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Sulphuricum Acidum - Abdomen symptoms - Hahnemann

Sulphuric Acid, Sulph-ac, Sulfuricum Sulphuricum Acidum, Sulfuricum acidum, Acidum Sulphuricum, Acid Sulph, Sul-ac.

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HPUS indication of Sulphuricum Acidum: Hot flushes

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphuricum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



When partaking of anything warm there is at once a cold perspiration, especially on the forehead and the face, also on the rest of the body.

After eating, colic and immediately afterwards, burrowing and restlessness in the abdomen, without diarrhoea.

After eating, extraordinary lassitude.

After eating, tightness in the region of the stomach, as if it would burst.

Drinking causes cold in the stomach, unless something spirituous is mixed with the liquid.

Frequent, long-continued, empty eructation (soon).

Sour eructation, also while walking in the open air (soon).

Acidity in the throat.

Sourish bitter regurgitation (4th d.).

Regurgitation of sweetish water.

Rising of water from the stomach into the mouth.

Loathing and gathering of saliva in the mouth, with frequent contractive pain in the stomach and abdomen (8th d.).

The gastric region is very sensitive externally.

Pressure in the stomach, with a sensation as if a hard, very bitter body was rising in the chest; combined with frequent regurgitation of mucus; this is afterward only felt in the throat.

Constant pressure in the stomach, with ineffectual tendency to eructate (1st d.).

Pressure in the stomach, as from a stone, this pressure moves upward, with rising of watery saliva in the mouth, after which the pressure passes off.

Pressure in the stomach, with constant loathing and yawning.

Fullness and loathing in the stomach, after every dose, long-continued.

Fullness and sensation of inflation in the stomach.

Violent contractive pain in the stomach and abdomen.

Sudden, anxious contractive pain in the pit of the stomach, impeding respiration.

Painful constriction in the pit of the stomach, long-continued.

Grasping in the stomach, every evening, as after taking cold.

Cutting on the left side near the stomach, drawing off toward the back.

Cutting about the stomach and painful moving about in it, while sitting and walking, repeatedly, in short paroxysms.

Shooting in the stomach.

Stitch in the stomach, lasting five minutes (aft. 1 h.).

Agreeable sensation of warmth in the stomach (aft. ¼ h.).

Burning in the stomach with stupid feeling in the head (at once.).

Sudden burning in the stomach, so that he was startled.

Coldness in the stomach (soon after a new dose).

Coldness and relaxation in the stomach, with lack of appetite.

Pinching, just below the scrobiculus cordis; when this is pressed upon, there is an acute pain as after a blow.

Stitch in the hepatic region, near the stomach.

Shooting in the region of the right ribs, aggravated by inspiring, during the menses.

Dull pressure inward, below the right ribs, aggravated in paroxysms.

Clucking pain in the right side of the abdomen, almost toward the back.

In the left hypochondriac region, a stitch, when bending toward the right side.

Shooting in the left hypochondriac region, going off by pressing upon it.

Shooting on the left lower ribs, often simultaneously with shooting in the chest.

Slow, pulsating clucking pain below the left ribs.

Burning in the two hypochondria, while sitting, all the day.

Pressure on the umbilicus, on the surface, but violent.

Pinching pain in the abdomen, also in the evening.

Pinching in the hypogastrium, toward the lumbar region, so that an anxious sweat broke out.

Pinching in the abdomen, at night.

Pinching and cutting in the abdomen, with violent urging to stool, at night (1st d.).

Labor-like pains, all through the abdomen, extending into the hips, and then sensation as of bruising in the sacrum.

Cutting and moving about in the umbilical region.

Cutting around the umbilicus, more when walking in the open air than in the room.

Shooting in the left hypogastric region, like stitches in the spleen, on moving about; it passes off when sitting.

Long, dull stitch on the left side, near the umbilicus, extending into the abdomen.

Burning and pressure below the umbilicus, seemingly in the uterus.

Sensation in the umbilical region, as of a morbid warmth, or as in heartburn.

Anxious sensation in the abdomen, in the morning in bed.

In the right groin, a squeezing pain.

Twitching in the left flank, and pressure outward as if with a finger, first arising and going off while sleeping, then it comes back while standing, and goes off while walking; finally it appears also while walking.

Pinching in the left flank.

Tearing in the left inguinal region, while sitting.

Shooting in the left flank.

Stitch in the left flank on inspiring, and then fine stitches on the upper left side of the chest; in the evening after lying down.

Burning in the right flank, during tussiculation.

Protrusion in the right inguinal region, in the morning in bed, as if a hernia was forming; it goes off on rising, but returns repeatedly.

Sudden, protruding pain in the right groin, as if from an incipient inguinal hernia, on rising after a stool, irrespective of coughing and breathing.

Irresistible protrusion of a hernia out of the abdominal ring, with excoriative pain in the abdominal ring, even after restoring the hernia (aft. 2 h.).

Beating, for several days, in the place where the inguinal hernia protruded.

Stitches in the region of the inguinal hernia.

Sharp twitches spread over the hypogastrium, more on the surface, almost like colic, twitching in fits and starts.

Loud growling, about the umbilicus, in the evening, before lying down, and next morning after rising.


Immediately after dinner, which he relished, more ailments arose.

During and after dinner, heat, with good appetite.

Bitter eructation, repeatedly after dinner.

Repeated regurgitation of water, passing off after dinner.

Loathing in the mouth, toward noon, though food and drink taste good.

Vomiting, first of mere water, then of the food eaten the evening before, the nausea still continuing.


Sourish eructation.

Bitter eructation.

Eructation tasting of onions.


Inflation of the stomach, with rumbling and (noiseless) discharge of flatus.

Severe rumbling in the abdomen, with discharge of flatus.


Nausea with a chill.

Severe nausea; everything in his stomach turns over, regurgitates and seems about to come out; but she has to swallow it down again.

Violent pinching, cutting and writhing in the abdomen, with labor-like pains, as if everything would gush out, with nausea like fainting (aft. 30 d.).


Rising of salty water into the mouth, before vomiting.

Inclination to vomit, in the stomach, with sensation of mucus in the throat.

Inclination to vomit, without any loathing; it goes off through an eructation (soon).

Inclined to vomit, and sensation of a spoiled stomach.

He has to violently restrain himself, so as not to vomit.

Vomiting of mere water, after sudden sickness at the stomach (3d d.).

After the vomiting, thirst.

Contractive sensation in the stomach, with loathing, as if about to vomit.

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