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Sulphur - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Protrusion of the umbilical region in one pregnant, as from the uterus, in paroxysms, lasting a few minutes, while lying in bed, at night (after fourteen days),

Violent contractive pain in the belly, especially in the uterine region (thirty-first day),

The abdominal muscles are painful to touch, as if beaten,

An incipient hernia forcibly presses downward, with a beaten bruised pain, and cannot be reduced with the hand (after four hours),


Great sense of indigestion and weight at pit of stomach after meals,

Fulness of the stomach, and yet good appetite for dinner (fourth and fifth days); fulness of stomach almost disappeared (seventh day),

The epigastric region becomes extremely painful to touch, and even the bedcovers cause pain, though food causes no pressure,

After dinner, aching in stomach and forehead (third day),

After dinner, when walking, great weariness and aching in stomach (fourteenth day),

Violent cramp in the stomach before dinner, followed by great perspiration till late in the evening,

After dinner, pressure in the stomach (fourth day),

After dinner, pressure in stomach, lasting three hours (twenty-third day),

After dinner, shoots in the cardiac region (second day),

After dinner, symptoms in pit of stomach declined (twelfth day),

Great appetite, which, however, could not be freely indulged; a small quantity of food caused troublesome distension (second and third days),

The appetite, which had been increasing for some days, is uncommonly good to-day (twenty-first day); increased appetite, so much so that, contrary to custom, he must eat at other times than the accustomed meals (twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh days); appetite diminished (thirty-first and thirty-second days),

Although he ate a very good dinner, yet in the afternoon, contrary to habit, he became so very hungry that he had to eat again; notwithstanding this, he was again ready for supper (forty-seventh day),

Very much affected, as if he had been hungry a long time, an hour after dinner,

He is hungry, but as soon as he only sees food his appetite vanishes and he feels full in the abdomen; when he begins to eat, he is averse to it,

At noon, after walking much, I felt hungry without much appetite; without feeling satiated, the latter part of the meal was not relished (second day),

Appetite for dinner unaltered, but afterwards unusual fulness and weariness, relieved by walking in the open air (second and third days),

Appetite for only soft food, not for bread or meat,

During the whole time of the proving I had little appetite; I ate more from habit than necessity; sometimes, in fact, I had a positive dislike to food, especially to supper, so that I ate nothing,

No appetite for supper (third day); little appetite for breakfast; loathed his dinner (fourth day); more appetite, at noon (sixth day),

No appetite for dinner (ninth day),

No appetite, and yet the food has the proper taste (third day),

She eats without hunger or appetite, only from habit, with natural taste to food,

Uprising of food an hour after eating,

After dinner, eructation of inodorous wind (ninth day),

Eructations tasting of the food,

Several times eructation of gas, with the taste of what had been eaten at dinner, after dinner (sixth day),

Sour eructations after dinner (second day),

Uprisings of undigested food,

Slight heartburn after dinner (fifty-seventh day),

Severe heartburn after dinner (eighth day),

Waterbrash just before dinner; it makes her dizzy and qualmish, followed by discharge of much water from the stomach,

Waterbrash, in the evening; he is obliged to lie down; water runs from the mouth, and therewith he cannot speak, followed by vomiting of food eaten seven hours previously,

Waterbrash two hours after eating, and eructations and running of water from the mouth, and vomiting of his food, with great nausea and shivering,

Pressure in the hepatic region, immediately after dinner,

Boring pain in the hepatic region, after dinner,

After luncheon (10 o'clock), griping round the navel (nineteenth day),

Distension of the abdomen, after dinner (seventh day),

Rumbling in the abdomen, after dinner,

Grumbling in the bowels soon after dinner; it did not cease after the afternoon stool (an unusual thing for me), but continued for an hour longer, though less severely (sixth day),

After dinner, discharge of much flatus (fiftieth and fifty-first days), ; (sixth day),

Fulness in the abdomen as if overloaded, immediately after a little food, with dyspnoea,

Tense, pressed sensation in the whole abdomen, especially in the hypochondrium, with anxious hypochondriac mood, a few hours after dinner (after four days),

Itching about the abdomen after dinner, and on rubbing a griping in the intestines and tenesmus, especially in the groin, as if towards the middle, worse on stooping and deep breathing, better when walking,

Cutting colic after dinner,

Cutting in the abdomen at various times, even after dinner, with movements in the abdomen, with accumulation of saliva in the mouth, rising up from the stomach, or in the evening with flatulent distension, relieved by emission of flatus, and disappearing after a thin stool,

Abdominal parietes sensitive after dinner (twelfth day),

Farinaceous food causes trouble in the abdomen,

Sore pressure in the lower abdomen, after dinner, and eructations,


Incarceration of flatus in the left hypochondria, with anxiety,

Movements of flatus cause painful sticking, especially in the left hypochondrium,

Griping about the navel, extending up towards the stomach, disappearing on emission of flatus, in the afternoon and evening,

At noon, slight griping about the navel, which ceased after discharge of inodorous flatus (one hundred and seventh day),

Pain, as from incarcerated flatus, in both sides of the abdomen, in the morning, on awaking; flatus passes short and abruptly, without relief,

Fulness and distension of the abdomen, even in the morning, in bed, it disappears after the emission of flatus,

Between 10 and 11 P.M., the abdomen was distended with flatus, which had an intolerable smell of sulphuretted hydrogen, and was passed in great quantity, but was soon re-formed to be again passed easily (second day),

At night, distension of the abdomen, griping and frequent emission of flatus, smelling of sulphuretted hydrogen (third day),

Inflation of the abdomen with flatulence (thirty-second day),

In the afternoon, rumbling and griping in the bowels, with relief by the discharge of very fetid flatus, accompanied by the feeling as if a loose motion was about to be passed (tenth day),

Much flatulence,

Flatulence increased,

Emission of much flatus, especially in the evening and night, also having the odor of bad eggs,

When she has had no stool for a long time, flatus is incarcerated and accumulates in the left side of the abdomen with great pressure, so that she is obliged to cry out on the slightest movement,

Great emission of flatus, smelling of sulphuretted hydrogen (fifth day),

Very offensive flatus for many days,

Throughout the day, great discharge of flatus and rumbling in the bowels (second day),

Tormented with flatulence (third day),

Discharge of much inodorous flatus (first day),

About 2 P.M., discharge of much flatus smelling of rotten eggs, and soon afterwards a liquid stool of the same fetid odor (ninth day),

Passage of much flatus of the smell of rotten eggs, after which, symptoms on awaking diminished (twenty-sixth day),

Emission of much flatus smelling of rotten eggs (third, fourth, and sixteenth days), ; (twenty-seventh day), ; (tenth day), ; (thirteenth day), ; (thirty-first day), ; (sixty-third, sixty-sixth, ninety-eighth, and one hundred and twelfth days),

Discharge of flatus smelling strongly of Sulphur (forty-sixth, forty-ninth, fiftieth, and fifty-third days),

Frequent discharge of flatus (first day),

Great discharge of flatus (ninth day),

Discharge of much flatus (fourth day); great discharge of flatus (fifteenth day),

Discharge of much inodorous flatus (seventh day),

Great discharge of flatus (eighth, twelfth, and following days), ; (twelfth, thirty-fourth, and following days), ; (sixth and tenth days),

Discharge of much flatus (one hundred and thirty-fourth day),

After getting up, discharge of much flatus; in the evening, a recurrence of the discharge of flatus (fourth and fifth days),

Feeling of fulness and sinking in the abdomen, which diminishes after discharge of inodorous flatus, in the forenoon (seventy-fourth day),

Tension of the abdomen as from incarcerated flatus,

Before the stool, working and griping in the abdomen, emission of much flatus, at times with pain, as if the anus would be torn a part, with straining at stool or tenesmus after the stool,

Sharp stitches in the abdomen, at night, followed by frequent emissions of flatus,

During the day, colicky pains in the abdomen, which became particularly bad at night in bed, until they were relieved by discharge of flatus (eighth day),

Violent griping in the lower abdomen, so that she could scarcely walk and would rather weep, after entering the house, and preceded by rumbling in the abdomen and emission of flatus, frequently intermitting,

About 4 P.M., after a good motion, cutting pains deep in the hypogastrium, which lasted a quarter of an hour, and then went off after the discharge of much flatus (seventeenth day),


An uncomfortable anxious feeling in the stomach, as in nausea (in half an hour, second day),

Pressure in the stomach, with nausea, immediately,

Pressure in the stomach, with nausea and waterbrash, an hour after eating,

Towards evening, paroxysm of many eructations, with nausea, relaxation of the body, violent rolling in the abdomen, and emission of flatus,

Whilst walking in the open air, had eructations and nausea, with feeling of weakness (second day),

Eructations, tasting of bad eggs, with nausea,

Colicky pains in the bowels, coming on suddenly, with nausea and choleraic feeling,


Pressive pain at pit of stomach, with nausea and constant retching and vomiting,

Milk causes much distress; it is vomited curdled,

Eructation and inclination to vomit (after first dose, third day),

Very severe eructation and inclination to vomit (immediately after first dose); eructation less severe (after second and third dose),

Violent eructations from milk till vomiting of mucus,

An hour after taking the medicine, he ate with his usual appetite his usual breakfast, whereupon there occurred, first, eructation of wind, then regurgitation of what he had eaten, nausea, and in half an hour vomiting, which brought up both breakfast and Sulphur (twenty-eighth day),

From extraordinarily large doses the action of the liver is very much impaired, bilious vomiting and diarrhoea are caused,


In the morning, sensitiveness of both hypochondria, which are painfully sore to touch,

Occasional aching and pinching in the bowels, particularly those of the hypochondriac region, in the forenoon (thirty-sixth day),

In the morning, sore feeling in both hypochondria, which are sensitive to touch (fourth day),

Painful drawing about the hypochondria, in the forenoon (second day),

The liver seemed swollen, which hindered breathing,

Increased secretion of bile,

Dull pain in the region of the liver (thirteenth day),

Dull pain in the right hypochondrium, accompanied with a little dry cough (eleventh day),

Sudden aching in the hepatic region, and under the right clavicle (sixth day),

Pressure in the liver woke him at night, with yellowness of the white of the eye,

Violent pressure and constriction in the hepatic region,

Griping in the right hypochondrium, while walking,

Drawing pain in the hepatic region took away her breath; she was obliged to walk quite bent over all day,

The hepatic region is painful to touch,

Tensive and burning pain in the hepatic region,

At noon, a shoot through the liver (from before backwards), so violent as to cause me to start (fourteenth day),

Stitches in the hepatic region, and frequently in the right groin,

Stitches in the hepatic region, especially on walking in the open air,

Sticking and stitches in the right hypochondrium,

Transient stitches from within outward in the hepatic region,

While sitting bent over, fine burning stitches in the right hypochondriac region,

Throbbing and twitching in the hepatic region, from time to time,

The disagreeable pressure in the umbilical region went off, but in its stead there came a troublesome pressure in the left hypochondriac region, about 3 A.M., which went off when he got out of bed (twenty-ninth, thirtieth, and thirty-first days); pressure in left hypochondre disappeared (thirty-second day),

Pressure in the region of the spleen precedes the eructations,

Wandering pressive pain in the left hypochondrium (soon),

Towards evening, shooting in the splenic region, which went off after lying down (third day),

Frequent shoots in the splenic region (nineteenth day),

Cramp in the left hypochondrium, before the menses,

Umbilical and Sides.

Feeling of fulness in the umbilical region (sixteenth day),

Slight gripes about the navel, lasting but a short time (soon, nineteenth and twentieth days),

Griping beneath the navel (after four hours, forty-fifth day),

About 9 A.M., when walking in the open air, griping in the bowels, especially about the navel which lasted with greater or less intensity all day long, and only went off about 9 P.M. (fifth day),

After each dose such violent pains in the umbilical region that she was obliged to desist from further trials,

On awaking in the morning, transient coliclike pains in the bowels below the navel, as from an accumulation of wind (sixth day),

Tensive pains about the navel (thirty-eighth day),

Tension in the abdomen, especially in the umbilical region (thirty-seventh day),

Awoke with a tension and drawing round in a circle about the navel (twenty-sixth day),

Tension and pressure in the umbilical region,

Pressure across above the navel, with little appetite; cannot sleep at night on account of it,

Frequent waking, with pains around the navel (forty-seventh night),

Slight pains around the navel (thirteenth day),

In the forenoon, contractive pains about the navel (thirty-third day),

About noon, contractive pains below the navel, as if diarrhoea were coming on, recurring three times at half hour intervals; at the same time pressure on the bladder, as if it were forced upon the groins; also a feeling of straining at the sphincter muscles, as in retention of urine (nineteenth day),

Slight pinching about the navel (two hundred and forty-fifth day),

Pinching constrictive pain about the navel, while sitting, disappearing after rising,

In the evening, pinching pains in the umbilical region, which intermitted from time to time, but always recurred more severely, and compelled him to draw up the legs (thirty-seventh day),

Dull shooting-aching pains about the navel (twenty-third day),

Tensive and cutting pains round about the navel, after midnight (fiftieth day),

Frequent awaking, with cutting pains about the navel, and distended abdomen (second night),

After getting up, cutting about the navel (fourth and fifth days),

In the morning, cutting pain around the navel, worse on stooping (tenth day),

Burning stitches in a small spot near the navel, for a quarter of an hour,

Stitches partly in the right and partly in the left side of the abdomen,

Tension and throbbing on the right lower rib, only transiently relieved by pressure,

Sticking pain beneath the right short ribs,

Stitches in the right flank, even taking away the breath,

Pressure beneath the left ribs,

Slight pinching in the left side of the abdomen (sixty-eighth day),

Cutting and burning in the left lower ribs,

Falling asleep of the left side of the abdomen, with a sensation of chilliness,

Heat in the left side of the abdomen,

Burning stitches in the left flank, in the evening,

Stitches in the left side of the abdomen on deep breathing, and on walking in the open air,

General Abdomen.

(Ulcers in the intestines),

Distension of the abdomen, ; (ninth day),

Distension and hardness of the abdomen, especially in the evening,

Frequent distension of the abdomen,

The whole abdomen enormously distended and tympanitic (next day),

Great distension of the abdomen, with sore pain upon the left os ilii, in the afternoon (ninth day),

Distension of the abdomen, rumbling in the bowels (fourth day),

In the morning, tension and swelling of the abdomen (tenth day),

Bubbling in the abdomen,

Rumbling in the bowels (sixteenth and twenty-second days), ; (second day),

Loud rumbling in the abdomen, after eating,

Rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen (immediately),

Great rumbling in the left side of the abdomen,

Rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen, for almost two hours, in the night,

Rumbling and movement in the intestines, followed by a thin scanty stool,

Rumbling in the abdomen, as from foaming beer, followed by sudden urging to stool, accompanied by cutting colic; the first part of the stool was hard, the rest liquid, without mucus, in the morning and late in the evening,

Rumbling and two loose motions (seventh day),

Rumbling in the bowels, after the evacuation, at 5.15 A.M. (seventh day),

Rumbling and pains in the abdomen (first day),

On waking from sleep, before midnight, rumbling as of great bubbles in the upper abdomen (ninth day),

In half an hour, rumbling becoming even louder, and great inflation of the abdomen, so that he had to unbutton his clothes (thirty-first day),

The whole day, rumbling in the bowels (twentieth day),

At night, loud rolling in the bowels, followed by a copious, pappy, yellowish-green, very fetid motion (second day),

At night rumbling in the bowels (eighth day),

Rumbling and gurgling in the bowels (fifth day),

Pains in the abdomen (fourth and eighth days),

Pains in abdomen ceased on the occurrence of the diarrhoea, and did not return again (thirty-seventh day),

Pain in the upper abdomen, just beneath the chest, as if everything were loosened and congested with blood, only on motion and breathing,

Pain in the abdomen, which obliged one to bend up,

Occasional abdominal sufferings (for three months),

Pains in the abdomen with every draught of air (eleventh day),

On blowing the nose and coughing, pain transversely across beneath the ribs (in the diaphragm?),

Bruised pain in the intestines after a stool,

Violent pains in the abdomen and small of the back with flatulent distension, in the morning during the menses, with scanty menstrual flow; in the afternoon, the flow is more profuse with diminution of the pains, which are generally relieved by violent motion,

First, anxiety in the abdomen, followed by a feeling of weakness of the feet, extending above the malleoli, like an internal trembling,

Uneasiness in the abdomen after a short sleep (forty-ninth day),

Feeling of fulness in abdomen and stomach as if they were too full (forty-third day),

Annoying sensation of fulness in the abdomen, which was followed by occasional tension and shooting pains (fourteenth day); feeling of fulness of the abdomen; feeling of distension and bursting of the abdomen, with rigor (seventeenth day); feeling of fulness and tension in the abdomen (fiftieth and fifty-first days),

Feeling of fulness and tension in the abdomen; bearing down towards the anus and excessive tickling there (twelfth day),

In the morning, troublesome tension in the abdomen (twenty-first day),

After eating, fulness and heaviness in the abdomen as if overloaded,

Fulness of the abdomen (after four hours, forty-fifth day),

Fulness in the abdomen after eating a little,

After eating but little, distressing feeling of fulness in the abdomen (seventh day),

Tension of the abdomen,

Tension of the abdominal muscles, so that he could not easily straighten up,

Disagreeable tension in the abdomen, alleviated by diarrhoeic motions (thirty-third day),

Blown-up feeling in the abdomen, followed by a semifluid stool (one hundred and ninety-fifth day),

Distended sensation and tension in the abdomen, every morning on waking,

Immediately, disagreeable tension in the abdomen; liquid evacuations caused relief (ninth day),

Feeling of sinking in the abdomen (seventeenth, fifty-second, and sixty-ninth days), ; (one hundred and sixty-first day),

A loose motion, followed by a sinking feeling in the abdomen, after breakfast (seventy-fifth day),

Griping in the abdomen before the morning stool,

Griping in the abdomen after a stool,

Griping in bowels with diarrhoea (fifteenth day); griping increased (sixteenth day),

Slight griping in the bowels, in the afternoon (third day),

Griping in the bowels (soon),

After the stool, griping in the bowels, which gradually increased in intensity, and continued for a long time in the right side of abdomen (first day),

At night, griping in bowels (ninth day),

Griping in the bowels, followed soon by a liquid motion, whereupon the pain ceased (second day),

At night, griping in the bowels, followed by two very thin fetid stools (first day); in the evening, griping in the bowels and frequent fluid stools (third day),

In the afternoon, occasional returns of the griping in the bowels (twenty-third day); colicky gripings in the abdomen, which lasted all day and all night (twenty-fourth day),

About 4 P.M., griping in the bowels from the umbilical region to the symphysis pubis, coming in fits (fourth day),

About 4 P.M., at first some griping in the bowels, then call to stool, followed by a pappy motion of yellowish-green color, in moderate quantity (fourth day),

Griping in the bowels, in the morning (seventeenth day),

Immediately after taking medicine, gripings in the belly, which frequently return during the day, with feeling as if diarrhoea were about to ensue, and then with fruitless call to stool (eleventh and eighteenth days),

In the night, violent griping in the bowels, which lasted a quarter of an hour (fifth day),

Violent griping and tension in the abdomen, from noon till evening,

Severe griping pains in the bowels; fomentations would not relieve her,

Constant burrowing in the abdomen; he had but one stool daily for several weeks,

Violent cramplike pain in abdomen,

After 5 P.M., a pain of contraction and pressing in the abdomen, especially the hypochondria and umbilical regions; in the hypogastrium a feeling of paralysis (ninth day),

Sensation of internal constriction, during a stool,

Sudden constrictive colic, at night,

Spasmodic constrictive colic, extending to the chest, groins, and genitals,

Drawing pain in the abdomen and in all the limbs, lasting for hours in the arms, for days in the thighs,

Drawing colic during the menses,

Pressure towards the anus,

Pressure downward in the abdomen, while lying in bed at night, which woke her,

Pressure in the abdominal region, as if a hernia would form,

Feeling in the abdomen as if everything pressed forcibly through the intestines,

Cutting in the upper abdomen, as if in the chest,

Cutting in the abdomen before urinating,

Cutting in the abdomen, in the morning in bed (after three days),

Cutting in the abdomen, beneath the navel (immediately),

Cutting in the abdomen, in the evening, and weakness on ascending steps, as if the menses would come on,

Cutting in the bowels after a motion, that is at first hard and afterwards soft (fifteenth day),

Cutting in the abdomen and small of the back woke her after midnight, followed by diarrhoea and tenesmus; also three times the next morning,

Violent cutting in the abdomen for a moment,

Violent cutting in the abdomen and great qualmishness, and such profuse perspiration that the shirt and bed were wringing wet,

The cutting in the bowels and sore feeling deep in the abdomen lasted half an hour (second day),

Sticking and cutting in the abdomen woke her about midnight,

Sticking and griping in the abdomen, in the morning,

Transient stitches in the abdomen,

Stitches, as from needles, in the upper abdomen, in the small intestines, lasting three-quarters of an hour,

Sudden sticking in the abdomen, which shoots through the whole body,

A few flying shoots from the abdomen into the anus (two hundred and thirty-second day),

Colic at 9 P.M. (seventh day),

Colic always after eating,

Colic before every stool,

Nightly flatulent colic, with retching, anxiety, and dulness of the head,

Colic, after midnight, painful in the sides of the abdomen,

At night, colic, as if internally bruised and congested with blood,

For some hours, in the evening, continued colicky pains (forty-first and forty-second days),

Before going to sleep, colicky pains in the abdomen (ninth day),

Colicky pains (sixth day),

Violent colic immediately after eating,

Severe colicky pains in abdomen preceding the menses,

Violent burning in the whole of the abdomen, with anxiety,

The abdomen is painful to touch and on walking, with dull pain in it,

Tenderness of the abdominal parietes (fifteenth day),

The clothes press upon the abdomen,

Painful oversensitiveness of the abdomen, as if everything in it were raw and sore, as after childbirth; therewith everything in it seemed to move, or a sudden sticking in it, shooting thence into the whole head,

Great sensitiveness of the upper part of the abdomen, so that the clothes press disagreeably, though they are not fastened tighter than usual (thirteenth day),

Feeling of soreness in the intestines before the stool,

In the forenoon, at every step, sore feeling in the abdominal parietes, as if the muscles of the abdomen, and the peritoneum had been bruised (fourth day),

Sore pain in the whole abdomen, as if it were raw, particularly noticeable on taking a full breath, coughing, walking quickly, or taking any violent exercise (second day),

Movements in the abdomen as from the fist of a child,

Chilliness in the abdomen after eating,

Urgent call to stool without result; burning and itching in the anus, and extrusion of haemorrhoidal tumors; evacuation of faeces of stony hardness,

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Rumbling in the lower abdomen, as from emptiness,

From 10 A.M. until evening, constant feeling of fulness in the hypogastrium (twelfth day),

Weight and fulness in hypogastrium, with the feeling as if something heavy pressed heavily on the bladder (fourteenth, fifteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth days),

Fulness in hypogastrium (nineteenth day), ; (third day),

Pain in the lower abdomen, at times cutting, at times constrictive, during the menses,

Cramplike pain in the lower abdomen, as if the intestines were knotted by threads, during the menses; she could neither lie nor walk, but was obliged to sit upright as much as possible,

Great pain in the lower abdomen, with great heat, chilliness, and a kind of epilepsy, during the menses; she became quite stiff, distorted her mouth, and moved it back and forth without speaking, with cold forehead and cold hands,

Dreadful pain in hypogastric region, as though the menses threatened, which was not the case,

Griping in the lower abdomen; pain in the small of the back (and chilliness over the body), during the menses,

A sticking griping just above the hips and on the last false ribs,

Pressure in the lower abdomen,

Pressure in the left side of the lower abdomen as from something hard; the pain drew her together so that she was obliged to walk quite bent over to one side,

Pressive pain in the right side of the lower abdomen while standing or walking against the wind, or when turning on to the left side after lying on the back,

Cramplike pressure in the lower abdomen, at night,

Cutting in the lower abdomen when he made an effort at stool, or upon pressing upon the abdomen, or on bending backward, not on sitting as usual,

Momentary cutting sensation in lower abdomen,

Stitches and violent burning low down in the lower abdomen, with spasmodic pain in the right lower extremity,

Painful swollen inguinal glands,

The place of an old hernia protrudes; is obliged to put on a supporter,

Drawing pressure in the right groin and in the left side of the abdomen,

Pressure in the groin, over the whole pubic region, as if tightly bound up, persistent,

Tearing in both inguinal glands,

Distressing pressure and shooting in the left inguinal region (third day); the pressing in the groin continues, and is combined with a feeling of heat (fifth day),

With every stitch in the anus, at the same time dull shooting and jerking pains in the right inguinal region (thirty-second day),

Between 4 and 5 P.M., boring-shooting pain, now in the right groin, now in the spermatic cord extending to the testicles, now within the inguinal ring in the abdominal cavity, followed by sharp cutting pain in the right great toe (fourth day),


Swelling of the pit of the stomach,

Rumbling in the epigastrium (twentieth day),

Some rumbling in the epigastrium after taking medicine (sixty-second day),

A kind of loss of digestive power (after seven days),

Digestion somewhat deranged (nineteenth day),

Feeling of emptiness in the stomach, in the forenoon,

Feeling of emptiness in the stomach (second day),

Sensation as if hollow in the region of the stomach,

Sinking feel at pit of stomach,

Feeling of flabbiness in the stomach, in the morning (one hundred and sixty-eighth day),

Feeling of fulness in the stomach, as if puffed up, without enlargement of it,

Feeling as if the stomach were completely full,

Feeling of fulness and swelling in the stomach, with violent thirst, in the afternoon,

After breakfast, feeling of fulness of the stomach (fifth day),

Feeling of fulness in the stomach (eighth and ninth days), ; (first day),

Feeling of fulness in stomach and empty eructation (second day),

Disagreeable feeling of fulness in the stomach, lasting half an hour, soon after eating (fifth day),

After eating but a little, fulness in the stomach (fourteenth day),

About noon, feeling of fulness in the stomach and violent hiccough, lasting a quarter of an hour (fourth day),

Fulness in the stomach for one hour, which declines on rumbling of the bowels (forty-fifth day),

Acids cause anxiety; she cannot tolerate them,

Aching, squeezing; anxious feeling in the pit of the stomach, which gradually changed into a constriction, and at last a burning pain (after twenty minutes, twelfth day),

Pain in the stomach as if disordered,

Biting pain in the stomach,

Aching in the pit of the stomach, and a sensation like scratching in the stomach (in half an hour),

Aching in the stomach, which lasted half an hour, and was conjoined with a disagreeable feeling of repletion (after two hours, thirtieth day),

Aching in the pit of the stomach (soon, twenty-fifth day); aching and oppression in the pit of the stomach (twenty-sixth day); anxious aching in the pit of the stomach (in one hour, thirtieth day); in the forenoon, severe aching in the pit of the stomach (thirty-third day); aching in the pit of the stomach (forty-seventh day),

Aching and feeling of weight in the pit of the stomach (first day),

Aching and burning in the stomach, in the evening (thirteenth day),

At night, he was awakened by an aching-tensive pain in the left side of the gastric region; on turning on the right side, the pain gradually went to the right side, and after awhile ceased; at the same time, pain in the small of the back came on (sixty-eighth day),

Severe aching in the stomach after getting up (one hundred and sixteenth day),

Severe aching and burning in the stomach, at night, for an hour (one hundred and seventy-second day),

Aching in the stomach after coffee, which he had taken contrary to custom, in the afternoon (two hundred and forty-fourth day),

Towards noon, anxious, aching contractive pain in the cardiac region (two hundred and fifty-second day),

Burning in the stomach a few times a day,

Burning in the stomach and abdomen, mostly while walking and standing,

Burning in and about the pit of the stomach,

Burning in the stomach like violent heartburn,

Burning in the stomach, followed by rumbling in the abdomen and diarrhoea-like stool,

Burning, cutting, and twisting in the stomach,

Very transient burning in the stomach, in the morning (one hundred and seventy-eighth day),

Severe burning in the stomach, in the morning (sixth day),

Feeling of heat in the epigastric region and hacking in it, while sitting quietly,

Cool feeling in the stomach,

Feeling of coldness in the epigastric region,

Constrictive pain in the stomach,

Constrictive pain in the stomach all day, with boring in the nape of the neck, aggravated after eating, and with great sensitiveness of the scalp, the day before the menses,

Constrictive pain in the epigastric region takes away her breath,

A constrictive pain in the cardiac region, that had been there for some days, is particularly troublesome to-day (two hundred and forty-seventh day),

Constrictive pain in the pit of the stomach and feeling of sickness (soon),

In the evening, tension in the stomach and chest, extending to the back, as if he had eaten to satiety, with pain in the pit of the stomach on touch and pressure,

Cramplike constriction in the pit of the stomach, at noon before eating taking away the breath,

Compressive pain in the stomach after waking, at night, disappearing on bending up the body,

Screwing together bruised pain in the stomach, and at the same time on the right side of the lower rib and in the hip,

Griping in the epigastric region, extending downward,

Clawing in the stomach, in the morning on waking,

Cramps in the stomach, recurring several times in the day, and pretty severe (fourteenth day),

Violent cramp in the stomach for several hours, at night,

Pressure beneath the pit of the stomach,

Feeling of pressure in the pit of the stomach (soon, fortieth day),

Pressure in the stomach at night, for an hour, relieved by eructations,

Anxious pressure in the stomach,

Heavy pressure in the stomach,

Pressure in the stomach and beating headache, after midnight,

Pressure in the pit of the stomach, causing anxiety, at night, with palpitation, for hours, several nights,

Pressure in the pit of the stomach during the menses,

Pressure beneath the stomach very violent while lying down,

Pressive pain in the stomach, with anxiety,

Pressure in the stomach immediately after eating,

Pressure in the region of the stomach after breakfast (fifth day),

Throughout the day, squeezing pressure in the pit of the stomach and in the chest (thirty-first day),

In a quarter of an hour, feeling of pressure and weight in the pit of the stomach (thirty-seventh day),

Great pressure in the gastric region (thirty-second to thirty-ninth day); pressive pain in the gastric region went off, but affected the umbilical region (thirty-ninth day),

Intolerable pressure in the pit of the stomach and upper abdomen, in paroxysms, mostly in the morning, somewhat relieved by pressure of the hand, several days (after six days),

Violent pressure in the stomach a few hours after eating, the pain extending into the back,

Oppression in pit of stomach less troublesome (thirteenth day),

Heaviness in the stomach,

During the forenoon, heaviness and aching in the pit of the stomach (ninth day),

Aching feeling of weight in the region of the stomach worse (fourteenth day),

After eating, disagreeable feeling of weight in the gastric region (thirty-eighth day),

Feeling of weight in the stomach (third and fourth days); repeated feeling of weight, in the evening (fifth day),

Feeling of weight in the stomach (second and following days),

In the morning, awoke with feeling of weight in the pit of the stomach (thirty-eighth day),

Painful gnawing in the stomach, then in the abdomen, followed by two stools,

Cutting in the stomach, in the afternoon,

Shooting in the scrobiculus cordis, and several times watery diarrhoea (twelfth day),

Shooting in the cardiac region, in the evening (second day),

Stitches in the stomach,

Stitches in the pit of the stomach on deep breathing,

Stitches in the pit of the stomach, in the morning while standing,

Frequent stitches, as from needles, in the pit of the stomach,

Frequently a dull stitch extending from the right side of the epigastric region to the lumbar region on every inspiration, in the evening,

Crawling sensation in the stomach, extending up to the throat,

Throbbing in the pit of the stomach, with a feeling of faintness, or while sitting, like a pulse, with orgasm in the chest, as if it would take away her breath,

At 3 P.M., pricking at the stomach (thirteenth day),

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