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Sulphuricum Acidum - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sulphuric Acid, Sulph-ac, Sulfuricum Sulphuricum Acidum, Sulfuricum acidum, Acidum Sulphuricum, Acid Sulph, Sul-ac.

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HPUS indication of Sulphuricum Acidum: Hot flushes

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphuricum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Great appetite and good taste to food; but qualmishness after eating, so that he is obliged to stop eating before he is satisfied,

Loss of appetite and discomfort; food has a natural taste, yet is disagreeable,

Bitter eructations, frequently after dinner,

Uprisings of water, frequently disappearing after dinner,

Regurgitation of food,

Food rises up again, after coughing,

Nausea in the mouth towards noon, although food and drink are relished,

Vomiting of all food, and at times of some blood, long after the poisoning,

Very obstinate vomiting, usually a few hours after eating; the patient could retain no food, and rapidly became emaciated,

Vomiting at first of clear water, then of the food taken the previous evening, followed by continued nausea,

Distress in the stomach, lasting a long time, especially after eating hastily, or taking any indigestible food,

Excessive pains in the cardiac region, with vomiting of all food and liquids,

Violent pains in the epigastric region always after eating, especially hard food, with sensitiveness of the stomach,


She is hungry, but as soon as anything is taken into the mouth it nauseates her,


Nausea, with chilliness,

Excessive nausea; everything turns around in the stomach, rises up and will come up; is obliged to swallow it down again,

Nausea and collection of saliva in the mouth, with constrictive pain in the stomach and abdomen frequently (eighth day),

Qualmish nausea, without aversion to anything, disappearing on eructating, soon,

Qualmish nausea in the stomach, with a feeling of mucus in the throat,

Heaviness and nausea in the stomach, always after taking the drug, lasting a long time,


Thirst, after vomiting,

Uprisings of salt-water in the mouth before vomiting,

Violent hiccough and vomiting, especially after drinking,

Nausea and Vomiting.

Nausea and effort to vomit from the slightest liquid,

Obliged to make great effort to avoid vomiting,

Retching and vomiting,

Frequent retching and vomiting of small quantities of dark coffeelike liquid,

Retching and vomiting almost incessant,

Violent retching and vomiting, especially of blood,

Constant retching and vomiting of bloody mucus, with black fibres,

Retching and vomiting of blood,


Vomiting and purging,

Repeated vomiting, ; (second day),

Violent vomiting,

Violent vomiting, for two or three minutes,

Vomiting and acid eructations (second week),

Violent vomiting, with pains in the epigastrium, etc.,

Violent vomiting, causing the greatest distress; vomiting of blood,

Vomiting always recurred after eating (after three weeks),

A greater part of the mixture was rejected by vomiting almost immediately; the vomiting continued,

Water being offered, with a quantity of Magnesia Carbonica carbonate of magnesia, it was evident he had the greatest difficulty in swallowing, though he took it eagerly; and no sooner were a few mouthfuls taken than they were immediately rejected by vomiting,

Constant vomiting with burning pain along the throat and stomach; at last vomiting of blood,

Vomited many times, the vomited matter effervescing on coming in contact with the dust,

Vomiting preceding shivering fit, and followed by ineffective retching,

Every fluid ejected as soon as taken; frequently vomited a fluid of the consistence of treacle, and color of the carbonate of iron (after ten hours),

Vomited; the vomited matter was about the color of porter, and of strongly acid reaction (after half an hour),

Vomiting of casts of the oesophagus,

Vomiting of all liquid, at last bloody vomiting (second day),

Vomiting of serous liquid, with white flakes, at night,

Convulsive vomiting of blood,

Vomiting of blood,

The second day the vomiting continued, mixed with blood and mucus,

Vomiting streaked with blood, with pieces of membrane (third day),

Vomiting of sour smelling liquid, mixed with blood, pieces of membrane, and curdled milk,

Vomiting of clear water preceded by sudden nausea, in the stomach (third day),

Vomiting of watery brownish-red liquid, with pieces of membrane and clots of blood,

Constant vomiting of brown substances,

The matter vomited was slimy, like coffeegrounds,

Vomited copiously a black, glairy matter; the vomiting continued at intervals,

Vomiting of black flocculent masses,

Frequent black vomiting,

Very violent vomiting of inky-black fluid, mixed with flakes,

Constrictive sensation in the stomach, with nausea, as if it would cause vomiting,

Pressure and pains in the epigastric region always relieved by vomiting,

Pressure in the stomach, with constant nausea and vomiting,


Appetite and Thirst.

Distressing hunger; but the patient was unable to retain the smallest quantity of nourishment,

Increased hunger and appetite (first day),

She is hungry, and yet eats without appetite, with discomfort in the stomach after eating, for several days,

Desire for fresh plums,

Loss of appetite,

Aversion to eating, which disappears towards evening,


Constant terrible thirst,

Thirst and dry tongue during the menses,

Excessive thirst, etc.

Excessive thirst, with inability to drink,

Burning thirst,


Frequent eructations,

Eructations at first empty, then bitter, slimy, in the morning after coughing,

Bitter eructations,

Eructations like onions,

Frequent long-lasting, empty eructations (soon),

Rising of water from the stomach,

Sweetish gulping up of water,

Sour eructations,

Sour eructations, even when walking in the open air,

Sour bitter uprisings (fourth day),



Hiccough, at night,

Constant hiccough,

Hiccough, while smoking, as usual,

Violent hiccough,

Qualmishness, and a feeling as if the stomach were disordered,

Frequent retching,

Constant retching; he threw up a glairy fluid, mixed with numerous small shreds of coagulated membrane,

Stomach distended and very sensitive (second day),

Epigastric region distended, painful to touch,

Epigastric region distended, excessively painful,

Epigastric region tense, and very painful,

Epigastrium tight, as if it would burst, after eating,

Epigastric region very much contracted,

Epigastrium very sensitive,

Great tenderness over stomach (second day),

Epigastrium painful to touch,

Epigastric region painful,

Epigastric region very sensitive to pressure,

The epigastric region is very sensitive externally,

Feeling of fulness and distension of the stomach,

Great sensitiveness of the stomach,

Painful heaviness in the pit of the stomach,

Pain in the pit of the stomach,

Severe epigastric pain (after half an hour),

Pains in the epigastric region where there was a circumscribed round, hard swelling, as large as a child's head,

Pains in the affected parts and in the stomach, especially about the cardiac region,

The epigastrium was always very painful,

Pains at the epigastrium (second day),

Great pain over region of stomach,

Violent pains in the epigastric region,

Terrible pains in the stomach and intestines,

Most frightful pains from the stomach to the mouth, immediately,

Violent pains in the epigastric region, which is extremely sensitive to touch,

Excruciating pain at the stomach, insomuch that he was compelled to keep his body in a bent position, supported by two individuals,

When the difficulty in swallowing was the greatest, the pain extended from the pit of the stomach to the shoulders,

Terrible pains in the stomach,

Burning in the stomach,

An agreeable sensation of warmth in the stomach (after a quarter of an hour),

Burning in the stomach, with dulness of the head, immediately,

Sudden burning in the stomach, so that he started up in fright,

Coldness in the stomach (soon after a new dose),

The stomach feels cold and relaxed, with loss of appetite,

Griping just beneath the pit of the stomach, and upon pressure upon the stomach, it is painfully sensitive, as after a blow,

Every drink chills the stomach, unless some spirit is mixed with it,

Sudden anxious constrictive pain in the pit of the stomach, preventing respiration,

Painful constriction in the pit of the stomach, lasting a long time,

Violent constrictive pain in the stomach and abdomen,

Pressure in the stomach constant, with ineffectual inclination to eructate (first day),

Pressure in the stomach, as though a stone rose up, with accumulation of watery saliva in the mouth, after which the pressure disappears,

Pressure in the stomach, with a feeling as if a hard, very bitter substance rose up into the chest, with frequent uprisings of mucus, which afterward are felt only in the throat,

Epigastric region sensitive to pressure,

Epigastrium painful to strong pressure,

Clawing in the stomach every evening, as after taking cold,

Terrible cutting pains in the epigastric region,

Cutting near the left side of the stomach extending to the back,

Cutting about the stomach and painful moving about in it, while sitting and walking, several times in short paroxysms,

Stitches in the stomach,

Stitch in the stomach, lasting five minutes (after one hour),

Experienced some relief by pressure constantly maintained over the epigastrium,

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