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Sulphur - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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HPUS indication of Sulphur: Skin problems
Common symptoms: Skin problems, Hot flashes, Pimples.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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When coughing, a feeling as if the lungs rested against the back,

The general effect of continued small doses of the flowers of Sulphur is a greatly increased excretion of carbonic acid (600 cc. in a minute),

Increased aqueous exhalation from the lungs,

At 10 A.M., shooting pain, as if in the left pleura (sixth day),

Anxiety in the chest, ; (sixteenth day),

In the afternoon, anxiety in the chest (thirtieth day),

Anxious feeling in the chest; he can hardly expand it during inspiration (fiftieth and fifty-first days),

Great anxiety in the chest (twenty-sixth day),

Rush of blood to the chest, in the morning on waking,

Great rush of blood to the chest,

Violent rush of blood to the chest, like a boiling, with qualmishness amounting to faintness, and trembling of the right arm,

Weakness of the chest, when talking,

Weakness of the chest on reading aloud (eighth day),

Great weakness of the chest, especially troublesome on getting into bed, at night, so that he cannot lie long on one side, and longing for morning,

A sensation of fulness of the chest, at first an insipid and clammy, but suddenly a sweetish taste in the mouth, sensitiveness of the uvula, tickling in the throat, spitting of a watery slimy fluid, mixed with bright-red blood, several times, at short intervals (after two hours, twelfth day),

Feeling of emptiness in the chest, during a dry cough,

Accumulation of mucus in the chest and throat,

Constant accumulation of mucus in the chest, obliging hacking,

Raw feeling in the chest (eighty-first day),

Awoke in the morning with rawness in the chest,

Sore feeling in the chest (thirty-second day),

Pain in the chest, as if strained, with oppression,

The chest is painful on moving the arm,

Pain in the upper part of the chest, as if he had fallen upon it,

In the morning after getting up, pain in the ribs, vertebrae, and muscles, so that he could scarcely bend forward. The pain was diminished by holding himself upright, and was quite gone in an hour (ninety-fifth day),

Bruised pain in the upper part of the chest on touch,

A pain from a bruise (on the chest), that had disappeared for six weeks returned as a pressive pain, especially in the evening,

Extremely violent pain, in the evening, as from deep pinching in the chest; she wishes to twist it about, push it out, rub it to pieces, or burst it open,

After dinner, aching in the chest and gastric region (second day),

Aching and sore feeling in the chest, after breakfast (two hundred and seventy-fifth day),

Some aching in the chest, in the morning (sixty-ninth day),

After squeezing pain in the upper part of the chest, especially at the right side, which lasted more than an hour, after getting up (sixth day),

Violent cramp in the chest, at times,

Tightness of chest (fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth days),

Slight tightness of the chest and frequent dry cough, in the evening (fifty-eighth day),

Transient tightness of chest (sixty-fourth day),

Some tightness of the chest, after breakfast (sixty-fifth day),

Tightness of the chest, as if something had grown fast,

Tightness and oppressive pressure, in the afternoon, and evening, in the whole body, but more about the chest, as if externally, with anxiety; after lying down he perspired and became quite free,

The whole chest feels tense,

Tension in the pectoral muscles, after dinner (two hundred and nineteenth day),

Slight tension on the outside of the chest; at one time below the scapula, at another under the arms, at another in the back (twentieth day),

Slight tension of the thorax (two hundred and thirty-second day),

Constriction of chest (ninth day),

Constriction of the chest, and occasional shootings in it (ninth day),

Constrictive pain about the chest,

Painful constriction of the chest, frequently on motion,

Slight constriction of the chest (forty-ninth and fifty-third days),

Some constriction of chest, after getting up (eighteenth day),

In the forenoon, feeling of constriction of the chest (thirty-third day),

Sensation of heaviness on the chest, for several days, with dry cough,

An uncomfortable feeling of weight in the whole chest, and in the bones of the arms, in the forenoon, same time as horripilation (sixth day),

Towards evening, weight and full feeling in the chest (ninth day),

Asthmatic feeling in the chest (forty-second and forty-third days),

Pressure upon the chest, with anxiety,

Pressure transversely across the middle of the chest, as from swallowing too large a morsel,

Constantly increasing pressure on the chest, in the morning in bed; he was obliged to rise, after which it disappeared,

In the afternoon, pressure on the chest (forty-first day),

Pressure on the chest, for an hour, which declines on rumbling of the bowels (forty-fifth day),

Oppression of chest (forty-fifth day), ; (fifteenth and forty-eighth day),

Oppression of the chest from 9 A.M. till 3 P.M. (sixteenth day),

Oppression and weight in the chest, in the evening (sixty-ninth day),

Oppression of the chest, as if a heavy weight were lying upon it, which was pressive as soon as he moved at night; he was obliged to sit up,

Slight drawing and shooting in the thoracic muscles (one hundred and sixty-first day),

Flying shoots in the chest (first day),

Flying shoots in the walls of the chest, first on the right, then on the left side, and finally on the right side of the abdomen (fourth day),

Cutting deep in the chest, with burning, after walking in the open air,

Stitches beneath the right breast, when coughing,

Stitches in the chest, extending to the back (after sixteen hours),

Sticking constrictive pain in the pectoral muscles, which are also sore to touch,

Sticking in the pectoral muscles, on moving the arm,

Sticking in the chest and dorsal muscles,

Heated feeling in the chest, in the morning on waking,

Burning in the chest and great warmth of the face,

Feeling of coldness in the chest, like a chilly tension,

Feeling of coldness in the chest and abdomen,

Rattling in the chest, at night (two hundred and seventieth day),

Rattling and snoring in the chest, relieved by expectoration,

Shattering in the chest and abdomen, when coughing,

Towards noon, a peculiar feeling of trembling and throbbing in the chest and pit of the stomach (fortieth day),

Throbbing deep in the chest, at night,


Cracking of the sternum, on motion,

Pain in the sternum,

Painful sensitiveness on the upper part of the sternum, even to touch, with oppression,

Burning and constriction in a small spot on the sternum, rather externally,

Spasmodic contraction beneath the sternum, when sitting (sixteenth day),

All day, deep in the centre of the thorax, a sore place about the size of a crown; pain increased by movement and inspiration; at night it went off (twenty-first day),

A raging pain in the middle of the sternum, frequently in the afternoon (twelfth day); during the day, frequent sudden aching in the middle of the sternum (thirteenth day),

Aching in the sternum and obtuse stitches in the left side of the chest (thirteenth day),

Transient aching beneath the sternum, towards noon (one hundredth day),

Pressure in the upper part of the sternum, when walking in the open air, which disappeared on continuing to walk,

Pressive pain on the sternum when walking; on touch nothing is felt,

About 3 A.M., a very severe cutting pain, darting like lightning from the deltoid muscle to the middle of the right upper arm (second day),

Cutting in the middle of the chest, causing starting in fright, extending down to the middle of the stomach,

Shooting pain beneath the sternum (two hundred and sixtieth day),

Stitches in the sternum,

Stitches in the region of the ensiform cartilage, when coughing,

Sticking or twinging in the middle of the sternum, more externally,

Sticking in the sternum when not touched, and still more when touched,

Throbbing, as in a muscles, in the sternum,


At 8 P.M., pretty severe pain, although dull, in both sides of the chest (seventh day),

Pain in the right side (fourteenth day),

Pain in the right ribs, especially when touched,

Pain in the right side of the chest, when coughing; when feeling of it the spot is sore,

Deepseated pain in the right side of the chest (twelfth day),

Burning in the right side of the chest, suddenly coming and going,

Burning deep in the middle of the right clavicle, extending to the sternum,

About 7 P.M., attacks of aching on the right side posteriorly of the lower part of the thorax, which proceeded from the inside, penetrating deeply and lasting a considerable time. This recurred periodically for three days, and took place in every position of the body, when walking or when at rest (fourth day),

Aching pains in the right side, beneath the short ribs (after thirty-five days),

Aching under the left short ribs, in the forenoon, when walking (forty-fourth day),

About 8 P.M., when sitting, aching under the left short ribs (second day),

Tension in the right chest and shoulder,

Tightness of the left half of the chest (eighty-seventh day),

About 6 P.M., dull pressing in the left side of the chest (third day),

After dinner, rather severe tearing in the left pectoralis major, lasting five minutes, aggravated by pressure (twenty-fifth day),

In the evening, for a few seconds, shooting pains in the right side of the chest (judging by the feeling, in the pleura) (, fifth day),

In the forenoon, some sharp shoots in the right side of the chest (ninth day); after dinner, slight indication of the pain (fourteenth day),

At night, in bed, flying shooting in the right ribs, extending to the shoulder (twenty-ninth day),

In the evening, shooting in the right ribs (thirty-fifth day),

Shooting in the right side of the chest, which lasted till dinnertime (after two hours),

Shooting in the right chest, externally (fourth day),

In the morning after getting up, slight shooting in the left side of the chest, which recurred by fits several times during the day (forty-first day),

Shooting in the left side of the chest (twenty-sixth day),

Shooting under the heart, about 3 P.M. (twenty-fourth day),

Violent stitches in the right side of the chest, through the stomach and pit of the stomach,

A stitch extending from the right side of the chest into the scapula (fourth day),

Painful, shattering stitches shoot into the right chest,

In the forenoon, flying stitches in the left side of the chest, increased by walking quickly and going upstairs; (thirty-third day); traces of stitches in the chest, but only when walking (thirty-fourth day),


Erysipelas of the breast, it becomes inflamed, red, hot, hard, with red rays extending from the nipple, and with sticking in it,

Twitching in one breast; it becomes swollen, as if milk were rushing into it,

Right breast very painful and sore,

Shooting pains under the right breast, about 10 P.M. (ninth day),

Very violent shooting under the left breast (eleventh day),


Beating nervous feel in the chest,

About 7 P.M., violent febrile rigor, without shuddering or thirst, which lasted half an hour, although he went to bed and covered himself with the bedclothes. This was followed by great heat, which lasted one hour and a half, with full, rapid pulse (thirty-eighth day),


Weak feeling in the chest, she could get her breath only with difficulty,

Such fulness in the chest before the menses that she was frequently obliged to take a deep breath,

Sensation as if mucus were seated in the chest, after raising which the respiration was freer; the whole day some mucus was coughed up, less in the afternoon and evening than in the morning,

Cramp in the chest, in the evening in a warm room; she breathed with difficulty and could not get air enough, with violent palpitation; worse on motion, disappearing on lying down in bed,

Tightness of the chest, in the morning fasting, until something is eaten; the hindrance to the breathing seems to be in the pit of the stomach,

Tightness of the chest after a walk; is frequently obliged to take a deep breath till evening (after twenty-eight hours),

Tension of pectoral muscle on breathing deeply, and contracted feeling in the anterior wall of the chest (tenth day),

On taking a deep breath the chest feels constricted,

If she walks twenty paces her chest feels constricted; she is obliged to stop constantly to get her breath,

Breath hindered by pressing upon the chest,

At night, when lying on the back, pressure and anxiety in the chest, with difficulty of breathing, to such a degree that the sweat exuded at every pore (fourth day),

At 8 A.M., such violent pressure on the chest that she could hardly draw her breath (twelfth day),

Oppression of the chest, with stitches in the left side, not affecting respiration,

Oppression of the chest, lasting all the forenoon. I felt as if my clothes were too tight about my chest and interfered with respiration at the same time. I had often an inclination to breathe deeply (thirteenth day),

Oppression of the breath on bending forward,

Aching in the sternum, and oppression of breath (second day),

Late in the evening, aching pain and sore feeling upon and beneath the sternum; the pain is increased by breathing deeply, by moving the body, and by rough handling (twenty-ninth day); the spot on the sternum is still sensitive, but less so than yesterday (thirtieth day),

Bruised pain in the left pectoral muscles, and drawing or tearing pains in the left shoulder and muscles of the upper arm, especially on motion, on breathing, and even on touch, lasting four days (after twenty-four hours),

On every movement of the body, as also in drawing a deep breath, dull aching pain and shooting in the bend of the left false rib; the pain was limited to a small spot, and went off after washing with cold water (one hundred and sixteenth day),

In the afternoon, while walking, a sudden pinching in the right half of chest, which was not diminished by standing still, nor increased by taking a full breath; it lasted about half an hour, and went off with a dull shoot towards the front of the chest (fifth day),

Very tormenting shootings behind the lowest rib of the left side, towards the back, increased by breathing deeply; at the same time, rattling respiratory noise in the large bronchial tubes (third day),

Some flying shoots in the left side of the chest (judging by the sensation in the intercostal muscles) occurred when walking, and once when speaking, and compelled him to hold his breath for an instant (twenty-fourth day),

Thrusts in the left chest towards the heart, which took away her breath, with great thirst, at night (after third day),

Thrusts in the left side of the chest, extending towards the heart, taking away the breath, with great thirst,

Stitches in the left chest, when breathing, lasting for days,

Constant sticking into the left chest, causing crying out, only transiently relieved by deep breathing,

Crackling beating in the left side of the chest, while sitting and lying disappearing on holding the breath,

In the morning the right nipple was swollen and painful to the touch, or when he breathed deeply (twenty-second and twenty-third day); nipple sensitive (twenty-fourth day),

The expired air is hot,

Rapid involuntary breathing during and after getting into bed,

Towards evening, shortness of breath (ninth day),

Short breathing, relieved by sitting up,

Shortness of breath from talking much,

Shortness of breath, when walking in the open air,

In the forenoon, difficult breathing; in the afternoon, very difficult (twelfth day),

In a quarter of an hour, difficulty of breathing (thirty-seventh day),

Although not short breathed, yet deep breathing is quite impossible,

Difficult breathing; he is obliged to take a deep breath, more while sitting than while walking,

Difficulty of breathing, in the afternoon (thirtieth day),

Sudden want of breath, at night in bed, when turning to the left side; on sitting up it disappeared,

Loss of breath and weakness from slight movement, with constant distension of the abdomen and frequent swelling of the feet,

Frequent stoppage and arrest of breath, even to suffocation, during the day,

She had scarcely fallen asleep, at night, when her breath left her, threatened to suffocate, started up with a loud scream, and could not get her breath again; towards morning violent palpitation, followed by exhausting perspiration,

Arrest of breath, even when talking,

Frequent arrest of breath during sleep; she must be awakened to avoid suffocation,

Paroxysms of arrest of breath, partly when moving and walking, partly when sitting and lying; is then obliged to forcibly take a deep breath, when the tightness of the chest immediately disappears,

Paroxysms of want of breath, at night,

Paroxysms of suffocation, at night in sleep, though without pain,

Threatened with asthmatic attacks, to which I have no natural tendency,


Dyspnoea, on walking quickly (eighth day), ; (sixteenth day),

Dyspnoea, in the evening in bed,

Dyspnoea, with the sore throat,

Dyspnoea, to a sense of suffocation, with severe constriction of the chest (after one hour),

Great dyspnoea, followed by yawning, several hours after eating,

Attack of convulsive dyspnoea, exactly similar to angina pectoris; the attack was reproduced on three successive nights (after fourth night),


Heart and pulse


Terrible pains about the heart, throwing her into a trembling fainting fit,

A strange motion in the praecordial region,

In the afternoon a peculiar discomfort in the praecordial region and hypochondria, extending up to the throat, caused by tension, pinching, and tearing, now in the stomach, and now in the splenic and hepatic regions; eructations of flatulence caused only slight alleviation (fifth day),

Pressure in the praecordial region, towards evening,

Hollow sensation in the praecordial region,

Rush of much blood to the heart,

Sensation as if the heart had not enough room,

Stitches in the region of the heart, or in the right side of the chest, at night, while lying on the back, on the slightest motion,

Short stitches in the praecordial region,

Heart's Action.

Sudden beating of the heart, after some turning, in the evening, in bed,


Palpitation and fluttering of the heart,

Palpitation, every forenoon,

Palpitation, at night, in bed,

Palpitation of the heart, without any reason (seventeenth day),

In the evening, palpitation of the heart (twenty-ninth day); palpitation occurred not only in the evening, but also after dinner (thirtieth and thirty-first days),

Palpitation, without anxiety, at any time of the day,

Palpitation and trembling of the hands, at noon, after a short walk,

Palpitation, almost without cause, without anxiety, for example, when lying down for the midday nap,

Anxious palpitation,

Palpitation of the heart, which lasted two minutes, and was attended by anxiety, as though he were going to faint (after half an hour),

During the stool, palpitation, which afterwards disappears,

Increased pulsation of the aorta, from the heart to the clavicle, combined with a purring noise; when he lay on his back the pulsation was troublesome along the back (fourth day),

Vehement palpitation of the heart (after one hour),

Violent palpitation, after walking, in the open air,

Violent palpitation at the moment of rising,

Violent palpitation, at night, on turning in bed,

Violent and rapid palpitation, on falling asleep, in the evening,

Violent palpitation and heat of the face, followed by burning in the abdomen, with the first movement of a child,

The number of pulsations was decidedly diminished during the proving,


Quick pulse (twentieth day),

Quick pulse and burning in hands (sixteenth day),

In the evening, quickened pulse (eighteenth day),

Pulse quick, hard, and full (twelfth day),

Soft small, quick pulse, 160 beats in the minute (twenty-ninth day); pulse less quick (thirtieth and thirty-first days); pulse normal (thirty-fifth to thirty-ninth day); pulse more rapid (thirty-ninth and following days),

Pulse 84, and after half an hour, 73 (after one hour),

Pulse feeble and intermitting (next day),

Pulse feeble and very irregular,

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