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Stramonium - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Thorn-apple, Stramonium. Datura Stramonium, Stamonium, Stram.

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HPUS indication of Stramonium: Restlessness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stramonium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



General Mouth.


General Mouth.

Foaming at the mouth,

Bloody froth from the mouth,

A fluid being put into his mouth, he immediately spat it out,

Very viscid slime in mouth, with good appetite,

Mouth dry on waking, in morning (second day),

Dry mouth, in the afternoon (ninth day); in the morning (eleventh day),

Mouth dry, at 8.10 A.M. (fourteenth day); 9.30 A.M. (eighteenth day), ; (third day), ; (after 70 drops),

Mouth very dry, ; (after six hours),

On biting an apple which was quite juicy, he said that it was dry like flour and hurt his throat (soon),

The velum palati feels drawn low down; food and drink pass with difficulty, followed by a scratching pain in the velum,

It feels as if the inner mouth were raw and sore (after twenty-four hours),

Drooling from the mouth,

Frequent spitting,

During forenoon, constant but slight bitterness in mouth (seventh day),


Speech stammering,

Speech difficult and unintelligible,

Articulated with difficulty,

Difficult talking for five or six days,

Can articulate, but the words he attempts are loud and harsh (after four hours and a half),

Faltered in speech,


Incoherent and rapid utterance, which soon became wholly unintelligible,

Speech indistinct,

Unable to speak but in a whisper, and then only with considerable effort,

A kind of paralysis of the organs of speech; he has to exert himself a long while before he is able to utter a word; he merely stammers and utters unconnected sounds (after four, and five hours),

At times, active efforts at utterance,

Unable to articulate a word, ,

Those who drank it could not speak a word for two or three days, though wide awake,

Could not speak for one hour; tried to speak, but could only utter inarticulate sounds; occasional laughing during this time; after the hour she cried, about 11 A.M.,

For the most part dumb; he expresses his wish by pointing to things,

Dumb, ; dumb and answers nothing,


Sore lips; they parch up and chap, then peel. Grinding of the teeth. Bloody froth at the mouth every morning. Feeling of great dryness in the mouth, with want of saliva,

Tongue and lips bright red and dry,

Mouth and tongue dry and the lips bright red,

Gums and teeth

Grinding of teeth,

Grinding of teeth, with shuddering over the whole body,

Grinding of teeth, with obscuration in the head,

Grinding of teeth, contortion of the hands, and shuddering,

Constant grinding and gritting of the teeth (after six hours),


Toothache and severe headache, with profuse flow of tears,

Throbbing toothache, as if some teeth would fall out,

Throbbing pain in molar teeth of left side in lower jaw, and in the submaxillary glands of same side (after nine hours),

Throbbing in teeth and lower jaw, left side (second day),

Stammering speech and talking between his teeth,


A back frothy mucus issuing from the mouth,

Dryness of the mucous membrane of the mouth and nose (after 120 drops),

Disagreeable feeling of dryness in mouth, throat, and nostrils, lasting from 1 till dinner at 5 P.M. (third day),

Dryness of mouth thirst, dim vision, sparkling eyes, sweat, and diarrhoea,

Remarkable dryness of the mouth and throat,

Excessive dryness of the inner mouth,



Salivation, with hoarseness,

Mouth full of saliva (third day),

Much saliva in mouth during the whole time (third to ninth day),

Long-continuing salivation and profuse urine,

Great salivation,

Profuse salivation, with constantly increasing thirst,

Excessive salivation; he loses from three to four pounds in a day and night,

The salivary and urinary secretions are augmented,

Tenacious salivation,

Thick frothy saliva about the mouth (after one hour),

Glairy saliva dribbling from the mouth (after eleven hours),




Tongue clean and moist,

The tongue is swollen all over,

Tongue swelled and protruded out of the mouth,

Tongue immovable; the patient could not utter a loud sound,

Boys scratch their tongues with their finger-nails,

Tongue swollen, stiff and moved with difficulty,

The tongue protruded from the mouth,

Tongue occasionally thrust from the mouth,

Tongue flabby and hanging out of the mouth,

Tongue furred,

Tongue tremulous, dry, except on the margins,

Tongue furred and dry,

Tongue redder at the apex than at the base, and dry,

Tongue red on the edges and thin; slightly white in centre (after six hours),

Tongue red and moist,

Tongue red and dry, ,

Whitish tongue, with very fine red dots, and the tip of the tongue redder than usual,

Tongue thickly coated white (third day),

The tongue was moist, the papillae enlarged, and projecting through a soft white fur,

Dry black tongue,

Excessive dryness of tongue and throat,

Tongue dry and white,

Tongue parched,

Tongue and throat parched and dry,

Tongue dry and its tip curled up, but not touching the roof of the mouth,

Her tongue feels quite blistered,

Tongue heavy,

Tongue felt quite spongy and totally devoid of moisture (after two hours),

Great dryness in the mouth, so that he is unable to spit, although the tongue looks moist and clean,

Sensation of great dryness in the mouth and want of saliva, while the tongue looked moist and clean,

Extreme dryness in the mouth and want of saliva; he cannot spit, although the tongue is rather moist and clean,

Inability to talk, apparently from paralysis of the tongue (after three hours),

The first noticeable symptom was the impediment of speech, as if the tongue were too thick or slightly paralyzed. Soon after, there was total inability to articulate, and only incoherent sounds were made. This condition continued fully six hours, by which time all the symptoms were much abated,

He falters in pronunciation; his tongue is rendered paralytic, or when he attempts to put it out, he imitates the motions of a person who tries to do the same in a nervous fever,

Once she attempted to speak, but her tongue failed her,


Taste. Water tasted like leather for three weeks. Eggs tasted like Sulphur Sulphur. Food tastes bitter. Constant bitter taste in the mouth. Loss of appetite,

Dryness of mouth and palate after six hours violent thirst, and such an absence of taste that he drank nearly a pint of vinegar at one draught without tasting it,

Great dryness in the mouth; can hardly take a mouthful of white bread; it tastes to him like straw,


Food has a bad taste,

Twice, metallic-coppery taste on clean tongue (thirteenth day),

Constant bitterness in mouth, even all the food has a bitter taste,

Constant bitterness in mouth, even the food tastes bitter,

Disgusting bitter taste, with yellowish-coated tongue (after 120 drops),

Excessively bitter taste,

Pasty taste,

Flat taste in mouth (after sunset), (fourth day); at 8.30 A.M. (seventh day),

Flat taste in mouth, with sticky lips, for half an hour, at 2.15 P.M. (eighth day),

Tabacum Tobacco has yet some taste, but food tastes like sand, balls together in a lump in the oesophagus, and threatens to suffocate (after three hours),

Bread and butter taste like sand; on account of the dryness of the mouth, it sticks in oesophagus and threatens to strangle him,

Any kind of food tastes like straw,


Tongue and fauces dry and red; the former was so dry that it glistened,

Tongue and fauces dry and slightly swelled (after one hour),

Tongue, mouth, and fauces dry, with considerable difficulty in deglutition,

Great dryness of mouth and fauces,


Tongue felt stiff, dry, and parched to the very root, and felt as if edges rolled up as hard and stiff as sole-leather. Tongue is paralyzed; it trembles when she attempts to put it out. Swelling of the tongue, which hangs out of the mouth. Dryness of the tongue and palate, so that they feel quite rough, with no thirst at first,

Dryness of the tongue and palate, so that they feel quite raw, without any thirst at first (after half an hour),

Dryness of the tongue and palate,

Dryness of mouth and palate,

The palate feels parched, so that he is not able to eat a mouthful of bread (wheat),

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