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Stramonium - Skin symptoms - T.F. Allen

Thorn-apple, Stramonium. Datura Stramonium, Stamonium, Stram.

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HPUS indication of Stramonium: Restlessness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Stramonium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Skin of a leaden hue, cold and clammy,

Surface pale and cold,

Turned red; reddish-brown, like some cherries; all over, even the buttocks down to the knees, not further,

Turning dark red-brown, like Indians, all over, the one suddenly; two boys of three and four years,

Face and front of his chest of a coppery red color, somewhat mottled, similar to the color of the skin of the North American Indians (half an hour after eating some seeds),

When the (Cuprum Metallicum copper-colored) eruptions began to decline, the alae nasi and space around the mouth, and a spot on each temple were white,

Cuprum Metallicum Copper color visible on the left knee, not on the right, at 9 P.M. (after two hours),

Skin of the whole body red,

Scarlatinous redness of the skin,

Whole cutaneous surface of his body intensely red, as crimson,

The whole surface became fiery red, and remained so for eight hours,

Red appearance of skin,

Skin had the peculiar "boiled lobster" hue of scarlatina,

Color of skin a bright scarlet, extending over the face, body, and limbs,

Skin scarlet, and burning hot,

Scarlet red spots over the whole body,

Skin very red, very hot, and moist,

Body covered with an erythematous, or rather scarlatiniform blush,

Whole surface of a bright crimson; but the skin was not dry, and the redness disappeared on pressure, returning very rapidly,

All had roughness and redness of skin, especially on face and trunk,

Intensely red rash in the skin, resembling the rash of scarlet fever, but having a more shining appearance; disappearing on the third day,

Body covered with an eruption resembling rubeola, except that it was more prominent; this eruption lasted about twelve hours (after third day),

Red rash breaks out,

The face, neck, and breast were covered with hundreds of small brilliant petechia, many of which had a stellated form,

Chest and back covered with a red rash, pale in the morning, redder, and out more, in the afternoon; more visible in warmth, for eleven days, followed by desquamation,

The redness of the skin did not appear very markedly on the lower extremities until it began to subside on the superior portions of the body,

General suffusion,

Very marked flushing of the hands, arms, face, neck, and back. This rash resembled that of scarlatina simplex, the bright red disappearing under pressure, and immediately returning after the removal of the pressure (after three hours),

Lower extremities flushed and very warm (after one hour); this redness was more marked in the anterior region of the thighs (after one hour),

Scarlet efflorescence over the whole body, which was much more bright and lively than that which characterizes scarlatina,

Signs of congestion, with redness and pain,

An old cicatrix on his forehead was very red,

Generally congested state of the skin, without any eruption, resembling that of scarlatina,

Face and upper part of the body universally covered with a vivid erysipelatous redness, which gradually disappeared after venesection (after five hours),

Erysipelas on the right side of the cheek, nose, and face,

Erysipelas of the left cheek immediately after the menses,

His face was covered with patches of an irregular shape, not elevated above the rest of the skin, and of a brilliant fiery red color,

A general eruption on her skin, accompanied with considerable swelling, itching, and inflammation,

Itching eruption,

On the morning of the third day, the body of the younger child became covered with a small papular eruption, which continued for several days, accompanied with fever,

Many pimples, like blotches, on several parts of the body, also in the palms of the hands, with a stinging itching, like nettles, increased by rubbing,

A pimple on right side of nose, rather painful to touch, and occasionally a stinging pain in it (fourth day); pimple full of pus (fifth day); pimple almost gone (seventh day),

Vesications on the skin after the violent symptoms had subsided,

(Spots on the arm like flea-bites), (after three hours),

Inflamed, painful pustules on the left leg, exuding an acrid water (after a few weeks),

The local application to an abraded portion of the skin may give rise to all the effects of poisoning,

On the left leg near the calf, an eruption of small blisters spreading over the whole leg; blisters very painful, with much heat and redness, and oozing a hot sharp, acrid fluid,

A boil in the groin,

Several boils on the feet,


Skin burning,

A burning above the knee when walking, and heat through the whole body, with violent thirst, in the evening (after twelve hours),

Creeping under the skin,

Itching of the skin, with a great deal of restlessness (after a few hours),

General itching of the whole surface of the body, but more especially of the face (after half an hour),

Itching over the whole body, early in the morning, after waking,

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