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Sulphur - Ears symptoms - T.F. Allen

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Great increase of the wax in the ears, especially the left ear (fifteenth day),

Copious secretion of earwax (fifty and fifty-first days),

The hollow of each concha, and each external meatus were unusually moist from a viscid fluid wax (second day),

Constant sweating and frequent itching in the left external auditory meatus (first day),

After dinner, several fine stitches in the right concha (fifth day),

Violent squeezing pain, first in the left, then in the right auricle, close to the meatus (first day),

The left auricle is painful, as if sore on a limited spot (one hundred and nineteenth day),

Boring pains in the meatus auditorius (fiftieth and fifty-first days),

Painful crawling and gnawing in the left external meatus,

Asleep sensation in the outer ear, for eight days,

Slight drawing behind the left ear (two hundred and sixty-third day); severe drawing (two hundred and sixty-fourth day),

Gnawing in the bones in front of the left ear; also on swallowing,

Distressing stopped sensation in both ears, for many days,

Sensation as if the ears were stuffed,

The ear always becomes stopped on blowing the nose,

When blowing the nose, a sensation as if air were forced into the ears,

Slight stopped up feeling of the ears (one hundred and eighty-fourth day),

Earache in the left ear,

Pain in the ear, as if ulcerated, on swallowing,

In the afternoon and evening, aching pain in the right ear, in the external meatus, towards the membrane of the tympanum (twenty-eighth day),

Aching boring pains in the ears, especially the right ear and the temples (seventeenth day),

For half an hour teasing aching in the left ear, about noon (sixth day),

Slight sensitiveness in the right ear, judging by the feeling in the cavity of the tympanum (one hundred and thirty-second day),

It is painful within the ear, when cleaning,

Violent pressure in the ears on swallowing and sneezing,

Drawing in the left ear, with eructations from the stomach,

After lying down, slight drawing in the right ear (twelfth day),

Towards evening, in the open air, there were several dull shoots through the right external meatus (one hundred and twenty-seventh day),

Tingling in the ears; at times in one, at times in the other, and difficult hearing with the tingling,

Tingling and pulsation in the ears,

Tingling in the ear, with deafness, so that the ears do not seem to be sensitive to sound, which seems to be only dimly appreciated by an internal sense,

Tickling in the ear,

Sticking pain in the ear as far as the pharynx,

Stitches in the left ear (sixth day),

Some transient stitches behind the left ear, in the evening (twenty-fourth day),

Tearing in the left ear, extending into the head,

Itching in the ear, immediately followed by itching heat in the outer ear,

Itching in the left ear,


Hypersensitiveness of the auditory nerves in one who hears with difficulty, so that playing the piano causes nausea,

Hypersensitiveness of hearing,

Every noise distresses him,

Intolerance of noise (second day),

Deafness in both ears, very transient (after nine days),

Something seems to have come before the left ear, so that though he hears everything, he cannot understand the human voice,

After dinner, difficult hearing of left ear (first day),

Loud noises in the ears, with the distension of the head (after one hour),

Occasional noises in the head and ears (eighth day),

Noises in the right ear,

Fluttering noises in the ear,

At 5 P.M., fluttering before the left ear (sixth day),

Swashing, as from water in the ears, with excessive sensitiveness of hearing (to the crack of a whip),

Cracking in the ear, or like the bursting of bubbles,

Frequent cracking in the ears, as if a string broke in them,

Noise like boiling water out at both ears, and frequent painful drawing in the right ear (first day),

Ringing in ears (sixteenth day),

Ringing in the ears, with deafness, during dinner,

Ringing in the ears, and roaring, as from a wind, especially after lying down,

Ringing in the ears recurring several times during the day (fourth day); occasional attack (sixth to tenth day),

Much ringing in both ears, while sitting,

Great ringing in the ears for five minutes, in the morning in bed,

Much ringing in the ears, and tingling or roaring in the head, for several days,

A ringing roaring in the head coming out at the ears,

Roaring in the ears, ; (in two hours),

A peculiar roaring in the ears,

Roaring in the ears, for several days,

Roaring in the ears, in the evening in bed, with rush of blood to the head,

Occasional roaring in the ears (first day); roaring all day long (second day),

(Roaring and singing in the left ear much diminished), (sixth day),

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