura Stramonium, Stamonium, Stram.

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HPUS indication of Stramonium: Restlessness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stramonium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Complained of general lassitude and great weariness,

Lassitude and weakness of the limbs,

The boy complained of being tired on waking up, in the morning (second day),


Very drowsy. Restless sleep. While slumbering she heard two persons talk, but did not know who they were,


Frequent yawning, with inclination to sleep, with great restlessness (after 200 drops),

Drowsy and staggering,

Drowsiness in daytime,

Drowsiness succeeded by coma (immediately),

After a deep sleep, full of dreams, during which he has an emission, he feels quite dizzy, and he sees as through a gauze (after twenty-four hours),

Sleepiness, but scarcely had she fallen asleep when she woke, and began to prattle and laugh in a senseless manner,

Unusually sleepy on waking (eighteenth day),

Sleepiness, in the evening (seventh day),

Sleepiness all evening, on and off (after fifteen minutes), ; (after five minutes),

Sleepy in the evening, after dark (first day),

Excessive sleepiness, at 9.30 P.M. (sixteenth day),

Complained of being tired on waking up, in the morning; got up and went to bed again two or three times (next morning),

Great desire to lie down and sleep,

In half an hour felt sleepy, ate a part of a sour apple and slept a short time, but soon started up in a fright, with flushed face and mild delirium,


He often falls asleep, and when waking, assumes a comically majestic appearance,

Sleeping in the daytime; he wakes with an important and solemn look,

Slept later than usual (seventeenth day),

Quiet sleep,

Sleeps a few hours (after some minutes),

Sleeps twenty-four hours,

Awakes with difficulty, in the morning,

Deep sleep, with snoring,

Deep sleep and various dreams; one full of different apparitions,

Some fall into a deep sleep, even twenty-four hours long; they lie as if dead,

Deep, snoring sleep, sometimes drawing up the leg,

Stupefied half slumber,

Deep sound sleep; during it, very deep breathing, with the greatest exertion, and snorting during inspiration and expiration,



Sleeplessness, with walking about the room, and with hallucination,

Remained awake all night, tossed about his bed, and uttered screaming cries,

Restless night,

Restless sleep, violent headache, and profuse urination,

Restless sleep, full of dreams, with tossing about the bed,

Troublesome night, awaking three or four times, with sickness and vomiting,

While slumbering he hears two persons talk, but he does not know who they are,

Starting in sleep, with rising up in bed and looking vacantly around, with incoherent talking (second night),

Frequent starts, at night,

In sleep, twitching of limbs,

Snoring during a swoon,

Did not rest well, at night; frequent waking,

Waking, with a start, as though dreaming,


There is no disposition to sleep, but it produces agreeable dreams,

Wandering, indistinct dreams,

Strange dreams of a frightful kind,

Amorous dream (third, sixth, and thirteenth night),

Sleep disturbed by dreams, such as he never before remembered to have had,

Vivid dreams about things that have happened,

Different kinds of dreams,


Spasmodic twitchings, which soon amounted to convulsions; the movements were not always convulsive but always tremulous,

Convulsions, etc.

Convulsions; jerklike startings,

Convulsions of head and arms, with hiccough,

General convulsions, alternating with opisthotonos,

Convulsions beginning in the face, then extending to other parts of the body, at times severe, at times light (after two hours),

Convulsions movements of the whole body, causing a constant change of position in the bed, accompanied by blowing or hissing expirations,

About 9 A.M. convulsions set in, and she died in one at 10 A.M.,

Violent convulsions,

Frequent and violent convulsions, particularly of the arms, face, and neck (after three hours),

Violent convulsions in bed, during which he was frantic and had to be tied (after six hours),

Frightful convulsions at the sight of a lighted candle, a mirror or of water,


Belly, tongue, face, and eyes were obviously swelled, and the two latter were also very red (after three hours),

During the menses, voluptuous odor of body,

Suppression of all the excretions, , ,

Lying upon their backs,

Lying prostrate and helpless (after one hour),

He lay upon the stomach, boring the head into the pillow,

He lies on his back with open, staring eyes,

Voluntary muscles in a state of great relaxation (after two hours),

Continued to droop gradually, and died apparently without any suffering next morning,

She sat upright on a lounge, being supported by an assistant on either side, and refused to be placed recumbent (after three hours),

Muscles hard (after six hours),

The voluntary motion ceases (catalepsis), with loss of senses, but ability to swallow remains,

The whole nervous system is disordered; various parts of the body become paralytic,

Left side totally paralyzed,

In all there was more or less temporary muscular paralysis, accompanied by retention of urine in different degrees,

Entire loss of power of directing the motions of the limbs (after four hours),

Entire loss of voluntary motion,

Inability to perform co-ordinate movements,

Body and limbs motionless,

Stiffness of the whole body (after one hour),

Trembling of the whole body,

Trembling of the whole body; it seemed as if the child were in a great fright (second day),

Trembling of lips, hands, and feet,

Violent jerking in arms and lameness of leg; tongue hangs out of mouth; staring eyes; dilated pupils; murmuring; loss of reason. Next day complained of its being dark; wanted a light (candle); pupils dilated; bloody stool. Next day well. Girl of three years, from seed,

Imperfect control over voluntary muscular action,

Starting, twitching,

Twitching; inability to swallow or talk,

Convulsive twitching about both legs and arms, but more in the latter than in the former,

Unable to stand, and yet plunging in a restless manner in whatever position he could be placed, all the movements being ill-coordinated and resembling those of chorea,

Throwing his arms and limbs to and fro and very restless,

Constant jerking of the fingers and toes and of different muscles of the face; the whole body was also frequently jerked as by an electric shock,

Slight startings and muscular twitchings persisted for several days,

Muscular system subject to an irregular agitation resembling that of chorea,

Spasms of the muscles, and tossed about until there was fear of her becoming wearied out (after two hours),

Most violent spasms, with very hot head, dark-red face, red extremities, dilated pupils, copious salivation, grating of the teeth, and violent trembling,

Violent spasms, followed by paralysis of the lower extremities,

The sight of a lamp would renew the spasms (after four hours),

Convulsive motion of the limbs and neck (after one hour),

Whole muscles of the body convulsed (after two hours),

Alternation of convulsion and rage; he had such violent spasms that his mother was not able to hold him on her lap; when the spasms abated he became furious, beat and bit those who attempted to hold him,

Tossing violently in his father's arms, with a spasmodic twitching of the hands, like a child agitated and suffering from chorea (after two hours and a half),

Muscles of whole body convulsed, and the child screaming almost incessantly,

Powerfully agitated, making singular movements, her eyes fixed and staring, and unable to reply to the questions put to her (after five minutes),

Violent convulsive motion of the muscles of lower jaw, lips, and upper and lower limbs, right side,

Violent convulsive movement of the lower jaw, of the lips, left arm, and right lower extremity,

Strong convulsion, alternating with great excitement of mind (after five hours),

The torpor gave place at irregular intervals to severe convulsive fits, during which the child shrieked violently, and the voice was particularly hoarse,

The motion of the body and limbs resembled those which mark the highest grade of chorea sancti viti, but were much more convulsive and violent, and excited in the spectators rather a painful than ridiculous emotion,

There seemed to be general contraction of the whole muscular system, excepting the sphincter of the bladder,

Contraction of the muscles,


Excessive uneasiness, ,

Constant excessive restlessness,

The child became restless, tossed about, called for water; could swallow with great difficulty,

He appeared very restless and agitated, stretching himself at full length, throwing his arms and legs about, and sometimes seizing his neck with both hands (after one hour),

There was a great deal of restlessness with itching of the skin (after a few hours),

Extremely restless; not at all disposed to sleep,

Constant restless movements of the limbs and of the whole body,

Tossing about, complaining to be hot,

Restless, with moaning, tossing about the bed, throwing about the arms and legs, but most the arms, with frequent opening and shutting of the hands, and many motions of the fingers,

Great desire to lie down,

Feel weak, at 5.30 P.M. (second day),

Weak when walking,

Weakness of the body; weariness of the feet,

Great loss of power and prostration,

Felt languid, in the afternoon (first day),


Languor, loss of sensation (touch, taste, etc.), and palpable diminution of sensorial power (after three hours),

When rising, he threatens to fall (first eight hours),

Tottered so as almost to fall from its chair (in five minutes),

Symptoms of exhaustion, gradually becoming weaker and weaker (after twenty hours),

Prostration of strength (after second dose); the dejection and debility increased, and the patient feeling herself so much weakened thought she would certainly die (after third dose),

Fainting, , etc.

Fainted twice,

Fainting, with great dryness in the mouth,

Fainting, in the forenoon, with great paleness of the face, and afterwards loss of appetite,

Faint feeling with trembling (two hours after third dose, third day),


General hyperaesthesia,

A boy being whipped for his foolish conduct did not feel it at all,

She had great dread of cold water, but warm water seemed to relieve the symptoms; upon placing the hands in cold water she would scream out, as if it caused her great pain or frightened her, but on placing her hands in warm water she seemed to enjoy it,


Unusual pain and anxiety,

It is cooling, anodyne, and sedative,

When in a sitting position she would fall over, principally towards the right side, making a circular sweep,

Creeping extending from the left side into the thigh, or into the toes of the same side, thence into the abdomen, whence the creeping descends again into the right thigh and foot,

I was always relieved for a few seconds by imbibing any liquid,

Worse in the forenoon,

Discharge of black blood from the uterus,

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