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Sulphur - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Clarke

Sublimated Sulphur, Sulpher, Sul, Sulfur, Sulf, Sulph.

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HPUS indication of Sulphur: Skin problems
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sulphur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Upper extremities

Pressure on shoulders as from a weight.

Rheumatic pain in shoulders, esp. l.

Stitches extending from shoulder into chest on motion.

Stitching beneath r. axilla.

Sweat on axillae smelling like garlic.

Jerking of shoulders, hands, and fingers.

Jerking, sharp pains (tearing), and shootings in joints and muscles of arms, hands, and fingers, and also in shoulders, chiefly at night in bed.

Nocturnal cramps in arms.

Tingling in arms and fingers.

Swelling of arms, sometimes with heat, hardness, and lancinating or tensive pains.

Exostosis in arm.

Warts on arms, or itching miliary or red, burning spots, which appear after washing.

Purulent vesicles in bend of elbow.

Sprained pain and stiffness in wrist, agg. in morning.


Paralytic weakness of arms and hands.

Swelling of hands and thumbs.

Rigidity and wrenching pain in joints of hands and fingers.

Trembling of hands, esp. when occupied with fine work.

Involuntary contraction of hands, as if about to grasp something.

Coldness in hands and fingers.

Great burning in palms.

Perspiration on hands (in the palms) and between the fingers.

Eruption of small, red pimples on hands and fingers, with itching.

Warts on fingers.

Desquamation, hardness, dryness, and cracking of skin of hands.

Itching vesicles on backs of hands.

Cracking and chapping on finger-joints.

Burning in balls and tips of fingers.

Cramps and jerks in fingers.

Contraction of tendons of hands and fingers.

Large and shining swelling (erysipelatous) of fingers.

Dead fingers.

Nodosities on fingers.

Ulcers about nails.

Flaws in nails.



Chilblains (thick, red) on fingers, with itching in a warm temperature.

Swelling and inflammation of points of fingers, with subcutaneous ulceration and boring and pulsative pains at night.

Lower extremities

Pain, as from subcutaneous ulceration, in buttocks and in ischiatic tuberosities, esp. when touched, and after having been seated for a long time.

Purulent and painful swellings on buttocks.

Pain as from a wrench, and as from a bruise in hip, on least movement, with shooting pains at every step.

Pain in hip with contraction of leg.

Sharp and drawing pains in legs, esp. at night in bed.

Heaviness of the legs, sometimes with tension in thighs and knees, esp. at night.

Red, oozing, painful spots on the internal surface of thighs.

Middle of thigh as if broken.

Tension in hams, as from contraction of tendons.

Large (white, or) shining swelling of knee, with stiffness and painful weariness.

Phlegmasia alba dolens.

Cracking, drawing, sharp pains, and shootings in knees.

Tetters on hams.

Restlessness in legs and feet.

Torpor and numbness of legs.

Painful fatigue and paralytic weakness of legs, chiefly of knees, which yield frequently.

Sticking in knee and tibia.

Red spots and itching miliary rash on legs.

Transparent swelling of legs.

Erysipelas in leg and foot.

Bluish spots and swollen and varicose veins in legs.

Pain in calves when walking.

Cramps in calves and soles, esp. at night (in the soles at every step).

Tension in hollow of knee, as if contracted on stepping.

Painful sensibility of soles when walking.

Easy dislocation of foot when walking.

Stiffness of knee and ankle-joint.

Stiffness of maleoli.

Sprained pain in l. ankle when standing and walking.

Ankles weak.

Stiffness and wrenching pain in instep.

Tingling in legs and calves.

Burning and inveterate ulcers on legs or feet.

Tetters on ankle.

Shootings in feet.

Coldness in feet, esp. in evening, in bed, or burning sensation, chiefly in soles of feet.

Burning in feet, wants to find a cool place for them; puts them out of bed to cool them off.

Burning in soles; on stepping after sitting a long time; and itching, esp. on walking; wants them uncovered.

Cramp in soles at every step.

Soles cold and sweating.

Sweat on r. foot.

Sharp shooting, as from a blunt nail, in rapid succession at root of nail of great toe.

Swelling of feet, and esp. of the ankles.

Red, shining swelling of the toes.

Itching in the toes that had formerly been frozen.

Chilblains redness and swelling with tendency to suppurate; thick and red with cracks on joints; itching agg. warm in bed.

Gnawing vesicles on soles.

Ulcer on instep.

Cramps and contraction of toes.

Coldness and stiffness of toes.

Tingling in ends of toes.

Large and shining swelling of toes.

Ulcerated and gnawing vesicles in toes.

Corns, with pressive or shooting pains.

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