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Sulphur - Chest symptoms - Clarke

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Congestion of blood to chest, with sensation of fulness in it.

Asthma at night.

Asthma attacks every eight days; has rough, harsh hair; following swelling of haemorrhoids; alternating with fits of gout or psoriasis; from suppressed eruptions or discharges.

Inability to take a full inspiration, with sensation as if chest were contracted.

Snoring and rattling of mucus in chest.

Shooting pains in back and sacrum during an inspiration.

Painful sensation in chest, as of something falling forwards in it, when turning the body in bed.

Pain as from a bruise in thorax when the part is touched.

Painful obstruction in the l. side of chest, with anguish, and inability to lie on side affected.

Heaviness, fulness, and pressure as from a stone in chest and sternum, agg. in morning, also when coughing, sneezing, and yawning.

Pain when coughing and sneezing, as if chest were shattered or bursting.

Pulsations in chest and sternum.

Weakness of chest, felt particularly when speaking, with great fatigue in lungs after speaking or sighing.

Shootings in the chest or sternum, or extending to the back, or into the l. side, agg. when coughing, lying on the back, during least motion, when taking a full inspiration, or when lifting the arms (over the head).

Pain in chest from over-lifting or after inflammation of lungs.

Sensation as if lungs were touching (or scraping) the back.

Exudation after pneumonia.

Sul. acts in pneumonia a part analogous to that of Belladonna Bell. in brain affections (Hartlaub, confirmed by Curie).

The pains in the chest chiefly affect the l. side.

Sensation of coldness or burning in chest, sometimes extending to face.

Sensation as of a lump of ice in r. chest.

Red spots all over the chest; also brownish or Juglans Cinerea butternut-coloured spots.

Deep yellow spot began on l. breast and spread all over body (chloasma).

Cheloid on sternum.


Heart beats too rapidly and her throat felt as if a string were tied round it; and she did not sleep till 5 a.m. (produced.)

Pulse hard, quick, and full (at times intermitting).


Shortness of breath; frequent chokings, obstructed respiration, dyspnoea, and fits of suffocation, esp. when lying down at night, and also during sleep, and sometimes also when speaking or walking in open air.

Dyspnoea; shortness of breath and oppression of breathing on bending arms backwards.

Frequent, short, or wheezing respiration.

Periodical spasms in chest, with sensation of constriction, spasmodic pains, shortness of breath, bluish colour of face, and inability to speak.

Catarrh, with fluent coryza, cough, pain in chest, as if it were raw, and shivering.

Hoarseness, evening and morning, roughness, and scraping in throat, with accumulation of mucus in chest.

Pain as from excoriation, and tingling or tickling in larynx, with tendency to cough.

Coldness in throat during an inspiration.

Voice hoarse and low, or entirely extinct, generally in cold and damp weather.

Sensation as if larynx were swollen, or as if a foreign body were in it.

Short, dry cough.

Dry cough, sometimes fatiguing and shaking, with retching, vomiting, and spasmodic constriction of chest, esp. in evening, or at night, in a recumbent position, or in morning, or after a meal.

(Constant cough with irritation of throat and wheezing.)

R. T. C.).

Moist cough, with profuse expectoration of thick, whitish, or yellowish mucus, like that of a coryza of long standing.

Cough with expectoration during day, without expectoration at night.

Short, dry cough, with stitches in chest, or stitches in l. shoulder-blade.

Spasmodic whooping-cough in successive double attacks, shortly following one another, from tickling in larynx as from dust; only with expectoration during day of either dark blood or yellow-greenish, purulent matter, or of cold, milk-white mucus, generally tasting sour, or putrid, or salty, or like old catarrh.

Fetid expectoration of a greenish-yellow colour, like pus, and of a salt or sweetish taste, while coughing.

Febrile cough, with haemoptysis.

Cough in general with bloody expectoration; esp. with heat in chest; haemorrhage with the same sensation.

When coughing, pain as from excoriation, or shattering pains, or shootings in chest, pain as from a bruise, or shootings in head, pain in abdomen, cloudiness before eyes, pains in hips and loins.

Respiration and conversation sometimes excite the cough.

Feels suffocated, wants doors and windows wide open.

Oppressed respiration, particularly from congestion to the lungs; if with a sense of heat all through the chest.

Heart and pulse

Stitches and blows in region of heart.

Sharp pain at heart goes through to between shoulders; esp. with dyspeptic symptoms.

Cutting pains about heart, as with knives, which decrease or increase, last a few hours, with redness of face, followed by general coldness; attacks only when waking up.

Great orgasm of blood with violent burning in hands.

Violent congestion of blood towards chest and heart, sometimes with ebullition in chest, uneasiness, faintness, and trembling of arms.

Sensation of emptiness in the cardiac region, or pressure and sensation as if the heart had not room enough.

Affections in general of heart; also external chest.

Sensation as if heart were enlarged.

Frequent palpitation of the heart, sometimes even visible, and with anxiety; at night; in bed; on failing asleep; when going up an ascent.

R. T. C.).

Pulse hard, full, and accelerated.

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