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Stramonium - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Thorn-apple, Stramonium. Datura Stramonium, Stamonium, Stram.

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HPUS indication of Stramonium: Restlessness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stramonium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Delirium, , etc.

Violent delirium,

Foolish delirium,

Delirium, furious,

Joyful delirium,

At times delirium with open eyes,

Delirium with sexual excitement,

Almost constant delirium,

Sudden delirium, with ridiculous gestures,

Became quite delirious recognized no one,

Delirium; an unceasing disposition for motion in all the muscles, weeping, screaming, laughter, and rapid incoherent exclamation,

Symptoms closely resembling delirium tremens,

Maniacal delirium supervened, symptoms resembling hydrophobia,

The mother and one daughter were raving like maniacs, while the other was rapidly sinking into coma,

Delirium with incoherent talking,

Grew violently delirious, and died comatose,

Maniacal delirium,

In a state of delirium, he dances, gesticulates, shouts with laughter, and sings (after three hours),

He was delirious, and without memory or recollection,

Delirium of fear, as though a dog were attacking him,

Delirium; furious mania, requiring several persons to hold her,

Violent delirium, which was alternately mirthful, furious or dolorous, directed to some imaginary source of pleasure or repugnance, and accompanied with corresponding gesticulations,

Much excited and rather delirious, under the impression of some immediate danger, clinging to the person who had him in her lap (after one hour),

Delirium, with uneasy movements of the eyes and hands,

Delirious and unintelligible, the patient was busy with a thousand not unpleasant fantasies, made known his wants by gestures, without speaking, ran about for several days, busy with his fantasies, with a joyful mood,

A peculiar delirium, a very busy delirium, especially in women, followed by sopor, after waking from which, great weariness, pain in the limbs, and disinclination to think,

Merry delirium, spasmodic laughter,

Became delirious during the night, desired to get out of bed, but never uttered a sound. The delirium was of short duration, however, and he soon relapsed into the former insensible state,

Noisy delirium, with hallucinations,

Delirium for three or four hours before collapse,

Greatly excited and delirious,

Great excitement,

Delirium, restlessness, constant incoherent talking, dancing, and singing,

In about an hour she became delirious, commenced tossing about, picking her clothes, and talking incoherently,

High delirium, furious, unmanageable, talking in an incoherent manner, and inclining to be abusive in her language; she could not be restrained in one position, but was rolling about the veranda as if she was blind,

During the succeeding night an attack of delirium, which caused him to fall out of bed, on his face, as a consequence of this, a very abundant bleeding from the nose,

Loss of mind,

His mind was unsteady,

Wildness of manners,

Symptoms were somewhat of a hysterical character (after a few hours),

In about five minutes he became "wild, and didn't know any one." In ten minutes I found him seated in a chair, leaning forward on his knees, staring wildly, countenance bathed in perspiration, pupils largely dilated, talking vaguely, and perfectly unconscious of surrounding objects, pulse 90 and full, hands and arms convulsed, every few moments legs unable to support his body, and dragged after him when we tried to get him to walk,

Sometimes she would appear for a moment to be relieved from her anxiety, and sit silent, with her eyes fixed on the ground, as if absorbed in contemplation; whilst her hands were employed in picking at the clothes, or anything that happened to be before her, similar to those in the last stage of some fevers.

The first symptom was a high degree of exhilaration, in which she caused much merriment by her extravagant gestures and speeches. This soon became alarming, and when I was called to see her, she was laughing, crying, and singing, by turns, proceeding from one to the other state with the greatest rapidity. She occasionally started with great force and alarm, crying out that she was going to fall, when she would cling to her mother with as much desperation as if she were about to be thrown from a precipice. She would next become calm, then whistle, and afterwards point with her finger at muscae volitantes, which she followed with the eye and hand, at last clutching at them, with an appearance of disappointment at want of success,

The child was to all appearance happy, talking all the incoherent nonsense that can be imagined, laughing, and in constant motion; but labored under so great a debility, that it could not stand or walk without tottering, and several times in attempting it fell down; it was a perfect delirium mite,

She was first discovered after drinking the tea, wandering in the backyard scrambling along the fence, as if trying to get hold of something indistinctly visible, for being called to account for her strange behavior, she could give no reply, but slavered and muttered as if drunk. She appeared foolish, had the peculiar facetious leer often observed in drunkenness. If let alone, she continued clawing everything within reach, and seemed inclined to constant motion,

When pinched or tickled, he became very angry, and muttered incoherently, turning upon his face and kicking backward, with alternate movements of the feet,

Hydrophobia, ; the sight of a light, a mirror, or water, excited horrible convulsions; irrestistible aversion to water, with constriction and convulsions of the throat; froth at the mouth and frequent spitting. -Hahnemann.

Apparent dread or aversion to water or fluids of any kind,

Raving, biting,

Great desire to bite and to tear everything with his teeth, that comes before his mouth, even his own limbs,

Excessive aversion, amounting even to rage, when it was attempted to administer any liquid, appearing like hydrophobia; he even had the spasmodic irritation of the pharyngeal muscles, so that anything taken choked him and was regurgitated,


Rage; unmanageable; grasping with his hands, laughing; rolling and creeping around in bed,

Indomitable rage,

Periodic raving; he attacked the people in the room with great violence and endeavored to bite them,

Raving (after six hours); sometimes reasonable answers,


She began to cry, when her mother taking her up, she became furious, and began to scratch and bite (after one hour),

Easily excited to anger, and is then very vehement and furious (after two months); had been, previous to the poisoning, quite mild and gentle,

Raving furiously; screaming, tossing his hands, and striking at whatever approached him,

One became furious and ran about like a madman, the other died, with the symptoms of genuine tetanus,

Very passionate and great feebleness (second day),

The child wanted to bite and strike at those around her,

They got wild, ran about the room, jumping, talking nonsense; saw chickens and cats, spoke to them, also to their toys,

Their attention could not be aroused to anything which was said, and they resisted all attempts at interference with piteous cries and violent struggling,

Child so wild and restless as to be controlled with difficulty, and in raging delirium, biting with fury at those who restrained him,

Very noisy when shaken, and sat up with his eyes open, with a fixed dilated pupil, quite insensible to a lighted candle,

He made numerous signs which could not be interpreted by those about him,

Some had twitchings, startings, and catching at imaginary objects, and other symptoms of cerebral disturbance. In all the graver cases, the stage of excitement was succeeded by excessive drowsiness and depression of pulse, with much prostration,

Restless, uneasy, tossing, throwing herself suddenly forward; striving to get out of bed; grasping with her hands vaguely, as though under the influence of spectral illusions; picking at the bedclothes,

While sitting on a sofa, fancied she was falling off, kept holding on to everything; at the same time was sick, about 2 P.M.,

In his conscious moments he asked to be held because he was falling,

There seemed at times to be motions indicating that the patient thought she was falling, and used every exertion to prevent it,

Constant staring about, then a fixed gaze (in one direction) for one or two minutes, with sudden startings (not interrupting the fixed look) of the arms and lower extremities, accompanied with low mutterings, then sudden and furious screaming, biting, scratching, and tearing with the hands, and kicking (after six hours),

When allowed to get up she staggered, and appeared quite blind,

He hurries off too fast, with all his might, if he wants to go to another place,

Great exertion of strength; a strong man could scarcely restrain him,

Constantly springing up in haste, restless, twitching, grasping about with hands and beating the air,

He grasps at things quickly and in a hurry, and thinks he has seized a thing before touching it, and if does hold the objects, he does not feel that he has hold of it (after four and five hours),

He makes all motions hastily, with great force and hurriedly, so that he feels an anxiety if he cannot finish them at once,

From the expression of his face and movements, he seemed at times to be chasing, or fleeing from imaginary objects,

He can nowhere obtain rest, he is terrified by fanciful delusions (even though his eyes are open), *they appear to him to grow out of the ground at his side, in the form of large cogs, cats, and other horrible beasts, from which he springs away to one side, with signs of terror, and cannot get rid of them,

Continually strange objects intrude upon his fancy, frightening him,

He sees in general more horrifying images at his side than in front of him, and they all occasion terror (between three and four hours),

Wonderful fancies,

The boy seemed to see black objects, spoke of black people and black clouds, and grasped at the air,

The patient had a constant vision of an executioner standing before him, in spite of which he was lively, talkative, laughed, and made jokes about his hallucinations, yet it seemed to him a reality,

Fancied that she saw objects that did not exist, and had repeatedly a sensation of flashing light, which made her think that she saw it lighten,

She appeared occupied with hallucinations, her gaze was fixed, and she seemed trying to reach towards something which she saw,

For some days the patient was affected with hallucinations, and thought that one side of him was alive, while the other side was buried,

At times, when under the influence of the poisons, she seemed to herself to be engaged in her usual avocation, and would thus thread her needle, tie the knot at the end, and imitate in every respect the routine procedure of one thus engaged,

At one time the child seemed to hear and paid attention when spoken to, at other times paid no attention, and seemed unconscious, and was, apparently, occupied with hallucinations and fancies,

He walks about the room absorbed in himself, with fixed, sparkling eyes, surrounded by blue rings, but takes no notice of surrounding objects, but is solely occupied with the objects of his fancy,

The boy repeatedly said there were "big sores" on him (first evening),

He imagines that is very tall and large, but the surrounding objects seem to him too small,

He always imagines that he is alone, and is frightened,

After waking all things appear to him as if new, even his friends, as if he had never seen them,

The apartment seemed all on fire,

He converses with absent individuals as if they were present, and addresses inanimate objects (as chessmen) by the names of such persons, but observes none of those standing about him,

He dances at night in the churchyard,

He jumped and danced about the bed and knocked against the wall with incessant and disconnected talking and great violence, without the slightest consciousness; he laughed, stared about him and talked in the most foolish manner,

An incoherent delirium, imagining herself surrounded by objects that had no existence; her vagaries were of a pleasant character, and created great merriment with the other children present,

Delirium of a lively, active, vivid character, alternating in short periods with the most apparent horrified fright, seeming to dread the approach of some imaginary monster, and giving utterance in the most piteous appeals for help, protection,

Sings, talks, fancies that there are dogs in the room, which he describes, and attempts to chase, springing suddenly to his feet, and as suddenly toppling over; sometimes talks of events of the day as though they were now taking place,

He sings and utters obscene things,

Great excitement continued for some time, the child Sanguinaria Canadensis sang and screamed, turned the eyes about and moved the hands for several hours, till at last he fell asleep; even the next day singing and screaming continued,

He dreams with eyes open, begins to chatter nonsense, and when his friends set him right, he excuses himself, that they should have told him of it before, and immediately recommences his waking dreams and to speak to the same objects,

He sways to and fro like a drunken man,

Phantasmata are around him,

Caught at the bedclothes and everything around her,

Frequently he lay down upon his knees, stretched out his arms, and groped about as though seeking something,

He often raised himself on his knees, continually stretched out his arms, and employed his hands as if searching for something he wanted,

Outward grasping of the hands; at times at the nose or head,

She was observed to catch at the blaze of the fire in a very singular manner, and a few moments after fell on the floor as if she had been paralyzed on one side,

Constantly picking at the bedclothes and frequently bursting into violent fits of laughter,

There was a constant reaching of the hands for some imaginary objects,

Picking at bedclothes,

Picking at imaginary objects in the air, and has a violent maniacal action (after four hours and a half),

He grasps at the air with his hands, laughs, crawls about his bed,

He would sit up occasionally, but never shut his eyes, and would sometimes catch at imaginary objects,

Quite irrational, picked the bedclothes, saw bugs, etc. (after two hours),

When left to himself, he groped about with his hands, and, touching objects, he immediately withdrew them; but when he felt himself falling he endeavored to catch at something so as to prevent it,

With fixed eyes and dilated, immovable pupils, he saw nothing, recognized none of his friends, stretched out his hand around him continually, as if he would lay hold of something, and stamps his feet,

Subsultus tendinum, picking about the bedclothes, and grasping at random around her,

The limbs were motionless and paralyzed; the arms, on the contrary, were constantly reaching forwards and upwards, with an uncertain tremulous motion, as if the patient were endeavoring to seize some object, which he indistinctly perceived in the air,

When roused he seemed bewildered, and would not give any account of himself. He could stand when placed upon his legs; but groped about and caught at imaginary objects, as patients are observed to do in cases of poisoning by Belladonna Belladonna,

Next morning, got up two or three times, and went to bed again each time,

He jumped from his bed at midnight, and ran about the room, caught at every one as he passed them, said a man was chasing him, and repeatedly said, "You shan't have me,"

When his father got him to recognize him, the boy said, "Why, papa, is that you?" and commenced stroking or rather clawing with his fingers at his father's face,

Talkative mania; he complains that a dog is biting and tearing the flesh of his chest,

Much talking, with difficult speech,

During catamenia, excessive loquacity,

Continual incoherent talking,

Constant talking and yet unable to articulate a syllable,

After being put to bed, the child began to sing and talk in a confused manner; she talked incessantly and unintelligibly, and frequently cried; she constantly beat the air with hers hands as though trying to grasp something or searched about the bed with the fingers,

They lie in bed stupid, with a muttering delirium,

Talked foolishly,

As the boy began to improve he endeavored to answer, but after speaking two or three words, he again became incoherent and returned to his wild delirium,

Constant muttering, seeming desirous to say something to his mother, but unable to articulate,

Speech much confused and incoherent, and he was totally unconscious of what was said to him, shuddering and seeming much frightened,

Muttering incoherently, and unable to reply to questions,

Muttered frequently,

Constant muttering,

The mental power was especially disturbed; the patient stammered incessantly and unintelligibly; shed tears and seemed to be suffering from the most violent pains,

Muttering to himself,

Stuttering and uttering of inarticulate sounds,

Prattling incessantly without any sense or understanding, and without any connection,

He talks with a person whom he does not know, and answers that person as if he were in his senses; but, on coming to his senses, he does not recollect the conversation,

He talks little, and utters single broken words with a higher voice,

Crying, and in an almost convulsive state of agitation,

Inarticulate cries,

Sobbing and whining after the menses,


Delirious laughing, making faces and behaving generally like an intoxicated person or like a fool, pulling his clothes, making laughing grimaces, with a staring look,

Occasional laughing for an hour; after the hour she cried, about 11 A.M.,

The boy was inclined to smile and jest (after a few hours),

Excited; commenced to sing; confused talk, continued unintelligible talking; grasping in the air and scratching with hands on the bedcovers,

Aberration of the reason, laughing, whining,

A disposition to laugh, and there was a half smiling look all the time,

In the evening after lying down in bed, very sad, with thoughts of death and with violent weeping,


Feels as if nothing could give her enjoyment,

Depression of spirits, indisposed to converse (third day); buoyancy of spirits (fourth day),


Peculiar sensation of anxiety,

Great anxiety,


Inclines to start, irritable (after thirty-two hours),

Often starts up in affright,

Fear of being in the dark and to a less extent of being alone, in the evening after sunset (tenth day),

His whole conduct and countenance was like that of a child severely frightened and apprehending some terrible calamity,

Extreme watchfulness,

Very ill-humored, even unto vehemence, followed immediately after by a disposition to laugh, even loud,

The peevishness and fretfulness lasted for about six weeks,

When spoken to he appeared peevish and irritable, and answered by a sharp cry, or said sharply, "Let me alone, "all his words being curtailed in a curious way,

Out of temper; irritated all day (second day); very irritable (third day),

Great depression of sensation and irritability in general,

I felt very nervous, excited, and irritable, and continually paced up and down my room,

Exceedingly irritable and fretful, nothing pleases him next day; quarrelsome with his brother and sister,

Great irritability of temper (after half an hour),

Increased irritability (after 200 drops),

Extreme irritability; he makes all his motions so fast (during the first hour) that finally he cannot move any more and all turns black before his eyes,

Rapid alternations of laughter, weeping, and singing,

Extremely variable humor,


Not disposed to any real work,

Would not answer questions (after one hour),

Confusion of mind and continual reaching out for imaginary objects (after three hours),

Confusion of intellect (after four hours),

From the senses it extends its influence to the mental faculties. The imagination is confused and disturbed with fear. Terrifying apprehensions perplex the mind and impress on the countenance the image of this passion,

Dulness of mind (after first dose, second day),

Intellect affected, etc.

Confusion of intellect, he laughs and moans,

Confusion of mind,

Great confusion of ideas (third day),

As the patient began to improve she found it difficult to speak the right word in answering,

When writing, put letters in wrong place and omitted them (ninth day),

When speaking, put words in the wrong place, and made mistakes in spelling when writing (third day),

When about to look for a symptom in repertory, could not think for some time what I had intended to do (sixth day),

Activity of mind peculiarly disturbed, patient stammering unconnected words all the time, shedding tears; all the symptoms seem to indicate much suffering,

Was able to answer only in a disconnected and lolling manner,

Memory disturbed for a long time after the poisoning,

Rather inclined to be forgetful; forgot where a paper had been put a day or two ago; hunted for the spectacles and found they were in my hand all the time (eighth day),

The loss of recollection appears connected with an inward uneasiness, and to proceed from it,

Diminished memory,

Absence of mind, twenty-four hours, bland delirium,

In the intervals of half consciousness he is cognizant of his waking, but at these times cannot remember what he did or said in the previous lucid interval,

She remembered nothing afterwards, not even her wandering in the bazaar,

Loss of memory, etc.

Stupefaction, , etc.

Stupefaction of the senses; some always laugh, but hear and see nothing, although they always have it before their eyes, they also speak well and answer all questions, although the whole is like a dream to them,

Obscuration of all the senses, with anxiety, followed by shivering on the back with sweat,

Deep stupor, for an hour and a half,

Stupor, anxiety, convulsions of the limbs and involuntary weeping, with an elderly woman; increased very much by drinking coffee, soon cured by vinegar,

Dulness of sense, loss of reason,

He does not seem to notice the objects around him, and he really does not notice them,

After waking, he does not recognize anything around him; he takes his book and goes to school, but he enters by the wrong door (after six hours),

She did not recognize her friends during the paroxysm; and afterwards retained no remembrance of the occurrence,

Sitting half unconscious, the upper body bent backwards; gagging and pushing out of his mouth a white froth; lips bluish, swollen; lids closed; eyes dim; pupils dilated. Suffered great thirst, and complained of general lassitude and great weariness. Vinegar; next day better,

Patient recognizes no one, paid no attention to the loudest calls, constantly turned the head from side to side,

He found the child in bed unconscious,

Quite insensible; in two hours the pupils were fixed and dilated; all the muscles of the body convulsed, the countenance flushed and the pulse full and slow, two hours after,

He remained perfectly unconscious and could not be roused, paid no heed to the loudest shouting, did not feel the smartest pinching; while the arms and legs, when lifted, fell flaccid and lifeless (after seven hours),

Great insensibility of all the senses,

Stupor in a few hours, soon followed by obstinate insomnia, and in one case delirium tremens,

She was unable to take any food, to see, hear, speak, or feel,


Complete insensibility, unable to swallow any fluid, or to be aroused sufficiently to take the least notice of me or her friends,

Sopor alternating with delirium,

Deep sopor, followed by death,

Complete insensibility (after two hours),

Nearly comatose,

Coma, , etc.

Profound coma,

Comatose state, he appeared stunned and his resolution was impaired,

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