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Sulphur - Abdomen symptoms - Hahnemann

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Even a little beer is apt to cause ebullition of blood with him.

Long-continued after-taste of beer.

Voracious hunger, which often compels him to eat something; if he does not eat he gets headache, great lassitude and has to lie down (aft. 10 d.).

He can neither eat meat nor fat things in the evening; they lie heavily pressive in his stomach, draw his abdomen upward and impede the stool.

After eating but little, the abdomen at once feels full, as if overloaded, with oppression of the breathing.

If she only eats a little too much, she has on the next day a horrid, sour, fetid taste in her mouth.

When beginning to eat, collection of saliva in the mouth.

A sort of indigestion (aft. 7 d.).

Empty eructation, with frequent yawning, with exhaustion.

Before eructation, pressure in the splenic region.

Sour eructation and much trouble from acidity in the stomach.

Sour eructation, repeatedly during the day.

Sour eructation, several times a day, and pressure in the scrobiculus cordis.

Regurgitation of the breakfast eaten (aft. 3 ½ h.).

Heartburn all the day.

Heartburn in the morning; there is tingling and burning anteriorly in the chest.

Rancid taste as of heartburn in the throat, when swallowing. especially when she at the same time presses upon the windpipe.

Waterbrash, with choking and rising of water from the stomach, in the morning, while rinsing the mouth and hawking up mucus.

Waterbrash twice a day; there is writhing in the pit of the stomach, it writhing and choking, and much water rises from the stomach and runs from the mouth.

The gastric region becomes extremely painful when touched, and even the coverings of the bed cause pain; but there is no pressure from eating.

Stomachache as from a spoiled stomach.

Pressure in the stomach, with mucus (at once).

Pressive pain in the stomach with anxiety.

Pressure below the stomach, very violent while lying down.

Pressure below the pit of the stomach.

Anxious pressure in the stomach.

Intolerable pressure in the pit of the stomach and the epigastrium, in paroxysms, mostly in the morning, somewhat relieved by pressing upon it with the hand, for several days (aft. 6 d.).

Pressure, as of heaviness, in the stomach.

Heaviness in the stomach.

Sensation of fullness in the stomach, as if it was inflated, without distension of the same.

Sensation in the stomach, as if it was quite full.

The stomach feels full and distended, with violent thirst, in the afternoon.

Sensation of hollowness in the region of the stomach.

Swelling in the pit of the stomach.

Tension in the evening in the stomach and the chest, extending into the back, as if he had eaten too much, with pain in the pit of the stomach on pressing upon it and touching it.

Grasping sensation in the stomach, extending up into the throat.

Contractive pain in the stomach.

Contractive pain in the gastric region, which takes her breath.

Screwing together and bruised pain in the stomach, and at the same time on the right side in a lower rib, and in the hip.

Violent spasm in the stomach, at night, for several hours.

Grasping in the stomach, in the morning, on awaking.

Pinching in the gastric region, drawing downward.

Smarting pain in the stomach.

Cutting in the stomach, in the afternoon.

Painful gnawing in the stomach, then in the abdomen, followed by two stools.

Shooting in the abdomen.

Shooting in the pit of the stomach, in the morning, while standing.

Shooting in the pit of the stomach, when breathing deeply.

Frequent pricking in the pit of the stomach, as from needles.

A dull stitch frequently from the region of the right side of the stomach, extending to the lumbar region, at every inspiration, in the evening.

Sensation of coldness in the region of the stomach.

Cool sensation in the stomach.

The gastric region feels cold externally.

Sensation of heat in the gastric region, and hacking therein, while sitting quietly.

Burning in the stomach and in the abdomen, chiefly while walking and standing.

Burning in the pit of the stomach, and around it.

Burning in the stomach, several times a day.

Burning in the stomach, like intense heartburn.

Burning, cutting and writhing in the stomach.

Burning in the stomach then rumbling in the abdomen, followed by a diarrhoeic stool.

Beating in the pit of the stomach, with sensation of swooning, or while sitting, like a pulsation, with ebullition in the chest, as if it would stop her breathing.

The hepatic region is painful when touched.

Pressure in the liver awakes him at night, while the white of his eyes is yellow.

Severe pressure and contraction in the hepatic region.

Tension and burning pain in the hepatic region.

Drawing pain in the hepatic region took her breath away; she had to walk bent double, all the day.

The liver seems swollen, impeding her respiration.

Stitches in the hepatic region, and in the right groin, frequently.

Shooting and stitches in the right hypochondrium.

Transient stitches in the hepatic region, from within outward.

Stitches in the hepatic region, especially while walking in the open air.

Lancinating pain under the right short ribs.

Pinching in the right hypochondrium, while walking.

Beating and quivering in the hepatic region from time to time.

Tension and beating on a right lower rib, only transiently relieved by pressing upon it.

Cutting and burning on the left lower ribs.

Burning, and while stooping over in sitting, fine burning stitches in the region of the left lower ribs.

Shooting in the left side of the abdomen when taking a deep breath and when walking in the open air.

Shooting at times in the left side, and at times in the right side of the abdomen.

The left side of the abdomen is asleep, with chilly sensation.

Pressure under the left ribs.

Below the ribs (in the midriff?) across the body, pain when blowing the nose and in coughing.

Sensitiveness in the morning, in both the hypochondria which when touched pain as if sore.

Pain in the epigastrium, just below the chest, as if everything there was becoming detached and was suffused with blood, only when moving and breathing.

Pain in the abdomen, at night, as if crushed within and suffused with blood.

Painful over-sensitiveness in the abdomen, as if everything there was raw and sore, as immediately after a delivery, while something within seemed to move or to shoot there suddenly and to dart thence into the whole of the head.

Movement in the abdomen, as from the fist of an embryo.

Pain in the abdomen, which compelled the person to bend double.

Pressure across the navel, with little appetite; he cannot sleep for it at night.

Pressure in the hypogastrium.

Pressure in the left side of the hypogastrium, as if something hard was lying there; the pain draws her together, so that she has to walk bending over to one side.

Pressive pain in the right hypogastrium, when standing or when walking against the wind, or when turning over on the left side after lying on the back.

Full and clumsy in the abdomen, after eating, as if overloaded.

Fullness of the abdomen, after eating but little.

Frequent inflation of the abdomen.

Inflation and hardness of the abdomen, especially in the evening.

Sensation of inflation and tension of the abdomen, every morning on awaking.

Tension in the abdomen.

Tension and pressure in the umbilical region.

Sensation in the abdomen, as if something was violently forcing its way through the bowels.

Spasmodic, contractive pain in the abdomen, extending into the chest, the groin and the pudenda.

Squeezing, contractive pain around the umbilicus, while sitting, passing off after rising.

Colic, after midnight, painful in the side of the abdomen.

Violent pinching and tension in the abdomen, from noon till evening.

Shooting pinching just above the hips and on the last false rib.

Cutting in the epigastrium, as if in the chest.

Violent cutting in the abdomen, lasting some moments.

Cutting in the abdomen, in the evening, and weariness when going upstairs, as if the menses would set in.

Cutting in the abdomen, in the morning in bed (aft. 3 d.).

Cutting in the abdomen, below the navel (at once).

Cutting in the hypogastrium, when straining for a stool, or when pressing on the hypogastrium, or when bending backward; not when sitting as usual.

Cutting in the abdomen and sacrum awake her after midnight, then diarrhoea, followed by tenesmus; so also the next morning, three times.

Sudden shooting in the abdomen, darting all through the body.

Shooting in the lesser intestines in the epigastrium, as from needles, lasting three-quarters of an hour.

Transient shooting in the abdomen.

Shooting and pinching in the abdomen, in the morning.

Burning shooting on a small spot beside the navel, for a quarter of an hour.

Stitches and violent burning deep in the hypogastrium, with a spasmodic pain in the right lower limb.

Constant burrowing in the abdomen, and yet only one stool a day, for several days.

Heat in the left side of the abdomen.

Anguish in the abdomen followed by a sensation of weakness in the feet, extending above the ankles, like an internal trembling.

Rumbling in the abdomen; as from beer with yeast in it, then a sudden call to stool, and a stool attended with colic; the first part of the stool is hard, the rest liquid, without mucus; in the morning and late in the evening.

Growling and rumbling in the abdomen at night, for almost two hours.

Growling in the hypogastrium, as from emptiness.

Growling, rumbling and grumbling in the abdomen (at once).

Loud rumbling in the left side of the abdomen.

Clucking in the abdomen.

The abdominal muscles are painful as if bruised, when touched.

The abdominal muscles are relaxed, so that he cannot readily straighten himself.

The abdomen is painful when touched and when walking, with a dull pain in it.

The clothes press upon the abdomen.

At night, much itching on the epigastrium and the hypogastrium.

Constant pressure in the groin, all over the whole pubic region, as if she was tightly bandaged there.

Tearing in both the inguinal glands.

Stitches in the right flank, also arresting the breath.

Burning stitches in the left flank, in the evening.

Painful swelling of the inguinal gland.

Urging in the abdominal ring, as if from incipient hernia.

An incipient inguinal hernia protrudes itself forcibly, with pain as from crushing and bruising; it cannot be kept back with the hand (aft. 4 h.).

An old hernia is again protruded; he has to put on his truss.

Drawing pressure in the right groin, and in the left side of the abdomen.


After a meal, headache, with pressure in the eyes.

After a meal, headache above the eyes and nausea; then heaviness of the head.

During dinner, weakness and muddled feeling of the head, continuing till evening.

During a meal, perspiration in the face, and redness of the white of the eye.

After a meal, redness in the face and perspiration.

During dinner, pain in almost all the teeth.

Immediately after a meal, severe colic.

After a meal, loud growling in the abdomen.

After a meal, rumbling in the abdomen.

Immediately after a meal, pressure in the stomach.

An hour after a meal, pressure in the stomach with nausea and waterbrash.

An hour after dinner she feels much fatigued, as if she had suffered hunger for a long time.

After dinner, inert in all the limbs, especially in the lower limbs.

Generally after dinner, a stool.

Several hours after a meal, intense oppression of the breathing followed by yawning.

After meals, always much fatigue and without tone.

After dinner, a severe chill.

After a meal, sour eructation.

Especially after meals, a troublesome stuffed coryza, making the head gloomy.

During the meal he is tormented with coldness of the feet, with itching in the nostrils, from which water drops; attended with impatience, which makes everything troublesome.

After dinner, great coldness of the feet and palpitation.

After meals, shuddering and sensation of coldness.

After a meal (and in the morning) chilliness.

After a meal, chilliness in the abdomen.

After a meal, burning in the hands.

After a meal the oesophagus feels as if it was closed above.

After a meal, hiccup, while walking in the open air.

Eructation, empty, at once after every meal.

Sour eructations after meals (2d d.).

Regurgitation of the food an hour after partaking of it.

Regurgitation of undigested food.

Nausea before meals.

Waterbrash, immediately before dinner; he feels dizzy and qualmish, after which much water runs out of the stomach.

Waterbrash after meals, at noon and in the evening; preceded by pressure in the pit of the stomach.

Waterbrash in the evening; he had to allow much water to run from his mouth and could not speak during this time; then vomiting of food eaten seven hours before.

Vomiting of the food eaten at noon, in the evening (1st d.).

Violent pressure in the stomach, a few hours after meals; the pain extends into the back.

Contractive pain in the stomach, all day, with boring in the nape, aggravated after a meal, with great sensitiveness of the scalp (the day before the menses).

Cramp-like contraction in the pit of the stomach, at noon before the meal, taking away the breath.

Severe cramp in the stomach, before dinner, and then profuse perspiration till late in the evening.

Pressure in the hepatic region immediately after dinner.

Boring pain in the hepatic region, after dinner.

Pain in the abdomen after every meal.

Sore pressure in the hypogastrium, after a meal, with eructation.

Tense, oppressed sensation in the whole of the abdomen, especially in the hypochondria; with anxious hypochondriac mood; for several hours after dinner (aft. 4 d.).

Cutting pain in the abdomen, after dinner.

Cutting in the abdomen, at various times, also after dinner, with moving about of flatus in the abdomen; or with a flow of saliva to the mouth, coming up from the stomach; or in the evening with inflation, relieved by discharge of flatus, and going off after a thin stool.

After dinner, itching about the abdomen, and rubbing causes a pinching together and squeezing together of the intestines, especially in the groin, seemingly toward the middle; worst when stooping and when breathing deeply, better when walking.


Empty eructation, every morning.

Frequent empty eructation (10th d.).

Abortive eructation when going to sleep.

Eructation, as after onions.

Sweetish eructation in the morning.

Sour eructation, with taste of lead.

Bitter, scratchy eructation of the ingesta.

Scratchy eructation after drinking small beer.

Eructation with the taste of the ingesta.


In the left hypochondrium especially, the movements of flatus are painful, like stitches.

Fullness and inflation of the abdomen, also in the morning in bed, when it goes off after discharging flatus.

Tension in the abdomen, as from incarcerated flatus.

Pinching about the navel, up toward the stomach, going off through discharge of flatus, in the afternoon and evening.

Violent pinching in the hypogastrium, so that she could hardly walk, and could have cried; after entering the room, and preceded by rumbling in the abdomen and discharge of flatus; with frequent intermission.

Pain as from arrested flatus in both sides of the abdomen, in the morning on awaking; the flatus was only short and abrupt without relief.

Flatus accumulates in the left hypochondrium, with anxiety.

When she has had no stool for some time, the flatus is incarcerated and comes into the left side of the abdomen with a severe pressure, causing her to scream out at the slightest motion.

Much flatus.

Much discharge of flatus, especially in the evening and night; also flatus with the smell of rotten eggs.

Very fetid flatus, for many days.


Eructation like rotten eggs, with nausea.

Nausea every morning.

Nausea, even to fainting.

Nausea in the stomach, with trembling all over the body.

Nausea, with gathering of saliva in the mouth, after breakfast.

Nausea, with eructation, first like mucus, then bitter and scrapy.


As soon as she eats or drinks anything she has to vomit.

Nausea and inclination to vomit.

Inclination to vomit, three mornings in succession.

Inclination to vomit, very frequently, even when she has not eaten anything.

Inclination to vomit, transient, but frequently during the day.

Inclination to vomit, at night, and writhing in the scrobiculus cordis as in waterbrash.

Waterbrash, two hours after eating; there is eructation; the water runs out of his mouth and he has to vomit what he has eaten, with great nausea and shuddering.


Vomiting with profuse sweat (aft. 24 h.).

Vomiting of a very salty liquid, clear as water.

Sour vomiting.

Vomiting of the ingesta, in the morning, with trembling of the hands and feet.

Vomiting of mucus, with choking and inclination to vomit, in the morning.

Bitter vomiting, in the afternoon, with nausea.

She vomits blood and a blackish tasteless liquid, in a fainting fit, at the appearance of the menses.

Severe cutting in the abdomen, with great inclination to vomit and so profuse a sweat, that the shirt and bed became wringing wet.

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